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Sonoco to Acquire Corenso Holdings America

Expands Company’s Sustainable Paperboard and Core Converting Operations

Sonoco, one of the most sustainable, diversified global packagingcompanies, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Corenso Holdings America, Inc. from a company owned by investmentfunds advised by Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC and management for approximately $110 million in cash. Corenso Holdings America (CHA) is aleading U.S. manufacturer of uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) and high-performance cores used in the paper, packaging films, tape, andspecialty industries. The transaction is subject to normal regulatory review and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2019.

Corenso Holdings America produced net sales of approximately $75 million in 2018 and operates a 108,000-ton per year uncoated recycledpaperboard mill in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., as well as two core converting facilities in Wisconsin Rapids and Richmond, Va., which combined employapproximately 175 associates.

According to Rob Tiede, Sonoco president and chief executive officer, “The acquisition of Corenso Holdings America creates a long-term opportunityfor Sonoco as CHA operates a best-in-class uncoated recycled paperboard mill that is capable of producing a wide variety of coreboard grades, inaddition to providing attractive core converting assets and long-term partnerships with customers

Tiede added, “Along with its attractive assets and customer mix, 100 percent of Corenso Holdings America products are made from recycled rawmaterials, which further enhances Sonoco’s sustainability commitment to increase by weight the amount we recycle or cause to be recycled up to 85percent relative to the volume of products we put into the global marketplace by 2025."

The acquisition of Corenso Holdings America will be modestly accretive to Sonoco’s earnings in 2019 and there are no expected planned changes inoperating leadership and customer relationships. When the transaction is completed, CHA’s financial results will be reported within Sonoco’sPaper/Industrial Converted Products segment.

2019-05-24 
Onsite waste-to-energy plant has been put into operation at Blue Paper mill

At VPK, we continuously strive for innovations that deliver on our sustainability promise and increase efficiency. This month, the new power plant at the Blue Paper site in Strasbourg has been put into operation. The ambitious project, for which 25 million euros were invested, enables the site to convert its own residual materials into thermal energy and will reduce natural gas consumption significantly.

From waste to steam
Blue Paper produces more than 1000 tons of packaging paper every day, using exclusively recycled fibres. The fibres are gained through a recycling process that extracts and purifies reusable paper fibres and separates them from residual materials.
These residual materials – a combination of mainly non-reusable fibres, plastics and other materials – were previously transported to an offsite recycling unit.
With the new onsite power plant, this transport has become superfluous “All 25,000 tonnes of annual residue will be converted into steam on site, keeping 500 trucks per year off the road”, explains Johan Dhaese, head of Energy and Environment “We will use the steam to dry the new paper. This way we’re saving the majority of the natural gas consumption and making optimum use of all material flows.”

From start to end
With this investment, VPK aims to close the sustainable loop completely, from the collection of materials throughout the complete production process. The Blue Paper mill, co-owned by VPK Packaging Group and Klingele Papierwerke, has been at the forefront of sustainable innovation since 2013 :

 2013 : Conversion of the paper mill, producing recycled packaging paper instead of virgin fibre magazine paper.
 2014 : A biogas engine and steam turbine are installed to further increase energy efficiency. Together the installations produce one third of the electricity and half of the steam that is consumed.
 2017 : VPK starts the construction of a new thermal power plant to valorise production waste.
 2019 : Residual materials are transformed into steam on site, which is then used to dry paper.

The project received support from ADEME (Agence De l’Environnement et de la Maitrise de l’Energie). The investment was also selected by CEPI, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, to be showcased in the European Parliament in February together with other European success stories about investments in innovation and ground-breaking technology.

2019-05-24 
Mondi Group leads the field at WorldStar Awards ceremony

Global packaging and paper group Mondi played a leading role as it scooped eight prizes at the WorldStar Awards ceremony in Prague, Czech Republic in May.

The WorldStar Packaging Awards acknowledge the best ideas, innovations and technologies on the market. The jury looks for sustainable solutions to packaging challenges, a demonstration of enhanced user convenience, and reduced material waste.

“Being recognised for our innovative packaging solutions is great motivation for our teams and speaks to our customer-centric approach to addressing today’s packaging challenges.”, says Armand Schoonbrood, COO Mondi Corrugated Packaging, whose colleagues brought home seven of Mondi’s eight awards.

The eight award-winning products from Mondi are :

 -Glass7Box in the Household category – Mondi Austria
- Recyclable waste separation system in the Household category – Mondi Poland
- Side support in the Transit category –Mondi Turkey
- Packaging closing optimization in the Transit category – Mondi Czech Republic
- Pick-up tray in the Point of Sale category – Mondi Turkey
- Pallet utilization support system in the Other category – Mondi Czech Republic
- Yoghurt tray with tear tape in the Food category – Mondi Czech Republic
- BarrierPack Recyclable in the Packaging Materials & Components category – Mondi Germany

2019-05-23 
DS Smith Sets Its Sights on Removable Plastic

DS Smith, a leading international sustainable packaging company, has today released new research which finds that 1.5 million tonnes of plastic could be replaced each year from just five areas within supermarkets across Europe[1].

Its report, ‘Transforming the Supermarket Aisle’, was developed in conjunction with White Space, the leading growth strategy consultancy. It identifies plastic packaging, such as fresh produce punnets and shrink wrap, which supermarkets can replace with alternative, renewable materials. The five categories identified account for over 70 billion individual units of plastic (over 1.5 million tonnes) per year and are highlighted as targets for reduction and replacement by the packaging company.

Miles Roberts, CEO of DS Smith commented :

 It is clear that we all have a big job to do, but we can already see through our research some of the potential answers. Our research demonstrates that simple changes in the materials used could make a big difference for retailers, thereby reducing plastic use by millions of tonnes over the next decade. While there is no silver bullet, we know that sustainable fibre-based packaging has a huge role to play, appealing to our customers and consumers alike.

Paper and cardboard has an 85 per cent rate of recycling across Europe[2] and brings additional benefits for brands like digital printing and customisation. DS Smith has identified the following areas for innovation or substitution in retail :

 Plastic display trays : Often overlooked as shoppers don’t take them home, plastic trays on supermarket shelves have fibre alternatives and could be eliminated from the shelves.
 Fresh produce punnets : Plastic punnets are commonly used to package fresh produce across Europe and there is a significant opportunity for replacement.
 Shrink wrap : Nearly all soft drinks units are shrink wrapped at one stage of their life. As manufacturers consider non-plastic alternatives, corrugate and glue solutions were seen by our panel as ‘next generation’[3].
 Ready meals : Packaging needs are more complex in the ready-meal category, but change is on its way as corrugate alternatives are introduced following further innovation.
 5. Meat, fish and cheese : This segment represents a significant opportunity for innovation and replacement, with fibre-based alternatives well positioned.

There is a strong approval rate for cardboard among consumers at 55 per cent, compared to plastics at 7 per cent and polystyrene at 1 per cent in Europe[4]. Meanwhile, with 85 per cent of European consumers willing to pay a 12 per cent premium for sustainably packaged goods, only a third (36 per cent) of Europeans believe brands and retailers are doing enough to introduce more sustainable packaging[5].

Miles Roberts added : “The replacement opportunity is just the tip of the iceberg, particularly when you consider additional sectors such as e-commerce or industrials. More work needs to be done, but we are making a start today by identifying a significant opportunity within the retail sector. We look forward to collaborating with our customers in response.”

The 1.5 million tonnes identified is just part of the 20 million tonnes of plastic packaging, which includes retail, consumer goods and e-commerce, produced in Europe each year.[6] While industry is responding with packaging innovation and redesign using eminently recyclable materials, industry and government are important stakeholders in future progress.

The report commissioned by DS Smith estimates that the total market for replacement of these items is worth around £5.7 billion per year. The fresh produce punnet category alone is potentially worth over £2 billion per year[7] to the fibre industry.

In addition to industry collaboration, DS Smith is calling on governments to do more. In the UK for example, there are a number of key pieces of upcoming legislation which will impact the sector. Once in place, initiatives such as a Plastics Tax, Extended Producer Responsibility reforms, collection policy and the introduction of deposit return schemes could deliver improved packaging circularity and promote innovation.

[1] White Space Analysis

[2]Eurostat ‘Packaging waste by waste management operations and waste flow’ 2016 data

[3] White Space Primary Research

[4] CPI

[5] Procarton, European Consumer Packaging Perceptions Study, October 2018

[6] PlasticsEurope – The Facts 2018

[7] White Space and DS Smith Analysis

2019-05-23 
Essity divests partly owned company in Turkey

SCA Yildiz is primarily active in Baby Care products. In 2018, the company reported net sales of SEK 364m (TRY 197m). The divestment gives rise to a currency related loss of approximately
SEK 150m, which will be recognized as an item affecting comparability in the second quarter of 2019. This will not impact cash flow or shareholders’ equity.

The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approval by the competition authorities and is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2019.

Essity will retain a presence in Turkey through its wholly owned Professional Hygiene, Incontinence Products and Medical Solutions operations.

2019-05-23 
Essity invests in sustainable alternative fiber technology

The global hygiene and health company Essity is investing approximately SEK 400m in an integrated facility for the production of pulp based on alternative fiber from plant-based agricultural by-products. The investment is taking place at Essity’s tissue plant in Mannheim, Germany. Production is expected to commence in the second half of 2020.

Essity has signed a license agreement securing exclusive rights to a new proprietary technology to produce pulp from alternative fiber that will have the same quality as conventional wood-based pulp at a competitive cost. The source of the fiber is agricultural by-products such as wheat straw which is often made into compost or incinerated.

Essity, one of the world’s largest tissue manufacturers, is now evaluating the integration of this alternative fiber as a complement to fresh and recovered fiber as raw material in its production. 

“To support our sustainability ambitions, we continuously assess new production methods. This is one example of how innovation can contribute to a sustainable and circular society,” says Magnus Groth, President and CEO of Essity.

The process will enable a reduction in the use of water, energy and chemicals while the by-product of the integrated pulping process can be further refined to serve as a substitute for oil-based chemicals.

In 2018, Essity decided on new climate targets for 2030 that, according to the Science Based Targets Initiative, are aligned with the ambition of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming. Essity is committed to reducing its climate impact linked to energy use and purchased electricity, and its indirect climate impact from, for example, material use and waste management.

2019-05-23 
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Partnership

From 22nd May, DS Smith officially announced the partnership with Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It will accelerate the company’s circular economy drive and support innovation across the business, including recycling and carbon-efficiency in e-commerce.

Collaboration between DS Smith and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will also strengthen the company’s Sustainability strategy. This programme is underpinned by nine long-term sustainability targets, which include manufacturing 100 per cent reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025 and reducing its CO₂e emissions, relative to production, by 30 per cent by 2030.

The partnership will support innovation in DS Smith’s business model, to include projects on packaging design for a circular economy ; and improving collection systems in urban areas. These pilots will build on the company’s recent efforts on recycling throw-away consumable items such as coffee cups and radically reducing the amount of fibre in its cardboard packaging.

Separately, DS Smith is making available over £1 million from its Charitable Foundation to invest in sustainability or education initiatives. This programme will kickstart local projects across DS Smith’s global footprint and support innovative new programmes that will make a real difference to the communities in which it operates.
Tranforming the Supermarket Aisles report

‘Transforming the Supermarket Aisle’, was developed in conjunction with White Space, the leading growth strategy consultancy. It identifies plastic packaging, such as fresh produce punnets and shrink wrap, which supermarkets can replace with alternative, renewable materials. The five categories identified account for over 70 billion individual units of plastic (over 1.5 million tonnes) per year and are highlighted as targets for reduction and replacement by the packaging brand.

2019-05-23 
GOEBEL IMS expands its sales network in Russia

GOEBEL IMS continues its expansion into global markets : after many years of close collaboration with local dealers, the globally renowned manufacturer of slitting and winding solutions opens a new branch office in St. Petersburg/Russia. GOEBEL IMS has been recording an increase in international orders across all industries for many years – an important share coming from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) including Russia. With its new branch, GOEBEL IMS now directly caters to the Russian market which has traditionally been a particularly strong one in the more than 165 years of the company’s history.
The new office will be managed by the highly experienced Regional Sales Director Vladimir Vitalyevich Kudinov. Before joining GOEBEL IMS, Kudinov worked as Sales & Marketing Director for Andritz LLC in Russia for over 10 years. He is an expert for the pulp and paper market.
Kudinov studied at the Wood-Technical Academy in St. Petersburg where he graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and automation of woodworking processes. He started his professional career at the State Institute for Engineering of the Pulp and Paper Industry where he was responsible for the engineering of automation systems for auxiliary plants of pulp and paper mills. Since then he has held multiple positions in the wood processing and paper industry, including among others these of Purchasing and Project Manager, Sales Manager and Managing Director of his own company.
“We are very happy that Vladimir, a very experienced colleague from the paper industry, has joined our team. He knows the Russian market and its particularities very well. We are convinced that he will successfully represent the brand GOEBEL IMS and provide his excellent know-how to our customers,” states Daniele Vaglietti, Managing Director Sales and Marketing of GOEBEL IMS’ parent company IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP.
„The new branch office of GOEBEL IMS not only strengthens the company’s market position but also extends its customer support. Already installed machines in the regional paper, film and alufoil industries can now be even better serviced by GOEBEL IMS’ Russian sales and service team.”

2019-05-23 
Voith PaperSchool: Customized training courses for the paper industry

The new website of the Voith PaperSchool is now online. The school offers comprehensive training courses covering all aspects of the paper manufacturing process. In addition to a wide range of existing training courses, participants can also access personalized training content – using the latest methods like computer-assisted training or virtual reality and with hands-on training on the actual machines and equipment. This allows them to achieve a sustained improvement in their skills and know-how.

Whether employees from machine operation, maintenance or management, paper producers are constantly faced with the challenge of instructing and training new personnel and further developing existing employees. This is necessary to ensure safe and efficient plant operation across the entire paper manufacturing process. However, the resources and expertise needed to provide this kind of training are often lacking. As a full-line supplier with a broad range of services, Voith offers targeted training programs underpinned by the latest best practice experience through its well-established PaperSchool under the Servolution concept. In doing so, Voith can draw on its long-standing experience and expertise in this area ; the long-established company conducted its first training for customers as far back as 1910.

Customer-specific and standardized training modules
The training courses are available at the Voith Training Centers around the world, on site at customer’s paper mill, as well as online. Participants can develop specialized knowledge under the guidance of Voith experts. The training is tailored to all needs and imparts basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge. The exact training plan can be put together according to specific personal requirements – a common definition and prioritization of training content and methods take place.

The training courses cover various areas of paper production and stock preparation, maintenance such as example auxiliary systems, maintenance strategies and methodologies like communication, analysis and structured problem-solving.

Effective training methods
Different methods are used to impart knowledge and skills : classroom, hands-on, e-learning and virtual reality training. In classroom training, an expert provides the trainees with general knowledge about paper production and answers questions. In the case of hands-on training, trainees learn certain tasks in a controlled classroom setting under instruction. The training can be extended to include exposure to real-life conditions on the machines. The e-learning method, on the other hand, allows participants to learn according to their own timetable, regardless of location – and therefore is available 24/7. Learning outcomes is ensured by means of continuous testing and repetitions, and a support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions the trainee may have.

Innovative virtual reality training
One new kind of method is virtual reality training, an interactive training in a computer-generated environment. For training purposes, this cutting-edge technology makes it possible to simulate a virtual exploration of an entire paper machine or the behavior in a hazardous situation without actually endangering the people taking part. In addition, virtual reality training can be used to allow trainees to learn and practice various assembly operations, so they can subsequently perform proper maintenance on the actual machine.

2019-05-23 
Valmet to deliver green liquor clarifier to Stora Enso Skoghall mill in Sweden

Valmet will supply an OptiClear(TM) green liquor clarifier to Stora Enso Skoghall mill in Sweden. The start-up of the clarifier is planned for the spring 2020.

The order was included in Valmet’s orders received of the first quarter 2019. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

"Valmet’s OptiClear will increase the availability of the green liquor plant and deliver a cleaner green liquor to slaking. This will in turn contribute to stabilizing the liquor circuit at the mill. Operation of the OptiClear is easy and less maintenance is required compared to our present equipment. It will also be possible to use this equipment in future rebuilds," says Michelle Nylander, Production Manager, Power Recovery and Environment, at Stora Enso’s mill in Skoghall.

"Based on our flexible portfolio, we continue to deliver products that are fit for our customer’s purpose. The OptiClear provides the perfect mix between investment and operational cost as well as good process results at a minimum of maintenance," says Patrik Lidbäck, Manager Sales, Pulp and Energy, Valmet.

Valmet’s scope of supply includes a new OptiClear including polymer station and instruments, electrical motors, platforms, piping and installation work.

2019-05-23 
Valmet delivers a new recovery boiler to ITC in India

Valmet will deliver a new recovery boiler and ash leaching plant to ITC’s Bhadrachalam pulp mill in India. The new boiler will replace three existing boilers. The start-up of the new recovery boiler is scheduled for late 2021.

The order was included in Valmet’s orders received of the first quarter 2019. The value of the order of this scope is typically around EUR 50-60 million.

"The new recovery boiler investment is an essential part of increasing the mill’s pulp production. Our main drivers for choosing a modern state-of-the-art recovery boiler were reliability, energy efficiency and environmental performance. With their offering Valmet was able to meet our goals," tells Sanjay Singh, Divisional Chief Executive of ITC.

"This recovery boiler represents a new era in Indian recovery boilers. It is significantly larger than the boilers previously delivered to India and has high power features which enable the mill to increase its energy production. With this project we are able to utilize our technology leadership and strong local presence in India. We are happy to continue our very good cooperation with ITC in upgrading their production fleet," says Jussi Mäntyniemi, Vice President, Recovery Business Unit, Pulp and Energy, Valmet.

The Valmet RECOX+ recovery boiler will have a capacity of 2,700 tDS/day. The boiler includes several high-power features for example high steam parameters, flue gas heat recovery, combustion air preheating, feed water preheating and vent gas heat recovery. This enables 20% higher steam production compared to conventional recovery boilers. The medium size and high steam parameters set specific requirements for material design.

The delivery also includes electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) which remove dust particles from recovery boiler flue gases.

Potassium and chloride levels in the ESP ash are controlled with two stage ash leaching system. Valmet AshLeach Duo is a well-proven, uniquely simple and effective system.

2019-05-22 
B2A Technology announces its 2018 annual results

B2A Technology Group, resulting from the merger between Alstef and BA Systèmes, reports a consolidated revenue of €109m in 2018 for its first year of operation, that is to say a 7% increase compared to the two companies’ combined revenue in 2017.
The order entries reached €122m and forecasts a turnover for 2019 of €132m, an increase of 21%.
Consolidated net income is €5.9m.
In 2018, the Group strengthened its presence in Russia with the start of the maintenance contract for the baggage system of Terminal B at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow and the order entry for the new Terminal C in the same airport. In addition, the Group has pursued its development in Canada with a mobile robot order for a major name of the cosmetics industry in Montreal. In France, the Group has won several intralogistics projects, including one for Castel Frères in Bordeaux area and the largest AutoStore® project in France for Manutan. The medical robotics activity has continued its development and represents 6% of revenues.
In the meantime, B2A Technology is preparing the future with the launch of two new mobile robots :

LoadStar for picking orders and BAGXone for baggage handling. In both cases, the objective is to offer more agile and dynamic solutions.
The Group’s growth dynamics required the recruitment of 70 people on permanent contracts in 2018, mainly to strengthen the design and maintenance teams. At the end of 2018, the total number of employees of the Group was 550, 26 of whom on apprenticeship contracts.

2019-05-22 
ANDRITZ launches new StrataPressTM felt technology for enhanced press performance

ANDRITZ has officially launched its new StrataPress™ felt technology enabling unmatched performance on today’s most demanding press positions.

Innovative StrataPress™ press felts provide a comprehensive new portfolio of high-performance technology specially developed to help maximize machine press performance. StrataPress™ is designed with a game-changing combination of materials, base fabric structures and unique batt concepts, which ensure highest sheet quality, faster machine speeds, and reduced energy consumption. The StrataPress™ portfolio offers both endless and seamed technology to enable any machine to run more efficiently with products specifically engineered for each application, with any grade and in every press configuration.

“Our innovative StrataPress™ portfolio of endless and seamed felts provides customers a comprehensive new platform specifically engineered to deliver unprecedented machine performance for improved sheet quality and reduced operating costs. It is available worldwide for machines producing all grades of containerboard, graphical papers, tissue, and pulp,” says Bill Butterfield, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls.

With the new StrataPress™ technology, ANDRITZ once again confirms its position as one of the global market leaders for the supply of innovative fabrics, press felts, and roll technology solutions.

2019-05-22 
Metso showcases the market's most comprehensive control and on/off valve line at IVS - Industrial Valve Summit 2019

Metso will showcase its unique valve and service solution offering for a wide range of process industries at the IVS - Industrial Valve Summit 2019, taking place May 22-23 at the Bergamo Exhibition Center in Bergamo, Italy. Meet Metso at stand 82 in hall B.

Metso will be displaying a comprehensive range of products and services, such as control valves, on/off valves and ESD (emergency shutdown) valves. Being showcased at Metso’s stand are the latest additions to their offering and the most comprehensive control valve line available on the market today. Metso experts will share the most recent insights in improving plant reliability and safety through well-planned valve optimization solutions, best-practice maintenance planning and advanced digitalization.

Functional safety calculations are valid only if the right valves are selected

In IVS 2019, Metso’s Ville Kähkönen, responsible for industry management in valves, will also present a paper ’Lifecycle of the ESD valve - Install-and-forget device ?’ on Thursday, May 23 at 10:30 a.m. The presentation will cover how to maintain ESD valves properly to ensure performance and fulfill the original safety requirement specifications. 

ESD valves are widely used in refineries, petrochemical sites and LNG plants around the world. Top-level safety and field-proven reliability are the requirements for valve solutions. Making the correct final element selection is a vital part of a plant’s safety throughout its life cycle. Valve selection should always take into consideration an application-based view, which will guarantee that valves continue to work in emergency situations.

Metso’s reliable emergency shutdown (ESD) valves and actuators with Neles ValvGuard intelligent valve controllers improve your plant safety cost efficiently.

Long experience in providing reliability with flow control

Metso’s extensive flow control services offering covers expert services from maintenance planning and execution to performance solutions. Metso has solid experience in delivering engineered performance and reliability to customers through its leading product brands-Neles® and Jamesbury®-and has delivered millions of control valves and on/off valves globally over the last 90 years. The offering also includes standard and severe service globe valves, which offer reliability for the most critical processes and can operate at extreme pressures and temperatures. Additionally, Metso has become one of the leading suppliers of intelligent valve controllers.

2019-05-21 
ANDRITZ to supply a PrimeLineECO tissue machine with two stock preparation lines to Xuan Mai Paper in Vietnam

ANDRITZ has received an order from Xuan Mai Paper Co. Ltd. to supply a PrimeLineECO tissue machine for its mill in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the production of high-quality tissue grades made of either 100% virgin or 100% deinked pulp (DIP). Start-up is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.

The new PrimeLineECO tissue machine for Xuan Mai Paper has a design speed of 1,300 meters per minute and a paper width of 2.85 meters. The scope of supply includes a separate DIP line, a stock preparation system for LBKP/NBKP market pulp, an approach flow system, a fiber recovery and broke handling system as well as basic and detail engineering. The entire line is equipped with an ANDRITZ PrimeControl automation package and an advanced Multi Motor Drive system.

Market pulp bales are dissolved in a FibreSolve FSV pulper that enables efficient slushing without damaging the fibers. The system is split into a short and a long fiber line and is equipped with an ANDRITZ Papillon refiner with a cylindrical refining zone for long fiber refining. The special geometry combines gentle and homogeneous fiber treatment. Thanks to the compact rotor design, the refiner concept offers significant improvements in energy consumption compared to competing refiners in similar applications.

The 2-loop DIP line allows Xuan Mai Paper greater flexibility in raw material composition, resulting in lower production costs. The system consists of a drum pulper, two flotation units, one dispersing and screening/cleaning system as well as sludge handling. The FibreFlow Drum pulper disintegrates MOW/SOP with a minimum loss of fibers and removes most of the impurities right at the beginning of the line to reduce the workload of downstream equipment. The ANDRITZ SelectaFlot units are equipped with next-generation, energy-saving injectors.

The PrimeLineECO tissue machine is a new machine extending ANDRITZ’s product portfolio, focusing on emerging markets and their need for energy savings : The combination of a 15 ft. steel Yankee with a special steam-heated hood by ANDRITZ Novimpianti enables highly efficient drying with substantial energy savings.The specific hood design, proven and optimized with CFD-analysis and comprising optimized nozzle geometry, results in highly consistent and efficient drying performance.

ANDRITZ will also deliver 58 process pumps for water and pulp – single-stage centrifugal ACP series pumps and medium-consistency pumps. Depending on their application, the pumps achieve heads of up to 80 meters and flow rates up to 7,440 liters per minute. The pumps convey pulp with up to 4.5 percent b.d. consistency.

According to the customer, it was ANDRITZ’s innovative tissue technology, tailor-made for their needs, and the excellent performance of their ANDRITZ OCC line that were the decisive criteria for this order.

2019-05-21 
Lecta at the Milan Packaging Première Fair 2019

Lecta will be presenting its extensive range of specialty papers for premium packaging.

Lecta will participate in the upcoming edition of this exclusive event devoted to luxury packaging, to be held in Milan from May 28 to May 30. At this international exhibit, which brings together designers, manufacturers and top brands in the premium packaging industry worldwide, Lecta will showcase its wide range of papers for select packaging with numerous possibilities for applications.

We invite you to visit us at Hall 4 - stand E45 at the Packaging Première, where you will discover the outstanding quality of Lecta’s range of specialty papers for high-end packaging :

Diva Art : one-side double-coated cardboard with a silk finish specially designed for creative uses of graphic and luxury packaging.

Metalvac : 100% high-vacuum metallized paper designed for premium labels and flexible packaging, graphic applications and luxury packaging.

Eurokote : cast-coated paper for wine, spirits, sparkling wine and water bottles, premium packaging and advertising.

Creaset : one-side coated papers for different label and packaging end uses.

Adestor : Lecta’s range of pressure-sensitive paper and film for premium labels (wine, spirits, sparkling wine and beer).

Coral Bag and Creaset Bag : uncoated and one-side papers, respectively, for shopping bags.

2019-05-21 
Ilim Group investments in 2018 exceed RUB 23 billion

In 2018, Ilim Group invested more than RUB 23 billion in the upgrade of the existing mills and construction of new production facilities (according to RAS financial statements).

Ilim’s investment program covers a period of 5 years through 2021, with total investments around RUB 200 billion. As a result of the upgrade of the existing facilities and launch of new capacities the finished products output will increase by 1 million tons, including 700 thousand tons of packaging materials and 300 thousand tons of market pulp.

In 2018, 5 new production facilities were placed in service to support capacity growth and reduce the environmental footprint.

“The investment program for 2018 was successfully completed. We are satisfied with the result and we are ready for the next investment cycle,” said Kseniia Sosnina, Ilim Group CEO. “We are implementing a large-scale upgrade of our mills in Bratsk and Ust- Ilimsk on a stage-by-stage basis and we will increase our investments in 2019. The key milestone of this year will be the start of initial groundwork for the pulp and paperboard mill construction project in Ust-Ilimsk. These projects will allow Ilim Group to increase its presence primarily in the Asian market, where the demand for pulp and paper products is significantly higher than supply. Our goal is to increase the supply of finished products to reach 2.4 million tons per year by 2024.”


By 2022 the Ust-Ililmsk mill will become “a million-ton mill” with a total annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of market products. The Big Ust-Ilimsk project, which was launched in June 2018, became a large-scale investment project. The project involves the construction of a new pulp and paperboard mill with an annual capacity of 600 thousand tons of packaging materials. In summer 2019, the construction work will be started at the Ust-Ilimsk site ; contracting is in progress to supply a unique, one of a kind, paper machine that will have a custom design and the highest KLB production capacity in the world. It will have a maximum capacity of 2,150 tons per day, speed of 1,200 meters per minute and trim width of 9,400 mm.

In addition, the pulp line upgrade will be completed at the Ust-Ilimsk mill by the end of 2019, which will increase its capacity by another 50 thousand tons.

In 2018, a new woodroom was placed in service to support new capacities. The project was launched in 2015 and completed in 2018, with CAPEX of RUB 3.3 billion. The new woodroom includes two automated chipping lines with a total annual capacity of 4 million m3 of chips. The cutting-edge production process will reduce wood losses, and water and electric energy consumption per unit of product.

Another important technological and environmental project was RB3 upgrade. The work was started in August 2017 and completed in November 2018 with CAPEX of RUB 3.9 billion.

The recovery boiler upgrade increased its capacity up to 1,750 tons of dry solids per day. The project involved an upgrade of 95% of equipment, including replacement of almost all heating surfaces, installation of new economizers, superheaters and other components, and the automated process control system. Installation of new precipitators on RB3 will reduce dust emissions by 20%.

In order to ensure efficient and safe operation of the recovery boilers to support capacity increase, Ilim had to rebuild the evaporation stations. The evaporation stations upgrade was carried out together with the RB upgrade in 2017-2018, with CAPEX of RUB 1.3 billion. The evaporator layout was modified : four liquor concentrators and two new surface condensers were installed, as well as a distributed control system to facilitate precision operation. This helped to increase the evaporation capacity from 820 to 1,030 tons per hour and to increase the dry solids concentration in evaporated black liquor fed to RB. The upgrade of RB and evaporation stations will ensure a significantly lower environmental impact due to a rediction of chemical losses in the production process, which in turn will improve the quality of effluents sent to the mill’s wastewater treatment facilities.


By the end of 2021, several strategic projects with a total CAPEX exceeding RUB 38 billion will be implemented at the Bratsk Mill of Ilim Group. The KLB line upgrade, which will be completed in autumn 2019, will allow to increase KLB production volumes by 110 thousand tons. The rebuild of the HW line will be completed in 2020 to increase the annual production output by 173 thousand tons. In 2018, a demineralized water plant rebuild was carried out as part of preparation for capacity expansion and increase in production volume. This project started in April 2017 and was completed in August 2018. Total CAPEX was RUB 700 million. A decision was made to rebuild the chemical water treatment plant and install a new water treatment unit with a design capacity of 400 m3 per hour in order to support operation of the upgraded recovery boiler. The demineralized water plant rebuild was performed in accordance with best available technologies and will contribute to resource saving.


PM6 was upgraded at the Koryazhma Mill of Ilim Group. The project with a total CAPEX of RUB 200 million was launched in 2018 and completed in February 2019. In particular, the project scope included a replacement of the headbox. The old headbox had been in use since 1992. Since then PM6 capacity increased by 22%. Installation of a new MasterJetTM Pro headbox with ModuleJect dullution system and Profilmatic control software will allow to reduce the amount of rejects, expand the white papers mix produced at PM6, and improve quality of products to the best global producer’s level.

2019-05-20 
Bankruptcy for Virginal Paper

New bankruptcy for the Belgian paper mill. The Virginal Paper factory (former Idem Papers) was declared bankrupt by the Commercial Court of Nivelles, just a year after it was taken over by a Norwegian group led by Terje Haglund. The company that had refocused on the production of special papers employed about sixty people.

2019-05-20 
MetsäBoard Classic WKL gets a brighter surface

Metsä Board – part of Metsä Group – has enhanced the brightness of its coated white kraftliner MetsäBoard Classic WKL. The improved product is designed for high-quality in-line and conventional flexo post-printing, and it allows fast ink drying times, even without dryers, making it also suitable for water-based digital printing.

The improved brightness not only looks more aesthetically pleasing, but will further enhance the contrast between printed and unprinted areas. The enhanced brightness will give further opportunities, particularly for customers with water-based digital printing, as a quick ink drying time is an established key benefit of this grade.

“MetsäBoard Classic WKL is the ideal solution for corrugated retail packaging as it gives high print quality and excellent production efficiency. Its quick ink drying also means energy savings and therefore reduced carbon emissions in printing,” says Leena Yliniemi, Technical Marketing Director at Metsä Board. 

MetsäBoard Classic WKL is suitable for food packaging, made from fresh fibres which are 100% traceable to source in sustainably managed northern forests. All of Metsä Board’s products are manufactured under the highest environmental and safety standards, and hold PEFCTM and FSC® chain of custody certification. MetsäBoard Classic WKL is available in basis weights of 135–175 g/m² and is ideal for shelf-ready and retail ready packaging, fruit and vegetable, processed food and consumer electronics.

2019-05-17 
Södra : finalist in The Gold Charger competition for electric car use!

We are a finalist in The Gold Charger competition for electric car use ! – “We are very pleased that our investment in fossil-free transport has been recognized”, says Henrik Brodin, program manager for A Fossil-Free Södra. “We want to show that you can live and work in the countryside and at the same time be sustainable with new technology. Therefore, we have installed a total of 112 charging points and our employees can drive to and from work on the green energy produced by our mills. The transition from fossil to fossil-free energy is an opportunity and not a threat to rural areas,” says Brodin. The winners will be those who have contributed most to the transition to re-chargeable vehicles and emission-free transport.

2019-05-17 
Corrugated Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) shows substantial environmental progress

As every three years, FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) and CCB (Cepi Container Board) released the new “European Database for Corrugated Board Life Cycle Studies”.
This ninth 2018 report shows substantial improvements and demonstrates the efforts made by the European Corrugated Industry and its paper suppliers to lower their impact on the environment.
As experience grows and LCA methodologies evolve, opportunities to improve the quality of the collected and presented data are identified and implemented. This has led to a new calculation of the CO2 emissions, moving away from the previous cradle-to-gate approach focusing on fossil emissions to the cradle-to-grave approach providing the overall carbon impact.
If we were to calculate the 2018 carbon impact of corrugated packaging using the same methodology as applied in those previous iterations, then the result would show a 11% improvement for 2018 compared to 2015.
More good news : since the last report in 2015, results per ton of corrugated boxes show :
• 12% reduction in fossil fuel consumption at the production sites,
• 40% decrease in emissions of particulates to air at the production sites,
• 538kg CO2 cradle-to-grave carbon impact.

2019-05-17 
Valmet agrees on a major pulp and board technology delivery to Klabin in Brazil

Valmet has signed contracts for a large pulp and paper technology delivery to Klabin S.A. in Brazil. The order consist of a kraftliner machine (PM27), a new fiberline, a new continuous cooking and a pulp dryer rebuild. The order is included in Valmet’s second quarter 2019 orders received and the value of the order is around EUR 260-290 million.

Furthermore, Valmet and Klabin have signed Letters of Intent (LOI) for the delivery of a second kraftliner machine (PM28) and a second cooking and fiberline for which the final agreements are expected to be signed and delivery schedule to commence in May 2021.

The now agreed order for the delivery of a kraftliner production line is Valmet’s first large board making technology delivery to Brazil and means an important breakthrough to the Brazilian paper industry market for Valmet.

"Our upcoming new kraftliner production line will be the world’s first production line for kraftliner made from 100 percent eucalyptus pulp. We have done, together with Valmet, a lot of conceptual and engineering developments for this innovative solution that will deliver a high performance kraftliner for the corrugated container industry," says Francisco César Razzolini, Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Project and Pulp Business Officer at Klabin.

"This first major paper technology order enhances Valmet’s position in the Brazilian market, where we have been so far especially known as a partner for pulp producers," says Jari Vähäpesola, President, Paper Business Line, Valmet.

The pulp technology delivery for its part will create the first reference for Valmet’s new continuous cooking technology, CompactCooking G3, which was launched in 2018. Moreover, the rebuild of the pulp dryer will increase the capacity of the current pulp drying line delivered by Valmet in 2016.

"Klabin wanted a solution with high pulp quality to meet challenging end-product requirements with high availability and decided to trust Valmet to deliver this. This is a significant order for our pulp business in South America and proves the competitiveness of our new innovations in cooking and fiber line technology," says Bertel Karlstedt, President, Pulp and Energy business line, Valmet.

The employment impact of the krafliner production line (PM27) delivery is over 500 man years mainly in Europe, Brazil and China and of the pulp technology delivery almost 500 man years mainly in Finland, Sweden and Brazil.

Valmet will supply a complete kraftliner board production line with an extended scope of supply delivery, including a wide mill engineering package. The delivery consists of equipment for stock preparation system and approach flow system as well as a complete multiply kraftliner machine (PM 27) from headbox to reel, followed by a winder with automated transfer rails and roll handling systems. The delivery also includes air systems for the machine, a hall ventilation system as well as a wet end chemical system and surface starch preparation and sizer supply systems.

The automation delivery includes Valmet DNA Automation System for process and machine controls and Valmet IQ Quality Management Solution. A large Valmet Industrial Internet package with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is included in the delivery as well as Valmet Paper Machine Clothing package for start-up for all machine clothing positions.

The 9,000-mm wide (wire) machine will produce high quality kraftliner and white top liner grades with a design basis weight range of 80-200 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 1,200 m/min and the design daily capacity 1,555 tonnes.

The cooking and fiber line delivery includes a complete cooking plant and fiber line with a capacity of 2000 ADt per day. The cooking plant features Valmet’s next generation continuous cooking technology, CompactCooking G3, and includes ImpBin technology for steaming and impregnation of the wood chips. This two-vessel system provides excellent pulp quality with very low reject content.

The cooking and fiber line is proven to be easy to maintain and delivers high yield, low energy consumption and high availability. The new cooking features improve the flexibility and deliver optimized bleachability especially for eucalyptus based hard wood production.

The pulp drying line upgrade includes e.g. a new baling line, automatic tail threading equipment, process equipment debottlenecking and roll handling line upgrade. These upgrades increase the capacity of both market pulp and fluff pulp production and improve safety.

2019-05-17 

Bolloré Transport & Logistics will participate in the next Breakbulk Europe exhibition taking place from 21 to 23 May in Bremen, in Germany. After more than ten years of participation, Bolloré Logistics and Bolloré Ports will come to present their expertise in their respective businesses and assert their desire to extend the Group’s effort to develop commercial and operational synergies.

2019-05-17 
ANDRITZ to supply major pulp production technologies and key process equipment for Klabin’s pulp mill in Brazil

ANDRITZ has received an order from Klabin to supply energy-efficient and environmentally friendly pulp production technologies and key process equipment for Klabin’s “PUMA II” project in Ortigueira, Paraná, Brazil. The order value for ANDRITZ is in the range of approx. 190 million euros. Start-up has been scheduled in the second quarter of 2021.

This order once again confirms the excellent business relationship between ANDRITZ and Klabin. ANDRITZ also supplied major technologies and process equipment for Klabin’s pulp mill in Ortigueira (Puma Unit), which was started up successfully in 2016.

For Puma II, the ANDRITZ scope of supply includes the following equipment, to be supplied on full EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis :

• A complete Wood Processing Plant using the same proven technology as the existing ANDRITZ woodyard for the Puma Unit line ; including two eucalyptus debarking and chipping lines, chip storage with 360° stacker-reclaimer, chip screening, bark handling with ANDRITZ BioCrushers, bark storage, and a purchased biomass receiving system for the new power boiler. Each debarking line can process both eucalyptus and pine with world record capacities (pine/euca 400/350 m3 sob/h) and consists of an ANDRITZ debarking drum, which provides excellent debarking results with very low wood losses, and the unique, horizontally fed HHQ-Chipper (XL model), ensuring high capacity without compromising on chip quality.
• An ANDRITZ HERB Recovery Boiler for a combustion capacity of 3,300 tds/d with high steam parameters of 103 bar(a) and 502°C to maximize power generation. The HERB recovery boiler features energy-efficient recovery from gases cooling and feed water preheating technology to maximize steam production for power generation. It is designed for long operating periods without requiring wash water. ANDRITZ’s delivery includes state-of-the-art sootblowing control technology. Optimum sootblowing results are controlled by ANDRITZ’s lastest technology innovations : the Hanging Heat-Transfer Surface Weight Indicator (HEWI) and the sootblowing Advanced Control Expert (ACE). 
• A complete White Liquor Plant, consisting of the same technology as the mill’s existing ANDRITZ white liquor plant in the Puma unit. The new recaustizing plant (5,000 m3/d capacity) includes efficient green liquor filtration with LimeGreen filters – producing clean green liquor and minimizing waste to landfill, white liquor filtration with a LimeWhite filter – maximizing the white liquor quality, and efficient lime mud filtration with a LimeDry filter - ensuring high lime mud dryness, which results in low heat consumption in the kiln. The LimeKiln has a multifuel burner and capacity of 450 t/d.

• A Power Boiler based on ANDRITZ EcoFluid Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) technology. The scope of supply includes a biomass-fired boiler with flue gas cleaning and other auxiliary equipment. The new Power Boiler is combined with the Recovery Boiler to form a “Boiler Island”, and some of the auxiliary equipment is shared between the two boilers. This provides savings in both investment and operating costs. The capacity of the boiler is 220 t/h of superheated steam, which is brought to a steam turbine shared with the Recovery Boiler. The fuels used are bark and wood rejects from the mill.

The ANDRITZ order also includes some items for the existing Puma Unit pulp line :
• Wood Processing Plant rebuild to increase capacities in the 360° stacker-reclaimers and conveyors, and
• Preparation for the eucalyptus and pine cooking feeding systems, densities expected in the future, addition of a first stage for oxygen delignification and ANDRITZ Stirox white liquor oxidation for the eucalyptus line.

2019-05-17 
Veolia’s concentration and evaporation technologies chosen by Smurfit Kappa to upgrade its Sangüesa Paper Mill in Spain

Veolia Water Technologies Inc. has been awarded a contract by Smurfit Kappa to supply state-of-the-art HPD ® systems at the Sangüesa mill in Northern Spain.
Smurfit Kappa is one of the world’s largest packaging goods providers and kraft paper manufacturers. Through its mill located in Sangüesa in the foothills of the Pyrenees in the northern Spanish province of Navarra, Smurfit Kappa provides the raw materials for producers of paper bags. Paper-based carrier bags provide a sustainable alternative to consumers’ use of plastic bags of which only less than 1% is recycled every year.
To increase its liquor treatment capacity and optimize the efficiency of recovery boiler operations, Smurfit Kappa Sangüesa has selected Veolia Water Technologies for the engineering, supply and mechanical installation of an HPD ® concentration and evaporation system resulting in an upgrade of around 30% of present operations.
“ Veolia has a history of success in providing solutions to the global Pulp & Paper market. The project for Smurfit Kappa Sangüesa is another example of the use of proven technologies to efficiently achieve increased operational capacity ” stated Klaus Andersen, CEO of Veolia Water Technologies Americas.
Critical to meeting the objectives of minimizing asset downtime, Veolia’s solution provided a forced-circulation low energy concentrator. Thanks to recent innovations in its design, this unit has minimal washing needs which create no disruption of production while achieving designed production rates. This competitive new design of the concentrator and peripheral equipment also addressed the need for a solution within constrained space requirements. With minimal recirculation piping, structural steel, and civil works, the concentrator has a reduced footprint that lowers overall site construction costs.
Veolia’s solution, which also includes two falling film evaporators with preheaters, condensers and a new vacuum system, will enhance the chemical recovery process by raising the liquor concentration up to 72% dry solids (virgin) to the recovery boiler while producing high-quality condensate for reuse leading to water conservation. The need for reduced energy consumption was also met through lower steam demands thanks to a design adapted to minimize fouling, foaming and scaling which increase heat transfer efficiencies in comparison with other alternative technologies.

2019-05-16 

CyreneTM, a bio-based, renewable solvent produced by biotechnology company Circa Group, has won Top Product 2019 at the Environmental Leader (EL) and Energy Manager Today (EMT) Awards. The judges said that CyreneTM “[r]eplaces an otherwise toxic substance with a natural, gentler alternative without compromising quality or function. This product has the potential to change the solvent landscape for the better.”

The awards recognise the most innovative products and projects in the environment and energy space and CyreneTM won Top Product 2019 during an awards ceremony at the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference. Other Top Product 2019 winners include Asia Pulp and Paper, Ecometrica and Wolters Kluwer.

CyreneTM was developed in conjunction with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) at the University of York. It is made from waste cellulose and has a unique property set, including viscosity, surface tension and polarities. Safer solvents are urgently required and CyreneTM provides an alternative to traditional dipolar aprotic solvents, which are used in large volumes – over one million tonnes per year. It is sold worldwide through Circa’s distributors Merck/Sigma Aldrich and Will&Co.

Tony Duncan, CEO and co-founder of Circa Group, said, “With traditional solvents such as NMP, DMF and DMAc under intense regulatory pressure due to their toxicity, we are providing a renewable, bio-based solution which is ideal for a range of advanced materials. We’re delighted CyreneTM has been recognised as an innovative and successful commercial product by the industry – especially as the 2019 EL & EMT Awards judges confirmed this year’s winners have raised the bar higher than ever.”

2019-05-16 
PulPaper 2021 to take place alongside the chemical sector events

PulPaper is the leading international event in the forest industry’s calendar, and it will be held at Messukeskus in Helsinki on 27-29 April 2021. A top chemistry and bio-industry event, ChemBio Finland, as well as a top chemical seminar, Helsinki Chemicals Forum, will take place alongside PulPaper. These simultaneous events at Messukeskus exhibition centre will bring benefits of synergy to visitors and companies alike.

PulPaper will have a current, high-level conference programme, which will be carried out together with the major players of the sector. The event will also include an exhibition, free information briefings and evening entertainment.

Previous PulPaper events were arranged in 2018 and 2014. Last time PulPaper was a part of a cross-sectoral forest and packaging industry event that had more than 9,200 visitors from over 50 countries around the world. The upcoming PulPaper 2021 will bring together a broader range of companies and experts from different parts of the process industry by cooperating with the chemical and biotechnology industries.

- On the basis of the enthusiasm, good results and feedback from the exhibitors at 2018 PulPaper, it has been decided that the event will once again be held every three years, which is more suitable for the recurrent needs of the rapidly evolving sector. Similarly, last year’s cooperation across industry boundaries was so well received that next time we want to work with chemical operators, says Antti Lindqvist, Managing Director of Forest Products Engineers.

PulPaper is a global meeting place where forest industry professionals from around the world can familiarize themselves with innovations, learn new things and network.

- The exhibitors have given good feedback about the combination of PulPaper and events of the chemical sector. Messukeskus has many good experiences of combinations of different fields and how these bring added value to the conference participants, exhibition visitors as well as companies of different fields, comments the Sales Team Manager responsible for the Pulpaper and ChemBio Finland events, Marcus Bergström, from the exhibition centre.

- The wider ensemble of the 2021 event seems rather relevant. From Sulzer’s point of view, the event will have a broader and stronger coverage, as our customers belong to the fields of wood raw material -based processes, chemical industry as well as biofuels. Sulzer Pumps and Sulzer Chemtech are strong operators in these fields, says Reijo Vesala, Head of Business Segment Pulp, Paper and Board Industry, Sulzer.

2019-05-16 
Valmet to replace process and quality controls at Delkeskamp mill, Germany

Valmet will supply a Valmet DNA Automation System and a Valmet IQ Quality Control System to Delkeskamp’s cartonboard machine BM1 in Nortrup, Germany. The new systems will enable the mill to produce the desired end product quality more efficiently.

The order was included in Valmet’s first quarter 2019 orders received. Typically, the value of these kinds of automation system deliveries is below EUR two million.

"With experience gained from hundreds of installations and our papermaking knowledge, we were able to offer a complete solution to meet the customer’s needs. Our quality control system is well integrated into the Valmet DNA Automation System. This makes operation and maintenance much easier for the customer, since only one user interface with the same tools is needed for both systems. Advanced applications, such as Valmet DNA Help, enhance the operation even more," says Martin Grundmann, Sales Manager, Automation, Valmet.

Valmet’s delivery consists of a Valmet DNA Automation System for the process controls of the board machine and effluent treatment, partial wet-end machine controls, and a Valmet IQ Quality Control System (QCS) with one scanner, related measurements as well as machine- and cross-direction controls. Valmet DNA Help guides operators and indicates reasons for disturbances. These systems will replace the mill’s existing obsolete systems and bring its automation to a new level by improving process reliability, runnability and end product quality.

2019-05-16 
Judicial liquidation of SEQUANA

On May 15, the Commercial Court of Nanterre (France) pronounced the judicial liquidation of the French Paper Group Sequana. This decision, which comes at the end of the period of observation open to the benefit of the company, results from the impossibility for Sequana – following the judgment of the London Court of Appeal in the dispute against the BAT Industries plc group –, to present a recovery plan to clear the liabilities that it must take into account.
In addition, most companies in the Arjowiggins group have been the subject of insolvency proceedings, and Sequana is unable to meet the commitments made in their favor or to finance their operations and litigation costs for longer.
The Commercial Court has appointed Me Christophe Basse as a liquidator with the mission of conducting the liquidation operations over the next two years. Sequana will ask Euronext to maintain the suspension of trading of its shares on the regulated market of Euronext Paris.
The Antalis group, which has initiated, with the assistance of Goldman Sachs, a process of seeking a new shareholder structure to provide it with the means to develop it and implement its strategic plan, is continuing its action.

2019-05-16 
Paper Province's CEO one of top three cluster managers in Europe

Paper Province’s CEO Maria Hollander was shortlisted for the European Cluster Manager of the Year award this week. “It is a great honour to be among the top three candidates for this prestigious award”, says Maria Hollander.
Making it to the finals of the European Cluster Manager of the Year award means participating in a pitching session at the European Cluster Conference in Bucharest. Paper Province’s CEO Maria Hollander shared the stage with the other two possible award winners – Bianca Muntean of the iTech Transilvania cluster in Romania and Lubos Komarek of the Nanoprogress cluster in the Czech Republic. The winner, announced at the conference banquette on 14 May, is Bianca Muntean for the cluster’s success in strengthening competencies of their member companies.

"I feel incredibly awarded just by qualifying for this prestigious award. Also, I am proud that I had a chance to share with the audience what Paper Province does for regional growth and the development of Swedish bioeconomy," says Maria Hollander.

"It has been an inspiring two days here in Bucharest and even though I did not get to win the award this time it was a great honour to be among the top three candidates," Maria Hollander continues. 

Connecting clusters
The conference is arranged by units of the European Commission, industry partners and others, in collaboration with the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. It is an open space for clusters, policy makers and stakeholders from all over Europe to meet and learn from each other.

2019-05-16 
An iconic customer: DS Smith

For Noviprofibre, every client matters and every order is dealed with the same quality oriented desire and the wish to satisfy our customers.

2018 has been a rich year full of challenges and pride because Noviprofibre has landed an important order from the DS Smith’s group. The order has been made for the Eastern Europe countries, which are : Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia and Greece.

The purpose of this order was to carry out the equipping of new laboratories and oslo laboratories which were already partially equipped. The stake was to allow and facilitate information centralization between all the concerned laboratories through one and only quality checking software.

With a certain satisfaction, Noviprofibre has made the difference by positioning the Novilog software on the offer, and it has been selected ! Indeed, the Novilog software has been chosen by DS Smith to be implanted within its 17 laboratories in order to centralize their data and results through all laboratories and make it available for the DS Smith’s group. This demand and investment reflect the wish that has DS Smith to unify their equipments and the measure requirements in its European units.

It is also important to highlight that thanks to the Novilog’s performance and the quality, it has been chosen by a massive customer with an additional approach of carrying out the service maintenance within Noviprofibre. The combination of the a high quality of production and of service, Noviprofibre guarantees a high level of satisfaction to our customers, with the example of the DS Smith 2018 case.

2019-05-15 
Voith introduces online platform MyVoith for digital applications and services


MyVoith is a global platform that brings together the company’s digital services and business related information in one location. The platform offers users personalized access to their applications, services, and data from the Voith world. These include industry-specific webshops, asset management solutions and further self-service applications, as well as the Voith IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications and services. Applications from different industries will be available for the global launch, further applications will be added over time. Voith implements the platform my.voith.com for customers, partners, and suppliers of the Voith Group.

MyVoith as a global platform for digital applications and services
MyVoith is consolidating Voith’s digital applications and services on one single platform – globally and across all of its industries based on latest security and data privacy standards. After logging in, registered users can configure and personalize the dashboard according to their individual needs. In the App Zone, users will have access to industry-specific apps such as the Voith webshop and service applications or IIoT solutions. The Voith IIoT platform OnCumulus is also integrated into MyVoith. This gives users the ability to control IIoT applications directly from the platform. Furthermore, the online platform MyVoith serves as a digital central point of contact for all communication with Voith – from order history to exclusive, personalized information.

“During the development of MyVoith we have taken care to enhance and continuously improve the platform based on customer requirements and feedback. Consequently, we pay special attention to and rely on the comments and ideas from our customers and partners”, states Felix Holzer, Head of E-Business Operations at Voith.

Single sign-on for all features for a consistent user experience
MyVoith gives customers the possibility to have access to Voith applications or to use a quick and easy way to contact Voith specialists regardless of time zone or region. The platform is developed as a responsive web application and can easily be reached via smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets. My.voith.com will replace the existing collaboration platform, Voith Extranet, and offers customers and partners a state-of-the-art digital user experience in a highly secure environment. The underlining technologies and protocols feature single sign-on across all applications as well as dynamic and smooth integration capabilities.

One platform instead of many different access points
Customers, partners and suppliers benefit from a comprehensive platform compared to the previous individual access points for different Voith applications. “MyVoith is the next logical and systematic step in our digitalization strategy. It has the goal of providing innovative solutions and improving productivity through digital services,” explains Holzer. By bringing together all of Voith’s services on a central platform with a single login, Voith offers its customers a consistent, standardized, and user-friendly experience. “MyVoith creates the perfect framework for our customers and partners to fully exploit the potential of digitalization in their daily business,” says Holzer.

2019-05-15 
Toscotec to rebuild the dryer section of PM1 of Cartiera Marchigiana in Italy.

Cartiera Marchigiana selected Toscotec to completely rebuild the dryer section of its paper machine at Montelupone, Macerata, Italy. This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who has recently been entrusted with a turnkey rebuild project by Cartiera Cama, which has the same ownership of Cartiera Marchigiana. Thanks to the advantages of TT SteelDryer technology, the rebuild will boost PM1’s drying capacity and efficiency, without increasing the paper machine’s length.
Toscotec will supply a new frame for several dryer batteries included in the rebuild and 23 TT SteelDryers, designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, featuring bearing housings, steam fits and turbulence bars. The scope also includes stretchers, guides, doctors, canvas rolls and walkways, as well as an overhaul of the mechanical drives. The service package includes onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.
The delivery is planned in two phases, from July through December 2019. PM1 has a reel trim of 2,340 mm and produces core board and carton board from 650 to 1,200 gsm, using 100% waste paper.
Davide Bettanti, CEO of Cartiera Marchigiana, says, “Both for Cartiera Cama and for Cartiera Marchigiana we were looking to invest in the best available technology, because we rely on technological innovation to reduce the environmental impact of our mills. We placed two major orders together for our two production bases, because we want to ensure the same product innovation and quality upgrade across our mills, to ensure the flexibility we need to satisfy the demands of the market. Our expansion, in terms of production increase, must also go hand in hand with the rationalization of our energy consumption and with a significant efficiency boost. We have high expectations for the outcome of Toscotec’s rebuilds.”
Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s P&B Head of Sales, says “We are very pleased about this second order. Just like we are doing for Cartiera Cama, also for Cartiera Marchigiana we will design and implement the best solution, in order to deliver on the mill’s plans of production increase and energy use optimization.”

2019-05-15 
Resolute Completes Five-Year Extension of ABL Credit Facility

Resolute Forest Products Inc. today announced a 5-year extension of its senior secured asset-based revolving credit facility with an aggregate lender commitment of up to $500 million at any time outstanding, subject to borrowing base availability based on specified advance rates, eligibility criteria and customary reserves.

"This successful extension improves certain terms and conditions, and supports the execution of our growth and transformation initiatives for the future," said Yves Laflamme, president and chief executive officer. "By renewing and extending the ABL through May 2024, we are taking advantage of our strong financial position and of attractive bank market conditions to lock-in a competitive source of liquidity for the long-term," added Remi Lalonde, senior vice president and chief financial officer.

The ABL facility is completely undrawn, with the exception of approximately $51 million of ordinary course letters of credit outstanding. The extension of the ABL credit facility includes a number of modifications, including a voluntary reduction in the lenders commitment of $100 million, which will lower fees while preserving the current available liquidity. The $500 million facility includes a $300 million tranche available to Resolute’s U.S. borrowers and its Canadian borrowers, as well as a $200 million tranche available only to its U.S. borrowers, in each case subject to the borrowing base availability of those borrowers. The facility includes a $60 million swingline sub-facility and a $200 million letter of credit sub-facility. The credit agreement also provides for an uncommitted ability to increase the revolving credit facility by up to $500 million, subject to certain terms and conditions.

The credit agreement for the ABL facility contains customary covenants, representations and warranties, and events of default for asset-based credit agreements of this type. The company’s obligations under the facility are guaranteed by certain material subsidiaries and they are secured by first priority liens on accounts receivable, inventory and related assets.

The ABL credit facility is provided by a syndicate of six banks, with Bank of America as administrative agent and collateral agent. Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Bank of Montreal acted as joint lead arrangers and joint bookrunners ; CIBC and TD acted as co-documentation agents.

Troutman Sanders LLP and McCarthy Tétrault LLP represented Resolute.

2019-05-15 
Stora Enso introduces an innovation for paper cups: a renewable paperboard designed for effective recycling

Stora Enso introduces Cupforma Natura Solo™, a renewable paperboard for paper cups. The innovative material is suitable for hot and cold drinking cups, as well as for ice cream packaging. It is produced without a traditional plastic coating layer and designed for full fibre recovery in a recycling process.

Stora Enso has decades of experience in producing and developing high-quality renewable paperboard for cups and is one of the leading suppliers in this area. The company is committed to renewable and circular material solutions, which enable its customers to improve the environmental footprint of food service packaging. Stora Enso is actively developing innovative solutions to support coffee houses and fast food chains in their efforts to respond to consumers’ need for sustainable choices.

“We see strong demand for eco-friendly solutions in today’s food service packaging. Consumers demand convenience, but in a sustainable way. Recycling will reduce the carbon footprint of a paper cup by half, and the entire value chain benefits from innovations in renewable materials. Cupforma Natura Solo is yet another step on our journey to help customers reduce the use of plastics, and to drive the change towards more efficient recycling of food service packaging,” says Hannu Kasurinen, SVP, Head of Liquid Packaging and Carton Board, Consumer Board division.

“We have been trialling Cupforma Natura Solo with our customers in Europe and have proved that it works similarly to traditional polyethylene-lined cups, so no new converting technology is needed. In addition, this innovative material can increase the value of used cups in recycling, as the barrier breaks down in a recycling process, and all fibres can be utilized. We are proud to start introducing Cupforma Natura Solo to our customers to further drive renewable and circular solutions and enhance the value of food service packaging,” says Ebba Mannheimer, Head of Business, New Barrier Solutions, Consumer Board division.

All Stora Enso Cupforma products are renewable and recyclable and provide a low-carbon alternative to non-renewable materials. A wide barrier selection for different demands is available, as well as support in selecting the best barrier for customers’ needs. In addition to Cupforma Natura Solo, the offering for cups includes the fully renewable Cupforma Natura PE Green, which provides an easy switch from fossil-based polyethylene, as well as the industrially compostable Cupforma Natura Bio. The wood fibre used by Stora Enso is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and forest certification systems are used to ensure traceability and sustainable forestry.

2019-05-14 
Kristin Israelsson leaves Rottneros AB

The Mill Director of Rottneros Mill, Kristin Israelsson, has decided to take up a position outside Rottneros and will therefore leave her position as Mill Director. Kristin has six months’ notice and remains in full capacity during this period.The recruitment of a new Mill Director for Rottneros Mill will begin immediately

2019-05-14 
Minerals Technologies Signs Agreement with Century Pulp & Paper to Install and Operate a 45,000 Metric Ton Per Year Satellite PCC Plant in India

Minerals Technologies Inc. announced today that it has signed an agreement with Century Pulp & Paper, Division of Century Textiles and Industries Limited, to install a 45,000 metric ton per year satellite precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) plant at its paper mill in Lalkuan, District Nainital, India. The facility is scheduled to begin operation in the second quarter of 2020.

“We are very pleased that Century Pulp & Paper has selected Minerals Technologies to install and operate a satellite PCC plant that will provide our technology for their paper machine,” said Douglas T. Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with this excellent paper company.”

D.J. Monagle III, Group President, Specialty Minerals and Refractories, commented further, “Century Pulp & Paper is an innovative paper company, and we are thrilled that they have confirmed the value of our PCC technology in their fine paper grades. Our PCC will be used as a paper filler to improve brightness, opacity, bulk and to reduce the cost to the papermaker of higher-cost fiber. This represents our sixth facility in India and continues our geographic growth in Asia.”

PCC is a specialty pigment for filling and coating high-quality paper. By substituting Minerals Technologies’ PCC for more expensive wood fiber, customers are able to produce brighter, higher quality paper at lower cost. In 1986, Minerals Technologies originated the satellite concept for making and delivering PCC on site at paper mills and the concept was a major factor in revolutionizing papermaking in North America. Today, MTI has nearly 60 satellite plants in operation or under construction around the world and continues to lead the industry with consistent quality and technical innovation.

2019-05-13 

Kathy Buckman Gibson was recognized as Woman of the Year by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry’s (TAPPI’s) Women in Industry Division at its recent annual PaperCon conference.

Buckman Gibson is a TAPPI Fellow and received the association’s Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award in 2007. She has served as a Trustee of the TAPPI Foundation and is a past Board Member of TAPPI, PIMA (Paper Industry Management Association), and the Center for Paper Business Industry Studies (CPBIS). She also served on the Board of the Pulp and Paper Foundation of North Carolina State University.

Buckman Gibson is an owner and Director of Buckman. She has been involved with the pulp and paper industry for more than 25 years while working at Buckman in various capacities including Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel and Chairman of the Board.

Currently Buckman Gibson is CEO and President of KBG Technologies, LLC, a joint venture between herself and Buckman established in 2018. KBG Technologies is a certified woman-owned business providing chemistries and smart technologies to the pulp and paper industry and water treatment market.

Buckman Gibson currently focuses her community efforts on expanding early childhood education and Pre-K in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. She has also served in various leadership roles for National Girls Incorporated, United Way of the Mid-South, Mid-South Reading Alliance, the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, the National Civil Rights Museum and more.

2019-05-10 
ANDRITZ’s largest ever acquisition in terms of...

ANDRITZ’s largest ever acquisition in terms of transaction volume was finalized in October last year with the purchase of Xerium Technologies Inc., a leading global supplier of consumable products and services for paper, board and tissue producers. Headquartered in North Carolina, USA, Xerium employs around 2,900 people and operates 29 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company supplies machine clothing, roll covers and related services through well-known industry brands. As a member of the ANDRITZ GROUP, Xerium joins forces with ANDRITZ Kufferath to form a new division in the Pulp & Paper Service segment as “ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls.”
Xerium gives a major boost to the ANDRITZ service business, which is a strategic focus for the Group. “This acquisition fits squarely with our long-term strategy to execute complementary acquisitions and to grow our aftermarket business as a stable source of sales and earnings,” commented ANDRITZ President and CEO Wolfgang Leitner.
Machine clothing products – Xerium’s largest business – comprise highly engineered synthetic textile belts that transport the paper web through the machine as it is processed from paper stock into finished paper. Roll cover products envelop the steel cylinders over which the machine clothing runs and between which the paper travels as it is processed. Xerium manufactures, refurbishes and replaces covers for all types of rolls used in paper-making, which can be up to 200 in a typical paper machine. At manufacturing facilities in close proximity to customers, Xerium performs roll cover refurbishment services as well as providing mechanical maintenance and repairs for the rolls.
Xerium has a solid tradition of innovation, having developed much of the latest technology seen in both clothing and roll cover products. Tailored solutions are provided to customers using a broad portfolio of patented and proprietary technologies. The company owns about 450 patents, with around 70 more patent applications pending. Recent innovations include, for instance, SMART Technology, the first continuous pressure-sensing paper machine roll.

2019-05-10 
Valmet to supply key board machine technologies to Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging in Vietnam

Valmet will supply key board making technologies to Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging for its new containerboard making line, which will be located in Phu My, Vietnam.

The order was included in Valmet’s orders received of the first quarter 2019. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging is a new company established by Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni). By establishing the new company with a new board production line (PM 1), Marubeni aims to proactively expand its containerboard business in the growing Vietnamese market. Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging has received the permits for one million ton annual capacity and the company plans to invest in three board machines in the following 10 years. The start-up of the first machine (PM 1) is scheduled for the second half of 2020.

Technical details about the delivery

Valmet’s delivery will include three OptiFlo Foudrinier headboxes for excellent profiles and good formation, and an OptiPress Linear press section to achieve excellent end product properties, high dewatering capacity and good runnability. The delivery will also include a start-up package of spare parts and consumables.

2019-05-10 

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