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Ahlstrom-Munksjö renews the EcoVadis Gold rating for its Corporate Social Responsibility performance

Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a global leader in fiber-based materials, has renewed its Gold rating level for the company’s sustainability management and performance for the second consecutive year from EcoVadis.

EcoVadis is one of the leading systems for evaluating suppliers’ environmental aspects, working conditions, social responsibility, and procurement practices. The EcoVadis method is based on internationally adopted principles for sustainability reporting, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000, and is audited by independent sustainability experts.

With a corporate social responsibility engagement level assessed as advanced, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is in the top 1% of suppliers assessed, regardless of their industry. Compared to the results from last year, progress was especially made within the dimension fair business practices as new policies, processes, and trainings for the combined company were finalized following the business combination last year.

"Our corporate responsibility performance is increasingly important to us and to our customers. This includes our operations and product portfolio as well as our social and environmental performance throughout the value chain. We use EcoVadis to meet our customers’ needs and support active cooperation with them to secure a more sustainable supply chain. Our rating allows us to communicate an independent view on our strong performance. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, both internal and external, who have contributed to the achievement,” says Sakari Ahdekivi, Deputy CEO and EVP Corporate Development.

2018-06-14 
Iggesund Paperboard announces 150 redundancies

Iggesund Paperboard, a subsidiary within the Holmen group, is currently implementing efficiency measures to secure an efficient business and safeguard the long-term profitability of Iggesund Mill. The redundancies are part of an efficiency package aimed at improving production capacity and reducing costs.

Local negotiations with the affected employee organisations will now begin with a view to completing the cutback in personnel before the end of the year.

- We have a strong position in the global paperboard market, but we need to work proactively to maintain our competitiveness. With this in mind, we are preparing to increase production capacity by around 100 000 tonnes and will now also be conducting a review of the organisation in order to ensure efficient operations and long-term profitability at Iggesund Mill, says Daniel Peltonen, CEO of Iggesund Paperboard.

2018-06-14 
ANDRITZ acquires Novimpianti, Italy

ANDRITZ has signed a contract for the acquisition of Novimpianti Drying Technology S.r.l., a company owned by Novigroup S.r.l. and based in Lucca, Italy. Novimpianti has approximately 40 employees and generates annual sales of approximately 10 million euros.

Novimpianti is a global supplier of engineered equipment and services for air and energy systems to the paper industry’s leading manufacturers. For ANDRITZ, the acquisition of Novimpianti further strengthens its product offerings in the field of air and energy systems, mainly for tissue and paperboard machines. “We are very excited about this complementary acquisition that extends the ANDRITZ market coverage and product range in Tissue and Paper,” says Michael Pichler, SVP and ANDRITZ Global Paper and Tissue Division Manager.

Novimpianti’s CEO, Pietro Saccomano, comments : “The ambitions of ANDRITZ to further grow in the tissue and paper business and their international position were decisive for the decision to hand over our company and know-how to them. The sale of Novimpianti will grant ANDRITZ continuous growth in the area of air and energy systems based on the solid foundation we have built during the past decades.”

2018-06-13 
Emtec Electronic GmbH at the Zellcheming-Expo in Frankfurt/Main

Also this year, emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the Zellcheming Expo in Frankfurt/Main in Germany. At exhibition booth no. G18 (hall 4.1) the company will present a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process – from the wet end to the finished products – can be controlled and guided in the right direction, to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible costs. To meet steadily the changing demands and requirements in the paper and board industry, the focus is again on further developments and innovations.
The FPO Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online is an Online measurement device for the fully automatic determination of the Zeta Potential of fibers in paper and board machines with two independent sampling points. The data transfer is working by standard interface to the process control system. An optional data storage is possible on the Internet server, so that the measurement data can be seen with Internet access from all over the world.
The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables the determination of the mineral filler content without combustion, that means without destruction of the samples, within seconds. Both, the total mineral filler content, as well as the individual filler components (e.g. calcium carbonate, kaolin/talcum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide) and their percentage distribution are given.

2018-06-13 
BW Papersystems acquires QUESTEC technology

BW Papersystems, part of Barry-Wehmiller and a leading manufacturer for the corrugating, sheeting and paper-converting industries, has acquired the QUESTEC technology from Ph-QUESTEC, based in Germany. Adding this specialized, innovative rotary crosscutting technology—which serves the printing industry, and has special lightweight paper and film applications—will perfectly complement BW Papersystems’ already robust sheeting and paperconverting product and technology offerings. The transaction, Barry-Wehmiller’s 106th acquisition, became final June 1, 2018.
The talented team members associated with the QUESTEC technology will find a new home as part of BW Papersystems’ operations in Germany, contributing and sharing their valuable knowledge with the global team.
“We are excited about integrating the QUESTEC technology into our sheeting product line,” said Patrick Walczak, BW Papersystems Senior Vice President Sales, White and Blue Paper. “Not only does it provide opportunities to enhance our offerings for inline reel-fed printing, but it also helps us serve new markets, such as plastic film-cutting, cut-to-register applications for labels and other single-web specialty products.”
The unique QUESTEC technology successfully handles and cuts very thin web-based paper and film grades. For the inline-printing industry, as well as the specialized plastic-film industry, both the standalone and integrated QUESTEC crosscutting and contactfree sheet transport solutions provide precise, versatile production options.
“Our BW Papersystems product portfolio continues to get broader and more diverse,” said Neal McConnellogue, President of BW Papersystems. “But, I am even more grateful for the addition of the knowledge, talent and legacy of our new QUESTEC team members.”
Added Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller Chairman and CEO : “I am excited to welcome our new team members and share our people-centric culture with them, as we continue to enhance and grow BW Papersystems’ offerings.”

2018-06-13 
Composition of Ahlstrom-Munksjö's Nomination Board

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Nomination Board has been appointed. The Nomination Board comprises representatives of the three largest shareholders of the company and, in addition, two expert members : the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a person nominated by the Board of Directors. The following three persons have been appointed as representatives in the Nomination Board :

 Mikael Lilius (Ahlström Capital Oy)
 Alexander Ehrnrooth (Viknum AB and Belgrano Inversiones Oy)
 Mikko Mursula (Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company)

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Peter Seligson will, according to the charter of the Nomination Board, acts as an expert member of the Nomination Board. In addition, the Board of Directors has elected Elisabet Salander Björklund as the second expert member of the Nomination Board.

The Nomination Board has among its members elected Mikael Lilius as Chairman. The right to nominate the shareholder representatives lies with those three shareholders whose share of all the voting rights in the company is on May 31 preceding the next Annual General Meeting the largest on the basis of the shareholders’ register of Ahlstrom-Munksjö held by Euroclear Finland Ltd and the register of shareholders held by Euroclear Sweden AB.

The Nomination Board has been appointed by (1) Ahlström Capital, (2) Viknum AB and Belgrano Inversiones Oy (acting jointly, see below), and (3) llmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

Holdings by a group of shareholders, who have agreed to nominate a joint representative to the Nomination Board, are summed up when calculating the share of all the voting rights, provided that the shareholders in question present a joint written request to that effect together with a copy of such an agreement to the Chairman of the Board no later than on May 30 preceding the Annual General Meeting. Ahlstrom-Munksjö has been informed that such an agreement has been made by Viknum AB and Belgrano Inversiones Oy.

On May 31, 2018, the holding of Ahlström Capital (through fully owned subsidiary AC Invest Five B.V.) was 17,935,919 shares (18.6%), the combined holding of Viknun AB and Belgrano Inversiones Oy was 12,160,595 shares (12.6%), and the holding of Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company was 3,025,765 shares (3.14%).

The Nomination Board prepares proposals to the Annual General Meeting for the election and remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and the remuneration of the members of the Board committees and the Nomination Board.

2018-06-12 
iT's Tissue 2018: key themes emerge in final countdown

It is less than two weeks before It’s Tissue, June 25-29, and the level and breadth of technical innovation to be witnessed in Italy’s tissue heartland is unprecedented, throughout the entire tissue value chain.
Key themes have emerged as the 12 network companies behind iT’s Tissue, leaders in their respective fields, have revealed some of the close-up experience visitors can expect. A digital revolution combined with energy-saving, output-maximizing performance is defining today’s smart factory. At the same time flexibility reigns supreme as technology enables a new level of response to customer demands in terms of quality and optimal solutions. Service is also in the spotlight, with several network members unveiling new customer support strategies.
Marco Dell’Osso, Executive Vice President of Tissue Italy, the network behind iT’s Tissue, said : “For a global audience, this is a unique opportunity to grasp the technology powering the most advanced solutions in the tissue sector. It is a chance to witness the building blocks of the most advanced integrated factory and to come face-to-face with the industry’s future. Above all the networking experience is unparalleled.”
It’s Tissue 2018 takes place 25-29 June 2018 in Lucca, Bologna, Lecco and Reggio Emilia in Italy. Tissue professionals from leading companies the world over are expected to witness game-changing technology from the 12 network companies, comprising : A Celli, Elettric80, Fabio Perini, Futura, Gambini, MTC, Omet, PCMC, Pulsar, Recard, TMC and Toscotec.
The main sponsor of the event is Rockwell Automation. The Gold sponsor is Henkel and Silver sponsor SKF.

2018-06-12 
Olivier Tassel appointed as Centre Technique du Papier’s President

Olivier Tassel has succeeded François Vessière as the new President of Centre technique du papier (Paper Technical Center, in Grenoble, France). Olivier Tassel is the Managing Director of Gascogne “Packaging” Division. In his previous jobs within the French Paper industry, he has held management positions in Ahlstrom, Soporcel or Saica. He has also been President of Procelpac.

2018-06-11 

KaiCell Fibers Ltd’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been completed and the EIA-report has been submitted to the local authorities. The environmental impact assessment report prepared by consulting company Pöyry covers three project alternatives and so-called the zero option. The results of the impact assessment will be presented at a public event in Paltamo in June.

In the environmental impact assessment process, there have been three project alternatives where the production of bleached pulp is 500 000 – 600 000 tonnes per year and the volume of further processing of textile fiber from 100 000 tonnes to 400 000 tonnes per year. The company will submit an environment permit application later this year.

The options are intended to determine the potential impacts of production facilities. The progress of the project has been reported to local stakeholders, and the impact of the project has been discussed in different occasions from the point of view of the surrounding community.

"We are pleased with the dialogue we have already had with various parties during the EIA process. We have organized several meetings with different stakeholders to reach a comprehensive understanding of the project impacts and the attitudes of local residents toward the project. In this context, I would like to thank all those involved in the process - the dialogue has been active and constructive," says Jukka Kantola.

The most significant impacts are related to the economy. The societal impact of the project is approximately EUR 200 million per year, widely generating widespread prosperity especially in the Kainuu region. Process solutions and waste water treatment are based on the best available technology (BAT) to keep the environmental burden under control. There are currently almost 20 pulp mills in operation in Finland, therefore the process solutions are well known and there is a great deal of expertise related to those in Finland.
"KaiCell Fibers is a responsible actor that takes environmental protection needs into account. The plant is built to operate for decades and our only option is to fit it into the surrounding, beautiful natural scenery in Kainuu as well as possible", concludes Jukka Kantola.

2018-06-11 
Valmet launches a new tool to monitor former dewatering

Valmet extends its quality control systems expertise to the paper and board machine forming section with the introduction of the Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement (IQ Dryness). Utilizing microwave technology, the IQ Dryness measures the water layer thickness on the web, which can be used to calculate the web dry content. As well as removing most of the water, the majority of paper properties are also developed in the forming section. The inclusion of IQ Dryness in Valmet’s paper quality control family opens new possibilities as it helps to close the information gap between the stock approach system and dry end quality sensors.

"Perhaps the biggest effect is the better management of dewatering. This has a great influence on the amount of the subsequent drying energy needed with potentially big cost savings in paper production. An increase of just 1% in dryness before the dryer can reduce the amount of energy needed to evaporate the excess water by approximately 4%," says Marko Toskala, Director, Quality Management Solutions, Valmet.

All grades and furnishes

Unlike other measurement technologies, Valmet IQ Dryness is not sensitive to conductivity which makes it suitable for use with all grades of paper and board. As well as energy savings with vacuum optimization ; quicker startups, faster grade changes, fewer breaks and improved break recovery are just a few of the benefits that continuous measurement of water removal makes possible.

Optimized dewatering not only improves bonding for multilayer board machines but can also reduce the problems of blow induced breaks caused by excess moisture in the middle layer entering the drying section. Additionally, the measurement facilitates the online monitoring fabric condition together with improved troubleshooting of pulsation, vibration and other quality destroying wet end problems. The sensor’s small size enables measurement in places inaccessible earlier.

Complete moisture management

This new sensor joins the Valmet IQ family of single point and scanning measurements to provide papermakers with a complete picture of MD and CD moisture from the forming and press sections, dryer and size press right up to the reel. Together with sophisticated moisture controls and an extensive range of actuators to control moisture levels and profiles, Valmet can close the loop to offer improved efficiency and runnability as well as better paper quality and printing properties.

2018-06-11 
CMPC announces change in chief executive officer position

The Board of Directors of Empresas CMPC S.A., in the session held today, accepted the resignation presented as of this date by Mr. Hernán Rodríguez Wilson to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
During the session, the Board of Directors specially recognized Mr. Rodriguez’s successful work in the different functions he held in CMPC since he entered the Company in 1987, as well as his performance as Chief Executive Officer since 2011.
“Of course, we respect Hernán’s personal decision and sincerely thank his effort, professionalism and dedication to our Company during the 31 years he served in CMPC”, stated Luis Felipe Gazitúa, Chairman of Empresas CMPC.
During his time in CMPC, Hernán Rodríguez was part of the development process that resulted in an increase in the Company’s assets by 24 times. He participated in several studies, negotiations and investments that led the Co
mpany to have industrial operations in eight countries of Latin America, with more than 17,000 direct employees and relevant positions in the pulp, wood, packaging and tissue markets.
During his career at CMPC, he headed the Finance and Forestry divisions. As Chief Executive Officer, he was responsible of leading, among other initiatives, the development, construction and startup processes of the Guaíba II pulp mill in Brazil, the expansion of the tissue business and the implementation of a renewed sustainability and community relations policy. He also led the investigation and self-reporting process of CMPC’s acts against free competition, as well as the unprecedented restitution to Chilean consumers.
“This is a very personal and deeply thought decision in order to take on new challenges after so many years of personal development at CMPC. I deeply appreciate the opportunities granted to me by CMPC, its Board of Directors, sha
reholders and especially employees,” said Hernán Rodríguez.
Hernán Rodríguez will continue linked to the Controlling Group of Empresas CMPC as a representative in the Board of Directors of companies where the Group has a stake. As of this same date, the Board of Directors agreed to designate as new Chief Executive of Empresas CMPC S.A. Mr. Francisco Ruiz-Tagle Edwards, current Chief Executive Officer of the Pulp subsidiary. Mr. Ruiz-Tagle is a commercial engineer and has a long dated career in the Company, having held various executive positions both in Chile and abroad.
Both the resignation of Mr. Rodriguez and the appointment of Mr. Ruiz-Tagle, will be effective as of August 1, 2018.

2018-06-11 
Arkema successfully completes its third registration phase under REACH

May 31st 2018 marks the completion of the final phase in the registration process pursuant to the REACH* regulation. Arkema, through its highly dedicated teams, has registered 148 substances with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for this final phase.

The May 31st 2018 deadline, which marked the registration of substances produced or imported in annual quantities of 1 to 100 metric tonnes, represented a further major step for Arkema, as this involved 148 substances, In total, the Group has registered 425 substances over the course of the various REACH registration phases. A leader in a number of key chemical sectors, Arkema has acted as “lead registrant” in some 50 dossiers.

The Group, which has endorsed the objectives of this regulation from the outset, has mobilized a team of over 30 people : toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, and regulatory managers within the Product Safety and Environment Division, the Business Units and the Central Divisions in order to reach this goal within the set deadline.

As part of the REACH registration process and following this now complete registration phase, work and studies will continue on the evaluation of chemical substances with the aim of gaining further understanding of their properties and uses. This regulation represents a major source of progress in the control of risks and the protection of people and the environment. It is perfectly aligned with Arkema’s sustainable product stewardship strategy.

2018-06-08 
Startup of a turnkey plant for Alex Converta in Egypt

Successful startup on 2 June 2018 of the turnkey plant manufactured by Recard for Alex Converta’s Alexandria mill in Egypt. The supply included a Crescent Former machine in 1500-mpm speed, 2850 mm net paper width, with a production capacity of 78 tpd, equipped with a virgin fiber stock preparation line and rewinder with three backstands and calendar.

The Crescent Former is actually an addition to the suction breast roll manufactured by Recard for the company in 1989, the year in which Alex Converta, founded in 1978, opened its facilities in Borg el Arab El Guedeeda, in Alexandria. The Egyptian company is involved in the production of white and colored tissue paper, but also in its converting into hygiene paper products (facial tissue, handkerchiefs, toilet rolls, table napkins, kitchen towels) and sanitary towels. In 2016 it was purchased by Habibco General Trading Co., the company that had signed the contract for the new plant with Recard.

2018-06-08 
Canfor Appoints Dianne Watts to Board of Directors

Canfor Corporation announced today the appointment of Dianne Watts to its Board of Directors. 
“We are excited to have Dianne join our board and look forward to the experience, knowledge and fresh perspective that she will bring,” said Don Kayne, President and CEO of Canfor Corporation. “She has demonstrated great leadership and will be a valuable addition to our board and our company.”
Ms. Watts’s political career spans over 20 years where she has been a proven leader at both the municipal and federal levels. She served as a Surrey BC city councillor from 1996 to 2005. She was the first woman elected to the position of mayor of Surrey, BC, in 2005, and held that position for nine years. Ms. Watts was elected into the federal government as Member of Parliament for South Surrey-White Rock where she served from 2015 to 2017. Ms. Watts has extensive Board and Committee experience, including being a past Member of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors ; former Chair of the National Policing and Public Safety Committee ; former Chair of the Mayors Council of Regional Transportation and a past member of the National Security and Public Safety Committee. She has received an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the Justice Institute of BC and was named the Iconic Leader of the Decade by the All Ladies League and Women’s Economic Forum in 2018. “We are thrilled to have someone with Dianne’s experience join our team,” said Conrad Pinette, Chairman of Canfor Corporation. “She will be a tremendous asset to our board and I am confident she will make a positive impact on our company.”

2018-06-08 
Pascal Genneviève reelected as President of Federec “Papiers-Cartons”

Last May 31, Pascal Genneviève was reelected as President of Federec “Papiers-Cartons” (i.e. Paper-Board Branch). Federec is the French Federation of Recycling companies. Pascal Genneviève is Veolia Propreté France Recycling’s Deputy Managing Director. Federec represents some 1,250 companies, covering all kinds of materials for recycling, with a global TO of 8.2 Billion Euros.

2018-06-07 
OptiGroup acquires Oviva Distribution in Romania

OptiGroup announces today the acquisition of Oviva Distribution Srl, a Romanian full-service distributor of a wide range of cleaning and hygiene products. The acquisition represents OptiGroup’s first entry into the Romanian market for facility management supplies and will be complementary to the existing activities in the region. 

"Our activities in Romania were expanded into industrial packaging earlier this year and I am now very pleased to add also facility management supplies to our offering. We all look forward to work with Oviva, their management, customers and suppliers to develop the business further", says Sorin Buga, Managing Director South Eastern Cluster at Papyrus.

2018-06-07 
World Environment Day: Sofidel france accelerate Investments in favor of sustainable management

Sofidel France, a subsidiary of the Sofidel Group, is one of the leading manufacturer of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide with two major brands in France – Sopalin® and Le Trèfle®. Following the example of the Sofidel Group, Sofidel France has been pursuing an active policy to reduce its environmental footprint and today reaffirms these commitments, which are key to its DNA and activity.
As part of its membership in WWF’s Climate Savers program since 2008, the Sofidel Group has set itself the objective of reducing its direct CO2 emissions by 23% by 2020. In France, this has resulted in the implementation of several initiatives, notably in Frouard, Lorraine, where its main French production site is located.
Renewable energy : investment in a biomass boiler
In order to reduce its fossil energy consumption, Sofidel has set up a biomass boiler plant at its Frouard site, a pioneer in this field, making it possible to use this renewable energy instead of gas to make the steam necessary for paper-making machines. This biomass boiler also enables to make the local wood industries work. Today, biomass already allows Sofidel France to use 20% of renewable energies.
A production that limits the use of water
While the Sofidel Group uses on average far less water than industry benchmark (7.1 liters per kg of paper produced – sector benchmark 15-25 litres/kg), Sofidel France has made several major investments in the same line. The Frouard site has two wastewater treatment plants, which allows the plant to handle more precisely and thus better control the quality of the discharged water. As a result, the recycling of processed water is more important, ensuring a higher performance than the average on the issue paper industry in France.
Optimized logistics
Sofidel France has invested in two new production lines equipped with Constellation technology. Specially developed to produce large-diameter rolls with more sheets, these can reduce both CO2 emissions through faster production and shorter transport, but also the amount of packaging for each product. In parallel, the company made industrial investments so that its machines could produce rollers with a smaller core diameter, which again reduces the amount of product packaging but also optimize transport.
A partnership with WWF to promote FSC certification
In 2017, Sofidel’s French brands Le Trèfle® and Sopalin® signed a partnership with WWF to guarantee 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, translation into French) certification of their raw materials. This partnership therefore ensures the responsible source of the pulp. This signature was part of a Group-wide initiative, managed as part of a historic partnership between WWF Italy and Sofidel.
"Responsible environmental development is a strategic factor at Sofidel. We are committed to ensuring that all our innovations are in perfect harmony with our fundamental values and principles, and sustainable development is a priority to that purpose ", comments Philippe Defacqz, Line of Business Director – Brand at Sofidel.
Sofidel France intends to continue to build on partnerships with leading organizations to achieve its sustainable development goals in the future. The company is also seeking to establish partnerships with French retailers with the objective of informing and guiding consumers about environmental issues so they can shop on a mindful and responsible way.

2018-06-07 
ANDRITZ to supply a PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine to Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC in Russia

ANDRITZ has received an order from Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC to supply a tissue machine PrimeLineTM W6-XT, including stock preparation, automation, and electrification, for its mill in Vorsino (Kaluga region), Russia, for the production of high-quality facial, toilet, napkin, and kitchen towel grades made of 100% virgin pulp. Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

The new PrimeLineTM W6-XT tissue machine has a design speed of 2,100 meters per minute and a paper width of 5.6 meters. The combination of a 16 ft. steel Yankee and the latest PrimePress XT shoe press technology enables a high drying capacity and achieves remarkable cost savings and operational flexibility compared to systems operated with conventional presses and cast Yankee dryers.

Additionally, the drying section of the machine is equipped with a ReEvaporation system to reduce drying energy costs even further. The system uses the waste heat in the hood exhaust to recover steam from the condensate stream, thereby reducing the amount of fresh steam required.

The scope of supply also includes stock preparation with an approach flow system. The centerpiece of the line is the ANDRITZ Papillon refiner that treats fibers gently in the cylindrical refining zone in order to achieve superior fiber properties at low energy consumption. The approach flow system features the ANDRITZ ShortFlow concept, which allows a minimized number of equipment items and very low storage volume as well as fast grade/color changes at the tissue machine. ANDRITZ also provides process pumps, piping, and instrumentation as well as on-site services.

“Our new tissue machine is equipped with a new PrimePress XT shoe press, which provides high productivity and product quality, together with an ANDRITZ Papillon refiner and ShortFlow system. These technical and technological characteristics will significantly reduce the consumption of water and steam in the production process and also minimize costs in general,” says Irina Galakhova, Executive Director, Arkhbum Tissue Group LLC.

2018-06-07 
Pöyry will make Finnpulp’s basic engineering

Finnpulp has signed a basic engineering partnership agreement with the Finnish Pöyry Oyj for the bioproduction mill planned to be constructed in Sorsasalo, Kuopio. One key factor in the decisionmaking was Pöyry’s strong, 60 years of experience in thousands of forest- and paper industry projects. This was significant because all basic engineering will be accomplished with the partner company with very limited basic engineering resources delivered by Finnpulp. The environmental impact assessment was also made together with Pöyry, and it gives excellent knowledge of the bioproduction mill and its environmental requirements.

Finnpulp’s bioproduction mill will be the first mill in the world that will utilize intelligent processes and artificial intelligence from the beginning. The basic engineering will take into account the requirements of optimization in the digital ecosystem from raw material, supply chain and back office to the quality and quantity of production. The basic engineering will include preparation of the construction stage of the mill’s processes, technologies and mill site layouts. This phase, which has now been started, will last to the first quartal of 2019 and after that Finnpulp will have binding offers of bioproduction mill’s main machinery, which allows making the final construction

Finnpulp’s bioproduct mill will be the world’s largest softwood pulp mill. The annual pulp production capacity of the bioproduction mill is 1.2 million tons. Mill will also produce 60,000 tons of tall oil and one terawatt-hour (TWh) bioelectricity to the domestic power grid. The mill will use 6.7 million cubic meters of raw wood material per year. Once completed, the investment of 1.4 billion euros bioproduction mill’s effect on Finland’s export income will be +1%.

2018-06-07 
VALMET and KRAFFT supply the largest steel drying cylinder in the world

VALMET and KRAFFT Rollers delivered the largest steel drying cylinder in the world in April 2018 for the PM 6 of the paper mill Palm in Wörth.
The drying cylinder, from the #KSD series (KRAFFT Steel Dryer), was ordered by Palm mill at Valmet to replace a cast iron cylinder installed in 2002 planned, during the annual shutdown.
Since deposits regularly occurred at the position in question, a coated cylinder should be used. The decision to purchase a steel dryer was set, as Valmet and Krafft Walzen convincingly presented to the Palm team the technological advantages of the #KSD over the cast iron cylinder. Also, both companies could clarify that the production of this cylinder carries no risks.
An anti-stick coating to improve doctoring and to reduce tendency to sticking was applied by VALMET.
The dimensions of the #KSD KRAFFT-Steel-Dryer are :
-Diameter 1.830 mm
- Face length 11.150 mm
- Design speed 1.800 m/min
The steel shell was produced by the company Eisenbau Krämer (EBK). Tolerances and interfaces were defined in close coordination between the houses, thus laying the foundation for subsequent processing at EBK. KRAFFT has chosen the design form named "J2B" with project definition. Characteristic of the design developed by KRAFFT are the inserted and ribbed heads and the bolted-on journals. This design is the lightest on the market and continues to deliver the benefits with high operating pressures.

Peter Kayser, Managing Executive Director at KRAFFT : “With the balancing of the cylinder, which was completed within only three hours, we were more than certain that the cylinder also works in the machine environment. Through additional in-house testing, we have gathered findings, whether there is a limit to even larger cylinders if the market demands so.”

2018-06-06 
Valmet to deliver a cooking plant to Burgo Ardennes pulp mill in Belgium

Valmet will supply Burgo Ardennes with a batch cooking plant for its pulp mill in Virton, Belgium. The order is included in Valmet’s second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The start-up of the cooking plant is planned for the beginning of 2020.

"The new cooking plant will improve pulp characteristics and utilize wood raw material in a more efficient way. Additionally, we will improve local environment around the mill, mainly the odor, and reduce the energy consumption within the process area," says Michel Hartman, Mill manager at Burgo Ardennes mill in Virton.

"Valmet continues to bring valuable solutions to our pulp customers. This delivery shows once again the strength of our cooking technology portfolio," says Patrik Lidbäck, Sales Manager, Pulp and Energy Valmet.

2018-06-06 
Preem and RenFuel to create the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels

Preem and RenFuel to create the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels Preem and RenFuel are assessing, in collaboration with Rottneros, the construction of the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels, at the pulp mill in Vallvik,
Söderhamn. The plant is expected to produce an annual volume of 25,000 - 30,000 tonnes of lignin, and will be completed in 2021.
The collaboration between the companies means that Preem will be the first fuel manufacturer in Sweden to use lignin in its production. Via the company Lignolproduktion AB, which is jointly owned by Preem and RenFuel, the aim is to reach a total annual production capacity of 300,000 - 500,000 tonnes of lignin, based on the assumption that more plants similar to that in Vallvik are established in the future.
“Lignin can be refined to create both renewable diesel and renewable petrol, and used in all vehicles. Lignin, like tall oil, will help us phase out fossil fuels to an even greater extent. It is a valuable raw material in our renewable fuel efforts, and is based on by - products from the Swedish forestry industry. It is also available in large volumes,” says Petter Holland, Managing Director of Preem.
“RenFuel’s lignin oil, Lignol, has considerable climate benefits and is a key factor in achieving Sweden’s goal of the transport sector reducing its fossil emissions by 70 percent between 2010 and 2030. Lignol makes today’s petrol a
nd diesel cars clean vehicles. All current vehicles can run on this type of fuel,” says Sven Löchen, Managing Director of RenFuel, who also considers there to be major export opportunities for this innovation, to countries that,
like Sweden, have good access to well-established forestry production.
Deliveries of samples of lignin from Rottneros’s pulp mill in Vallvik are already being made to Renfuel’s pilot facility, which was established for the production of Lignol with the assistance of the Swedish Energy Agency. The Lignol oil is then taken to Preem’s refineries, where the raw material is processed to make biofuels.
“Rottneros is keen to contribute to strengthening Sweden’s bioeconomy, in which the pulp industry is already a key element. In addition to contributing to the transport sector’s shift to become fossil free, the extraction of lignin also gives us the opportunity to increase our pulp production. This ensures that all parties benefit from the collaboration,” says Ragnar Lundberg, VP Technology at Rottneros.
In 2017, approximately 9,000,000 cubic metres of fuel were sold in Sweden, of which about 1,900,000 cubic metres were classified as biofuel, according to the Swedish Petroleum and Biofuels Institute (SPBI). About 15 percent of the biofuel was produced in Sweden, with the rest being imported from other countries.

2018-06-06 
ANDRITZ receives order from UPM to rebuild paper machine in Dörpen

ANDRITZ has received an order from UPM Nordland Papier, Germany, to rebuild paper machine #2 (PM2) in Dörpen, Germany, to produce release/glassine papers. With the rebuild of PM2, the UPM group will increase the capacity of release paper production by an additional 110,000 t/a. Start-up after the rebuild is scheduled for the final quarter of 2019.

The complex rebuild with demanding technological requirements, not only for the equipment but also for the process and product quality, was prepared in close cooperation between UPM and ANDRITZ. Apart from the rebuild of PM2, the ANDRITZ scope of supply also includes modification of the stock preparation system, approach flow and broke system.

The modification of the stock preparation system includes ModuScreen CP police screens for the short and long fiber lines and two refiners TwinFlo TF-S34 for the long fiber line. For the approach flow system, ANDRITZ will deliver a new Short Flow deaeration silo including vacuum system, new headbox screens ModuScreen HBE for the HC and LC lines, and fan pumps. In addition to these items, a two-stage broke screening system with ModuScreen F, a thickening drum PRS2060, and a deflaker DFL3 are included in the scope of supply. For broke conversion, ANDRITZ will deliver an HC pulper FibreSolve FSH6 and an additional deflaker DFL3.

All sections of the paper machine will be modified. One of the key components is the ANDRITZ PrimeFlow SW dilution water headbox. The PrimeForm and PrimeForm HB hybrid formers include new dewatering elements that are considered to provide maximum flexibility for dewatering and also improve sheet formation.

The key component in the press section is a new PrimePress X shoe press with a PrimeSteam VIB steam blow-box for profiling in order to achieve the required dryness. The first dryer group will be rebuilt as a single tier with new PrimeRun Jet and PrimeRun D stabilizer boxes. Ropeless tail threading will be added to the pre-dryer and after-dryer sections.

Between the dryer sections, a new PrimeFilm film press will be installed including contactless, high-intensity drying. Furthermore, the after-dryer section will be equipped with a new PM hood and a new dry broke pulper. At the end of PM2, a complete new re-moisturizing system – PrimeSpray VIB – for both paper sides is included in the scope of supply. Finally, the moisturized paper will be wound using a complete new PrimeReel CenterDrive reeling system.

The entire field instrumentation wiring and piping are also part of the delivery. Furthermore, the scope of supply includes the complete detailed engineering, full equipment installation, start-up, commissioning, and training for all the equipment.

2018-06-06 
International Paper Will Not Make Offer to Acquire Smurfit Kappa

International Paper Company confirmed today that the company will not make an offer for Smurfit Kappa Group plc, given the lack of engagement by Smurfit Kappa’s Board of Directors and Management.

In February 2018, International Paper provided representatives of Smurfit Kappa’s Board of Directors with a proposal to acquire the company. Following discussions with shareholders of both companies, IP put forward a revised proposal on March 26, 2018. IP believes the revised proposal was highly attractive and formed a sound basis for engagement, which the company viewed as essential to determining the full value potential of the combination.

"While we continue to believe in the strategic and financial potential of this combination, our commitment was to proceed in a disciplined manner that would create value for both sets of shareholders," said Mark Sutton, Chairman and CEO of International Paper. "Moving forward, we remain focused on executing our strategy and are excited about our outlook. We have many levers to create shareholder value and will be responsible stewards of our shareholders’ capital," added Sutton.

As a result of this announcement, International Paper is bound by the restrictions set out in Rule 2.8 of the Irish Takeover Rules. International Paper reserves the right within the next 12 months to set aside this announcement where so permitted under Rule 2.8 (including Rule 2.8(c)(ii)).

2018-06-06 

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