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Fanel Solutions : Christian Wurtz appointed Technical Sales Manager

As of September 4, Christian Wurtz will join the French company, Fanel Solutions, as Technical Sales Manager. In his previous positions, Christian Wurtz has notably been working for UPM Group as Project Manager and Engineering Coordinator. His task will be to actively develop Fanel Solutions’ businesses in its traditional markets, i.e. pulp, paper and non-wovens.

2017-08-30 
Valmet reshapes its internal IT services and signs a business transfer agreement with CGI

Valmet will start a reshaping of its internal Information Technology (IT) services to improve the operations’ efficiency and business focus. The set of actions to be taken include a business transfer agreement signed with CGI. Under the agreement Valmet’s internal IT Service Desk, end user support and most infrastructure services, including server management, workstation management and end user computing, will be moved from Valmet and their current partners to CGI.

The transfer agreement concerns 58 current Valmet IT employees globally, who will be offered to transfer to CGI or its partner with similar terms. The transfer is targeted to become effective on October 1 and the full transfer project is to be closed by the end of March 2018.

2017-08-30 
JSC Volga together with BASF continues the experiment in the improved newsprint production

To extend the product line the Mill’s specialists conducted experimental-industrial trials of the Improved Newsprint.

 The tests took place from the 28th of June till the 10th of July this year where the workers of the TMP workshop, the paper-making workshop No.3, the laboratory and technical control department took part under the supervision of the Volga’s Process Engineering Service. The specialists of the BASF SE company conducted the startup and commissioning work and control under the TMP bleaching in high consistency beating.

 As a result, the stable indicators of the newsprint production process have been archived, but the bleaching agent consumption hasn’t exceeded the planned quantity. The improved newsprint batch, manufactured in compliance with the Volga’s technical requirements, had the higher brightness that made it different from the standard newsprint.

 The specialists of the Volga’s Process Engineering Service together with his foreign colleagues would coordinate the further test runs of the higher brightness newsprint that would continue till September that year.

2017-08-28 
DS Smith transforms the French funeral industry

DS Smith collaborates with abCrémation to launch ecologically and economically responsible cardboard coffins

DS Smith first started producing cardboard coffins for its customers more than 20 years ago. Over the last eight years, it has been working closely with abCrémation, a supplier of ecological cardboard coffins, to launch a model which meets stringent new requirements for coffins.

The new standards were imposed by the Ministry of Health and ANSES (France’s National Agency for food security, the environment and work). It decreed that all coffins used in cremations must meet rigorous standards validated through mechanical testing and climactic, atmospheric and specific emissions.

2017-08-28 
Niilo Pöyhönen appointed a Member of the Board of Kotkamills Oy

Mr. Niilo Pöyhönen M.Sc. Econ. has been appointed a Member of the Board of Kotkamills Oy, effective from August 1st, 2017.

Mr. Pöyhönen holds working experience of several decades in managerial positions in the board and packaging industries, lately in Pyroll Group and before that in Stora Enso. His vast knowledge of the board and packaging businesses, as well as wide knowledge of clientele, strengthens the competence of the consumer board business in the Board of Kotkamills Oy.

“We are very happy to obtain Niilo Pöyhönen’s unique experience to support Kotkamills’ future as a forerunner in the packaging board business”, states Chairman of the Board of Kotkamills Oy, Mr. Hannu Puhakka.

“It is great to be able to join Kotkamills team. The long awaited dispersion coated barrier board solutions of Kotkamills comprise a competitive and environmentally sound alternative to the traditional plastic-coated cup stock, board used for packing frozen food and other packaging board products. I believe that I will be able to help in launching these new solutions on the market”, says Niilo Pöyhönen.

2017-08-28 
Rottneros AB completes the financing of Agenda 500, issues bonds of SEK 400 million

In order to complete the financing of the strategic plan Agenda 500 and to achieve long-term efficiency of the Group’s capital structure, Rottneros AB (publ) (”Rottneros”) has issued senior unsecured bonds in the total amount of SEK 400 million with a tenor of 5 years to mainly Nordic institutional investors.

The bonds have a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 4.15 percent and mature in September 2022. The bond framework amounts in total to SEK 600 million. Rottneros intends to apply for listing of the bonds on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Swedbank has acted as financial advisor and sole bookrunner of the issue and Vinge has been legal advisor to Rottneros.

2017-08-28 
Fibria’s new pulp mill in Três Lagoas (Brazil) starts operations ahead of schedule

Fibria, a Brazilian company that is the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, has advanced the operational startup of its new mill at Três Lagoas in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The company’s second pulp production line goes operational three weeks ahead of schedule, while originally slated for the first half of September.

The result of investments totaling R$7.5 billion, Fibria’s second mill in Três Lagoas will have production capacity of 1.95 million tons of eucalyptus pulp per year. Combined with the first unit, already operational in the city, the company will have a production capacity of 3.25 million tons of pulp/year, which makes Fibria’s operation in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul one of the largest pulp mills in the world. Including all other units of the company – Aracruz in Espírito Santo state, Jacareí in São Paulo state, and Eunápolis in Bahia state, where it operates Veracel – Fibria has total production capacity of 7.25 million tons of pulp/year, which consolidates its global leadership in the sector.

2017-08-28 
Valmet's technology in a key role at Metsä Group's newly started Äänekoski bioproduct mill

Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Äänekoski was started up on August 15, 2017. Valmet’s delivery to the mill included a recovery boiler, pulp drying line, gasification plant, lime kiln, sulfuric acid plant, and mill-wide Valmet DNA automation system.

All the equipment delivered by Valmet represent the latest technology and are highly energy-efficient. The gasification technology and recovery boiler will maximize the use of bioenergy and make the pulp mill totally fossil fuel-free. The recovery boiler, pulp drying line and lime kiln are the largest in Europe.

The construction of the mill was started in April 2015. The project proceeded as planned and was started up exactly on schedule. Safety was one of the special focus areas in the project. Valmet also emphasized safety onsite with special HSE experts and in contractor cooperation. As a result, Valmet’s safety performance onsite was on a very good level for a project of this magnitude.

2017-08-28 
Harvesting for Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill begins

Harvesting wood for the needs of the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski started today, on 11 August 2017. Until now, wood has been delivered to the old pulp mill and for the test runs of the new mill. The bioproduct mill start-up will begin in mid-August 2017.

2017-08-11 
ANDRITZ to supply a sludge handling system to Monalisa Co. Ltd., South Korea

ANDRITZ has received an order from Monalisa Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea, to supply the key components for a new sludge dewatering process to be installed at its tissue production line in Jeonju. Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2017.

The tissue production line produces sanitary tissue products using mixed office waste and virgin pulp as raw material. In order to achieve optimum results in dewatering of the sludge coming from the recycled fiber processing line, ANDRITZ will supply a thickening drum and sludge screw press. As a result, the costs for transporting the sludge to a subsequent treatment facility will be cut significantly.

The technological features of the dewatering equipment as well as information and impressions gained from a previous visit to a reference plant in Korea were decisive in the customer placing the order with ANDRITZ.

Monalisa Co. Ltd. is an established producer of domestic hygiene products sold under several brand names, including "Bellagio", "The Rich House", and "Nox Premium". The company is based in Seoul, South Korea.

2017-08-11 
Eight finalists for Metsä Board in the 2017 European Carton Excellence Awards

Metsä Board is delighted to announce that eight cartons using its paperboards have been shortlisted for the finals of the 21st European Carton Excellence Awards (formerly the Pro Carton ECMA Awards).

With all the successful entries submitted by Metsä Board customers, there are finalists in Save the Planet, Most Innovative, Beauty & Cosmetics, Food & Beverages and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals categories.

The Awards will be presented at the ECMA Congress on 21 September in Salzburg and the winners will appear on www.procarton.com at midnight on 21 September.

2017-08-10 
Mondi and Amelco: More efficient roll-packing sets a record

Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area. The company works hard to ensure that its products are the best they possibly can be – and with Mondi`s support it has now optimised the packaging for its mattress innersprings. With Mondi’s Advantage MF SpringPack Plus speciality kraft paper, the company exceeded customer and logistics expectations, while in addition it has set a new world record in innerspring packing together with Mondi`s Speciality Kraft Paper team.

2017-08-10 
Olivier Salaun has left PSB Industries Group

Olivier Salaun was appointed as PSB Industries Group President in 2012. François-Xavier Entremont has been named as the new President. He has been a shareholder of the Group for several decades and a member of the Board since 2010.
PSB Industries is involved in Packaging and Speciality Chemicals businesses. In 2016, the Group generated a Turn Over of 377 M€ (more than 60 % abroad). The production facilities are based in France, the United States, Poland, Japan, China and Mexico.
Before joining PSB Industries, Olivier Salaun held various management positions notably whithin Ahlstrom Group in France. He has also been Atip President. Atip is the French Technical Association of Paper Industry.

2017-08-10 
UPM Raflatac expands its presence in the United States by acquiring the assets of Texas-based Southwest Label Stock

UPM Raflatac, one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive label materials, has completed its acquisition of the assets of Irving, Texas-based Southwest Label Stock. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or other transaction details. 

This acquisition will allow UPM Raflatac to expand its reach in the Texas and the Southwestern U.S. label markets by being highly responsive and offering a wider range of its high-quality products with fast turnaround.

2017-08-10 
Madison Paper Industries concluded the sale of its hydro power facilities in North America to Eagle Creek Renewable Energy

Madison Paper Industries, a partnership of UPM and Northern SC Paper Corp., a subsidiary of The New York Times Company, concluded the sale of its hydro power facilities to Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLC, a hydroelectric power producer, based in Morristown, NJ, USA on 31 July 2017.

The transaction was announced by Madison Paper Industries in April 2017.

2017-08-10 
UPM concluded the sale of its hydro power facilities in Steyrermühl to Energie AG

UPM concluded the sale of its hydro power facilities in Steyrermühl, Austria to Energie AG, an energy infrastructure company located in Upper Austria on 31 July 2017.

2017-08-10 
Valmet completed the annual shutdown of Klabin paper mill successfully

Valmet has completed the annual shutdown of Klabin S.A. Monte Alegre paper mill in Brazil successfully. The agreement covered the entire shutdown project from planning and execution to a safe start-up. The shutdown took place between April 24 - May 5, 2017, and included close to 500 employees from Valmet and its sub-contractors.

Valmet and Klabin have an existing agreement for full annual shutdown services. This year’s project was the second of the three-year agreement. 

"We have co-operated with Valmet since 2009 and the current partnership was a natural follow-up of the relationship we have been able to build over the years," says Arnaldo Jasinski, Klabin’s Maintenance Manager.

2017-08-10 
Notification according to chapter 9, section 5 and 6 of the Securities Market Act: BlackRock, Inc ownership in Valmet exceeds 5 percent

Valmet Oyj has on August 9, 2017 received a notification referred to in Securities Market Act from BlackRock, Inc, stating that the company’s ownership and share of votes in Valmet Oyj has exceeded the threshold of 5 percent.

As a result of share transactions on August 8, 2017, the holding of BlackRock, Inc increased to 7,559,076 shares, representing an ownership of 5.04 percent of Valmet Oyj’s total number of shares and share of votes.

Valmet Oyj has one series of shares in which each share carries one vote. The aggregate number of shares is 149,864,619.

2017-08-10 
Sawlog prices in Brazil have gone up over the past 12 months after five years in decline. Near-term increases are expected later in 2017

Stronger wood product exports from Brazil have resulted in higher demand for logs and increasing sawlog prices during 2016 and early 2017, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly. Despite the recent price increases, current prices are below the long-term trend lines in the local currency.
Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update - a news brief from Wood Resources International LLC
Sawlog prices in Brazil have gone up over the past 12 months after five years in decline and the expectations are that the recent upward trend will continue for the remainder of the year, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly

2017-08-09 
Koehler Paper Group - Ensuring Growth with Record Investments

Total investments amounting to half a billion Euro, with more than half of that dedicated to flexible packaging

Following the recent decision of the Supervisory Board of Papierfabrik August Koehler SE, the globally active paper specialist will have invested approximately half a billion Euro in growth by 2020. “We’re able to do this thanks to our position of strength and exceptional business developments in the past,” explains Kai Furler, CEO of the German family-owned company. More than €300 million is also being directed to the Kehl production facility, where Koehler will be creating more than 100 new jobs over the next two years.

2017-08-08 
Rayonier Advanced Materials and Tembec Announce Termination of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Waiting Period

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. and Tembec Inc. announced today that they received notification from the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission that the Hart-Scott-Rodino premerger notification waiting period was terminated as of 3:32 p.m. ET on July 31, 2017 in connection with the previously announced proposed statutory arrangement under Section 192 of the Canada Business Corporations Act (the “Transaction”) involving the acquisition by Rayonier Advanced Materials of all of the outstanding shares of Tembec.

The Transaction has already received clearance from Germany’s Federal Cartel Office and applications for clearance from the applicable regulatory authorities in Canada and China, respectively, are pending. Subject to obtaining the approval of the Québec Superior Court, which is anticipated at a hearing scheduled for August 7, 2017, and other necessary approvals, as well as the satisfaction or waiver of the conditions to the Transaction, it is expected that the Transaction will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017.

2017-08-08 
Rayonier Advanced Materials and Tembec Announce Increase in Consideration under Amended Arrangement Agreement
  • Increased Consideration Valued at C$4.75
  • Oaktree and Bennett Management Agree to Vote in Favor of the Arrangement
  • Tembec shareholders should submit or update their proxies or voting instructions in advance of the meeting without delay
2017-08-08 
Sale of Arjowiggins Security BV to Oberthur Fiduciaire Publication of half-yearly results on 13 September 2017

Arjowiggins Security has entered into a binding agreement with Oberthur Fiduciaire concerning the sale of its subsidiary, Arjowiggins Security BV, covering the VHP mill in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) and the intellectual property rights related to the production of banknote paper, for a gross amount of €22 million, (plus an earn-out). The transaction will complete on 31 July 2017.
Arjowiggins also sold the Charavines site to Fregata Hygiène in late June. This transaction will have no impact on either Arjowiggins’ results or financial position. Furthermore, in light of regulatory requirements concerning the planned issue of high-yield notes to refinance its subsidiary, Antalis International, Sequana will publish its half-yearly results on 13 September 2017.

2017-08-08 
Georgia-Pacific Acquires PAX Corrugated Products

Georgia-Pacific continues to expand its corrugated packaging business with the acquisition of Ohio-based PAX Corrugated Products. PAX operates a corrugated sheet plant with more than 100 employees in Lebanon, Ohio. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.

“Georgia-Pacific has had a working relationship with PAX Corrugated for many years so we knew their organization would be an excellent fit with the GP Corrugated team,” said Billy Medof, president – GP Corrugated. “The PAX team will continue to deliver quality products and service to their customers as they do today. Their graphics and converting proficiency will accelerate our growth in digitally printed sheets from our Digital Print Solutions business and their display capability will expand our growing display business.”

2017-08-04 

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