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Termax: Lecta’s Range of Bisphenol A-free Thermal Paper

Lecta transitions to BPA-free papers before 2020.

On December 12, 2016, the European Union prohibited the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in the composition of thermal paper, setting the deadline of January 2, 2020, for mandatory compliance with this regulation.

Lecta has been working for some time on replacing this component. It has announced that starting on July 1, 2019, all the thermal paper it supplies to the European Union will be BPA-free, thereby guaranteeing compliance with the regulation by January 2020. 

While Lecta is committed to optimizing the process, the transition to BPA-free alternatives could entail higher production costs and therefore some price changes.

2019-04-25 
Pulp and paper mill waste becomes fish feed, energy and more

A collection of Swedish experts aims to create new bio-based products from excess waste sludge produced from wastewater effluent management at pulp and paper mills.

"Industries can compete for the same raw materials, but here we start with something that no one really wants. What was previously a by-product waste from a purification problem is now becoming a cascaded resource", says Karin Willquist, Project Manager and researcher at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden.

The waste organic residues can be converted into fossil-free bioplastics, bio-hydrogen gas and fish feed. Over twenty experts, including researchers and practitioners, are working together with three processes, linking material and economic flows of interest to Swedish pulp and paper mills, fish farmers, and the world leading bioeconomy cluster Paper Province. The goal is to create conditions for getting new bio based products and services in the market.

Business as usual with renewable resource production
The project is called MultiBio and it is unique in several ways. Partly, it is unique because three independent processes are coupled into one system. Also, the renewable resource production can take place while the mills continue their usual methods and business.

"Bio-hydrogen gas is becoming more and more interesting, for example as aviation fuel. Only water is formed in fuel cells, with no impurities at all. It is one of the cleanest fuels one can produce today. We may not be able to produce enough hydrogen for the entire aerospace industry, but we can contribute", says Karin Willquist.

Nothing goes to waste
The biohydrogen gas process has previously only been investigated on a smaller scale, especially in laboratories. There, only 33 percent of the energy value has been captured, and this will not be profitable.

2019-04-25 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches a new fiber-based solution for paper straws

Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches CelluStrawTM, a new fiber-based solution for drinking paper straws, enabling the food industry to provide consumers an alternative to single-use plastic straws.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö contributes to a better everyday life by providing solutions that make the end product more sustainable, utilizing renewable materials that are alternatives to non-renewables ; an important driver in several markets. The launch of CelluStrawTM is a good example of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s capabilities in sustainable fiber-based solutions.

“Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s CelluStrawTM solution has been specially designed to address the emerging initiatives to phase out single-use plastic straws. Paper-based materials will enable key players of the food industry, such as fast-food chains, to demonstrate their high level of commitment to better protection of the environment, while continuing to offer a convenient drinking experience to consumers.” commented Brian Oost, VP Product Management and Marketing Food Packaging, Specialties Business Area.

The CelluStrawTM offering consists of specialty paper grades respectively developed for the inner and outer plies of paper straws. CelluStrawTM runs particularly well on high-speed converting machines. Its high wet-strength and mechanical resistance delivers good product integrity, ensuring paper straws remain in excellent condition once converted and will withstand in liquids for a sufficient time. CelluStrawTM is made of responsibly sourced natural fibers, is renewable, biodegradable and safe for food contact. It is recommended for cold drink end-uses.

“Since our North American plants have joined forces with Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s global platform, we are better aligned to support these types of sustainability initiatives,” said Robyn Buss, VP Sales and Marketing, North America Specialty Solutions. “For the paper straw market, we operate a global technology platform with sites located in Europe and the United States, and this collaboration is just another example of the business synergy potential we plan to realize.”

2019-04-25 
New frontiers of the 4.0 industry with OMET Intelligent Plant

OMET presents the new software developed for production control, which allows real-time connection with any OMET machine, anywhere installed in the world, for data collection and analysis. This innovation goes beyond mechanics, to allow our clients making a qualitative leap thanks to continuous monitoring, precision diagnostics, remote control and process optimization.

OMET Intelligent Plant is a system for collecting, analyzing and displaying production data that allows companies to have all information about the machine’s activity everytime and everywhere. All data are stored continuously in interconnected and secure databases that can be questioned real time. The platform is web-based, safely reachable from any device connected to the company network, and compatible with all major operating systems.

Thanks to the data storage, any kind of analysis for statistics or assistance purposes becomes possible. The software, indeed, can have a bidirectional function : not only for collecting data, but also to give instructions to the machine about the ongoing production.
The real-time visualization of production parameters enables actions also on collateral issues : for example, to evaluate the efficiency of operators working on the machine, the wear patterns, the use of optional devices, and above all to identify the causes of problems and downtimes to solve them immediately. Each line can also be equipped for measuring energy consumption.

For an easy use of the software, OMET has set up an interface that displays clear and intuitive graphical information about the most important parameters useful to evaluate the machine work. For example, you can display data about the speed (m/min, pieces/min, packs/ min), the product (format, lot, percentage of completion), the operator (credentials, shift, recognition through badge or RFID tags), the configuration (units in use), the time trends of speed or temperature that can influence malfunctions or overloads.
Finally, OMET Intelligent Plant is a true value for our customers : they will have the opportunity to boost their competitive advantage through higher operative efficiency and consequent business growth.

The development of this software answers both to the global trend towards industry 4.0 and to the high request of this kind of data from the market. "Giving customers the opportunity to take a step further towards complete automation and maximum efficiency is a priority for our company - Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales Director, says -. Innovation passes through connectivity, automation, and the increasing integration of people’s work with that of intelligent machines. OMET has heavily invested in the 4.0 industry and the innovations of recent years led us to a new frontier of industrial automation, which we proudly offer to our customers". All new OMET machines are equipped with this software, but it can be installed on any existing line.

2019-04-24 
Valmet to supply a containerboard making line with an extensive scope for Papierfabrik Palm in Germany

Valmet will supply a containerboard making line (PM 5) with extensive packages of mill-wide automation and services for Papierfabrik Palm’s (Palm) Aalen-Neukochen mill in Germany. The new high-capacity board machine will replace three existing smaller machines and will be designed to produce lightweight and high-quality recycled fluting and testliner grades. The start-up is scheduled for 2021.

Major part of the order is included in Valmet’s orders received of the second quarter 2019. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The total value of an order of this type and scope is typically around EUR 150-200 million.

"We wanted to make a competitive investment for the next 50 years and aimed for a very wide and high-capacity containerboard machine to be ready for the future changes. Valmet was selected because of their high-level and differentiating technology for lightweight grades. The concept was verified at the pilot trials," says Dr. Wolfgang Palm, Chief Executive Officer of Palm.

"Palm PM 5 will be the largest containerboard machine in the world. We offered Palm an outstanding combination of high-end technology, comprehensive selection of service, automation and industrial internet. I’m pleased to say that Palm and Valmet have been cooperating for decades and hopefully this good relationship will continue over the coming decades," says Jari Vähäpesola, Paper Business Line President of Valmet.

Valmet’s delivery for PM 5 will include a high-speed containerboard making line from broke collection to reel and winder. OptiPress Center with transfer belt technology enables closed sheet transfer from press to dryer for high runnability and production efficiency at high speeds.

OptiSizer Hard is a unique size application method where hard covered nip rolls press the size deep into the paper web improving surface and internal strengths. OptiReel Linear reel combined with OptiWin Pro winder with Dual Unwind deliver substantially high capacity level without any compromises on safety. The delivery will also include complete process air system for board machine and machine hall ventilation.

The mill-wide automation package includes Valmet DNA Automation System for process and drive controls as well as runnability and condition monitoring. The Valmet IQ Quality Management Solution features scanning measurements, related machine and cross direction controls and profilers.

Valmet’s delivery will also include a vast services package. Steep start-up curve and optimal production conditions of PM 5 will be ensured with a long-term Valmet Performance Agreement and a comprehensive spare parts and consumables package. Long-term Valmet Performance Agreement was also signed for another Palm machine. Valmet’s maintenance expert located on-site will support the maintenance establishment of Palm PM 5. The establishment support, in addition to the provided master data, will set a strong foundation for the maintenance operations. Five-year agreements of Valmet Paper Machine Clothing and Valmet Roll Service are also included.

The start-up and the further optimization of the new board machine will be supported remotely from Valmet Performance Center and with Valmet Industrial Internet solutions. Online strength information and the quality predictions gained with Valmet Pulp to Paper Optimizer help the optimizing of raw material and chemical consumption. Valmet Paper Machine Diagnostics tool provides in-depth information about the machine performance and condition of the equipment, which can be used to predict and avoid production losses and increase the process reliability. Also, automation system control loop and actuator performance are continuously monitored and analyzed by automated tools.

The 11,700-mm-wide (wire) board machine will produce recycled fluting and testliner grades with the basis weight range of 60-110 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 2,000 m/min and the annual capacity 750,000 tonnes.

2019-04-24 
Toscotec chosen as turnkey supplier by Cartiera Cama in Italy to rebuild the dryer section of PM1.

Cartiera Cama S.r.l. chose Toscotec for the complete rebuild of the dryer section of its PM1 at Lallio mill, Bergamo, Italy. PM1 produces core board and carton board from 650 to 1,200 gsm, using 100% waste fibres. The delivery is planned in two steps, in July and December 2019.
Toscotec’s supply will be on a turnkey basis. It includes 29 TT SteelDryers designed for an operating steam pressure of 10 barg, which will replace most of the mill’s existing cast iron dryers. Toscotec will supply the bearing housings, steam fits, joints and turbulence bars for the entirety of the dryer cans, as well as the new dryer section’s main components, including stretchers, guiding devices, canvas rolls and doctors. The scope also comprises mechanical drives for the entire paper machine.
The services package consists of onsite erection, supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.
The rebuild will boost the mill’s production by more than 10%, only by increasing PM1’s drying capacity and maintaining the original machine length and the original number of dryers. An additional improvement will be the implementation of the silent drive concept, through the replacement of the existing gears. The simplicity of the silent drive solution drastically reduces maintenance costs and noise generation.
Mr. Davide Bettanti, CEO of Cartiera Cama, says, “Sustainability is the keystone to our business. Today’s market is increasingly demanding in terms of environmental protection. At Cartiera Cama we invest in new technology to increase the efficiency of our operations, reduce our environmental impact and improve product quality. On this turnkey project we chose Toscotec, because we wanted to increase the production and efficiency of PM1, by relying on the best available drying technology. ”
Enrico Fazio, Toscotec’s Head of Sales, says “It is a great pleasure for us to cooperate with a family business such as Cartiera Cama, here in Italy. We had the opportunity to work with them
many years ago and we were happy to rediscover during the negotiation of this project that we share the same traditions and vision on the importance of trust and relationships. We are confident that the rebuild will deliver on Cartiera Cama’s demanding green targets and, thanks to our solution with TT SteelDryers, we will increase the machine capacity.”

2019-04-24 
Digital printing papers to meet the highest demands

Sappi highlights new solutions in the field of dye sublimation papers at the FESPA Global Print Expo

Printing textiles and hard substrates with impressive results : this is what Transjet dye sublimation papers from Sappi stand for. The new Transjet Drive is a sublimation paper optimised for industrial printers with a glue-belt system and will be showcased for the first time at FESPA trade fair in Munich. Sappi will also be presenting its inkjet papers for large-format applications, the Fusion Topliner containerboard and various silicone base papers at Stand B6-B30.

The FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 motto – “An Explosion of Possibilities” – could not be more ideally suited to Sappi’s stand, where the company is presenting its high-quality and versatile papers to customers and interested parties. A highlight is the Transjet portfolio, with which fashion and home textiles, hard substrates and sportswear can be customised and personalised in strong colours using transfer printing. These papers are also suitable for soft signage, i.e. textile printing in marketing and advertising.
Impressive print results, efficient processes
The new Transjet Drive sublimation paper is primarily tailored to industrial printers with a glue-belt system. The exceptionally smooth reverse side is a key feature. This advantage and the remarkable fast ink-drying on the printed side increase runnability and efficiency during the production process. Optimal cost efficiency and consistent reliability are central benefits for this and all other dye sublimation papers from Sappi. At the same time, they ensure consistent ink transfer with minimal ink consumption, are PE-free and contain 100 percent recyclable pulp.

A real eye-catcher for indoor and outdoor applications
For large-format digital printing, Sappi is showcasing its large-format inkjet papers at the Munich trade fair. This includes the Scrolljet product, which is used for outdoor applications such as city light and mega light systems. It stands out above all with its high tear strength and the UV protection of the print. Swiss Matt and DT-Plot show their strengths in all indoor large-format posters. They are used wherever accuracy and razor-sharp lines are especially important. Products made with these papers also stand out with their rich colour brightness and nuances.

A wide portfolio as a benefit for customers
Perfectly designed classical packaging, shelf-ready packaging and POS displays ideally complement outdoor advertising. To this end, Sappi’s Fusion Topliner containerboard is used for laminating corrugated board, among other applications. With its high degree of whiteness, it is ideal for digital printing, reproduces colours very brilliantly and is also very easy to process. Brand owners, designers, marketing managers and distributors can also rely on Sappi as a broad-based, long-term partner in this area – with everything from a single source. Products from the silicon base papers sector round off the range of digital printing products that Sappi will be presenting at the FESPA 2019, Stand B6-B30. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the manifold possibilities of silicone base papers for all self-adhesive applications, such as automotive foils, outdoor advertising and plotter films.

2019-04-23 
Valmet to convert a recovery boiler into a biomass boiler at DA Alizay in France

Valmet has received an order from Biomasse Energie d’Alizay to convert a recovery boiler into a biomass boiler utilizing bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology (BFB) at DA Alizay mill in France. Biomasse Energie d’Alizay will start producing steam and electricity from biomass at the existing power plant.

The order is included in Valmet’s first quarter of 2019 orders received. Typically, the value of this kind of order is EUR 20 million. Valmet’s delivery is scheduled for 2020.

"Valmet is the leader in BFB conversion with more than 60 references over the past 30 years, including boilers initially manufactured by third parties. It is very efficient and cost-saving way to modernize and prolong the lifetime of high-capex plants to serve the customers’ future needs," says Jouko Kylänpää, Director, Rebuilds and Conversions, Pulp and Energy business line, Valmet.

2019-04-23 
Voith and TSP form joint venture

  Voith and TSP, a leading American technology service company, have launched a new joint venture – TSP OnCare Digital Assets Inc.

“With the new joint venture between Voith and TSP, Voith is enlarging its footprint in North America in the important field of automation and digitalization services. With TSP, we have the right partner to expand our customer base and tap into new markets,” states Marcos Blumer, Executive Vice President & COO of Voith Digital Ventures.

The new company TSP OnCare Digital Assets, in which Voith holds the majority, will be led by a united management team comprised of both Voith Digital Ventures and TSP. The company is headed by Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, Senior Vice President Automation Services and Upgrades at Voith Digital Ventures North America. This approach to leadership will utilize the combined expertise of both companies while ensuring consistency and continuity for customers.

“The strategic position of TSP OnCare Digital Assets to support all digital systems within our customers’ complex environment is reducing complexity and risk in the plant maintenance of our customers’ digital assets,” said Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, President TSP OnCare Digital Assets “and is complimented with a lean, flexible service organization and strong training and recruiting capabilities.”

TSP OnCare Digital Assets will combine the business strengths of both companies to provide a superior, multi-vendor service experience for all OEMs, combining more than 20 percent of the market in paper machine quality control systems (QCS) and monitoring systems services. As part of an ongoing and continuous effort to serve all systems within a customer’s complex environment, TSP OnCare Digital Assets is dedicated to invest in employee training to maximize capabilities and in remote service and training systems.

“Our primary business purpose is to provide excellent service to our industrial automation customers,” said Rick Skaggs, Director TSP OnCare Digital Assets and President and founder of TSP. “Our customers can expect to continue receiving superior service, now strengthened by Voith’s technology expertise.”

2019-04-18 
Gardner Denver publishes free guide on improving compressor efficiency

Industrial compressor and vacuum leader Gardner Denver has released a new guide exploring how businesses can improve their compressors’ energy efficiency, overall performance and total cost of ownership.

Available to download for free, the guide highlights factors that can improve a compressor’s total cost of ownership, including correct specification and prioritising whole life costs. It also explains how owners and operators can make savings and efficiency gains by carrying out an energy audit, and what an audit from Gardner Denver entails.

Furthermore, the guide highlights the common issues that can reduce a compressor’s overall efficiency, and how these can be resolved. It goes on to describe the increasing importance of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 in maintaining compressor efficiency and optimising performance. Specifically, the guide explores how Gardner Denver’s cloud-based air management platform, iConn, can deliver advanced analytics to help operators identify when, where and how energy waste occurs.

Keith Atkinson, EMEAI Sales Manager at Gardner Denver, explains : “Identifying inefficiencies and optimising compressor performance is increasingly vital for owners and operators looking to improve their bottom line. We hope that by highlighting key areas where energy might be wasted and overall efficiency could be diminished, issues surrounding equipment performance can be avoided.

“When you consider that energy costs account for over 80 per cent of a compressor’s total cost of ownership, improving its performance and efficiency can result in huge benefits.

2019-04-18 
ANDRITZ starts up new dewatering technology at Zellstoff Pöls, Austria

ANDRITZ has successfully started up the latest innovation in dewatering – the Vertical Screw Thickener (VST) – at Zellstoff Pöls AG, Austria. The VST has been operating successfully since the beginning of December 2018 and supplying the existing MG paper production line PM2 with the maximum capacity of 360 t/d.

The pioneering Vertical Screw Thickener is a screw press with a vertical configuration and a very small footprint, making it suitable for retrofit installations in existing buildings. The pulp suspension is fed into the top of the machine, and its downward transport is gravity-assisted. At Zellstoff Pöls, the VST is located just before the finished pulp storage tank that feeds the paper production line and thus enables separation of the pulp mill and paper machine water loops.

The VST dewaters the pulp suspension from 3% inlet to 25-30% outlet consistency, and the water removed is recycled and re-used in the pulp mill. The ability to dewater from low-consistency inlet to high-consistency discharge is an important advantage compared to conventional dewatering equipment : Paper machine water is added to the dilution conveyor after the VST. Separation of the water loops results in savings in paper additives (e.g. sizing agent) at the paper machine. The VST replaces an existing gravity table at Zellstoff Pöls and feeds the MG paper production line for PM2.

Jürgen Rieger, Chief Operations Manager at Zellstoff Pöls, points out : “Our expectations of the new Vertical Screw Thickener were more than fulfilled. After the fast and trouble-free start-up, we are now already seeing the positive effects, like reduction of sizing agent consumption.” Patrick Wohlmuth, Process Technology Manager at Zellstoff Pöls, continues : “The results of our previous tests in the ANDRITZ Stock Preparation Pilot Plant were perfectly implemented in our mill-site production process with the VST 1005.”

2019-04-18 
Sulzer signs deal with Kato Engineering

New agreement brings local support for Kato generators in USA and Australia

Sulzer is expanding the scope of its collaboration with Nidec by signing an agreement that authorizes the company to deliver maintenance and repair services for Kato generators, which is a brand of Nidec.

Following on from the recent agreement with Nidec for the sales and servicing of medium voltage variable speed drives, Sulzer has signed a partnership deal with Kato Engineering to provide repair and maintenance services for generators in North America and Australia.

Sulzer has considerable expertise in generator repair as well as providing maintenance services to customers for turbines, compressors, pumps, motors and gearboxes, so adding the Kato generator range will provide greater product coverage. Similarly, the level of expertise offered to existing Sulzer customers will now be available to all those operating Kato generators.

The Kato range of generators is in operation extensively in the oil and gas, mining and power generation sectors. As such, they provide vital power supplies and their continued reliability is enhanced by periodic maintenance and planned repair. Now, these services will be more accessible by using Sulzer’s global network of service centers, which are equipped to deliver fast and cost-effective solutions.

Nicolas Troussard, Head of Business Development electromechanical services, explains : “As a reseller, distributor and an authorized service center for motors and generators, Sulzer has a global presence that can offer many benefits to customers with equipment from Nidec and Kato. This agreement brings Sulzer’s expert maintenance capabilities in close proximity to Kato’s customers, giving them access to local expertise and support. For Sulzer, it reinforces the product offering for our existing customers, and it strengthens our position for distributed power applications in mining, oil and gas and the offshore sectors.”

For the customer, receiving local maintenance support that is backed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in terms of technical drawings and parts, ensures a fast response and a reliable service.

Corey Hansen, Senior Manager Aftermarket Business at Kato Engineering comments : “Sulzer has a global presence and a strong reputation for services of a variety of electromechanical products. Kato Engineering is actively looking to expand our service network to ensure strong global coverage and service support strategically located close to our product in the field. This Authorized Service Agreement with Sulzer has provided the opportunity to partner with an established company that has hands-on experience with our products. This Agreement will be complimentary to our Aftermarket Parts, Remanufacture, and Field Service capabilities that we have internally operating out of our three North American facilities.”

Sulzer’s relationships with OEMs such as Kato, Nidec ensure that customers receive the best possible service in terms of accessibility, speed and quality. With its own in-house, high voltage coil manufacturing facilities in Birmingham, UK and Brisbane, Australia, combined with its core engineering expertise, Sulzer has all the specialist skills required to meet OEM standards.

Jim Mugford, President and Global Head of Sulzer’s electromechanical services, concludes : “This further development with Kato generators reinforces the need for high-quality service and technical expertise in modern industrial applications. Our global service center network together with our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that customers receive the highest standard of service.”

2019-04-17 
Mauro Luna appointed Fabio Perini S.p.A. new Global Sales Director

Mr. Mauro Luna appointed Fabio Perini S.p.A. new Global Sales Director. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the University of San Paolo in Brazil, Mr. Luna completed his studies by attending a course in Marketing at the University of Berkeley in California and a Master of Business Administration in Brazil. He has developed a professional career in Sales, starting as Sales and Application Engineer with Voith Brazil and, in the following years, worked as Sales Director, Marketing and Business Development with SKF, where he had the opportunity to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer of SKF’s branch in Peru. His last job was as Commercial Director for Amcor Rigids Plastics. Mr. Luna will lead Fabio Perini’s Sales department at global level.

“He will enhance Perini’s existing markets and customers” says Oswald Cruz CEO of Fabio Perini S.p.A. “and thanks to his many years of sales experience and his knowledge of different contexts he will lead the Global Sales of Fabio Perini to understand the current needs of the market, and to be closer to each journey of our Customers with our products and services”.

2019-04-17 
DS Smith Plc – Sale of two packaging businesses to meet European Commission commitment

DS Smith is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement for the proposed sale of two packaging businesses in North Western France and Portugal to International Paper (NYSE : IP) for €63 million (c. £54 million).

The sales would fulfil the commitment made to the European Commission in relation to the clearance of DS Smith’s acquisition of Papeles y Cartones de Europa, S.A., known as Europac, which completed on 22 January 2019.
Completion of the sales is subject to customary closing conditions including works council consultation and regulatory approvals and expected to take place in the first half of our FY 19/20.

Miles Roberts, Group Chief Executive, said

" I am delighted that we are on track to meet our commitment to the European Commission with both an attractive price and a good home for the businesses in International Paper."

2019-04-17 
A new Walki company to ramp up the production of RFID antennas

Walki has established a new company, 4E Antenna AB with the aim of commencing large-scale production of its 4E antennas used in RFID tags.

Walki has been working for some years on a process for making flexible electronics. The technique is instrumental in Walki’s 4E antennas, an important component in RFID tags that help retailers follow their inventories in real time. The name 4E is derived from the words ecology, efficiency, exactness and economy.

The process for making these 4E antennas is substantially more environmentally friendly than other methods. It’s the first totally plastic-free antenna that is fully recyclable.

The Swedish entrepreneurs Lars Granbom and Jonas Johansson, both experts in antenna technology and the electronics industry, are new shareholders in the company. They will also take an active role in the management of the company with Lars as CEO and Jonas as COO. 4E Antenna AB has also joined forces with Smartrac Technology Group, a global market leader in RFID products and IoT solutions, in order to answer to the growing demand.

“Amidst the ongoing discussion on replacing plastics, the time is right for the 4E technology and environmentally-friendly RFID antennas”, says Walki’s CEO Leif Frilund.

“The growth potential for these antennas is huge as studies have shown that the use of RFID tags may increase sales by up to 5 %, according to professor Adrian Beck from University of Leicester. The market for RFID tags shows growth figures touching 30% annually”, says Mats Holti, EVP Technology & Innovations at Walki.

The head office of 4E Antenna AB will located in Gothenburg, Sweden, whilst the antenna production continues in Walki’s Pietarsaari plant.

2019-04-16 
iDEAL® forged YD: a new state-of-the-art Yankee has been shipped to Mexico

A.Celli Paper is pleased to announce the delivery of another iDEAL® Forged_YD new generation Yankee.

Particularly, we are talking about a valuable collaboration with the Mexican customer Grupo Corporativo Papelera, sealed with an agreement for the supply of a new generation iDEAL® Forged_YD – 16” Yankee Cylinder for the El Tepetloxto plant, in Mexico.

iDEAL® forged YD is the new production technology, conceived and patented by A.Celli Paper, which allows us to make cylinders with a seamless shell, starting from a single piece of steel that is shaped and worked with hot forging and rolling systems.

The result is a homogenized and high-quality manufacturing material structure.

2019-04-15 
Toscotec TT SteelDryer sales reach new record high in 2019.

Toscotec pioneered the manufacture of steel dryer cans in the 1960s, at a time when cast iron dryers still held a dominant market position. After many years of struggle between the steel and cast iron theories, Toscotec’s concept is now winning and it is being selected for many dryer section rebuilds around the globe. Toscotec Paper & Board division Head of Sales Enrico Fazio explains how and why.
What makes Toscotec’s dryer section rebuild solutions stand out on the global market ?
Toscotec has been designing and manufacturing the dryer sections of paper machines since 1960. When the market, only relatively recently, recognized the advantages of the use of steel for the fabrication of dryer cans, Toscotec notably strengthened its leading position as the steel dryers supplier with the greatest experience in the paper industry. Higher energy cost accelerated this market change, causing the shutdown of many cast iron foundries. As a result, our competitors followed in our footsteps by switching to steel. In the last 5 years, we registered a significant sales rise that led to the manufacture of over 100 TT SteelDryers per year. In 2019, we reached the record-breaking figure of over 170 TT SteelDryers under construction in one single year. To this day, Toscotec has sold more than 1,500 TT SteelDryer across 5 continents since 1960. These are unmatched results at a global level.
What are the advantages of steel vs cast iron ?
Back in the 1960s at Toscotec, it all started from the idea that just like other pressure vessel it was manufacturing, such as water boilers, the dryer cans used in the paper industry could be fabricated in steel as well. To a company that was using steel for other heat transfer applications, it came naturally to apply this experience to paper machine dryer cans. The market did not welcome this innovation at first, the market being very conservative and because most people at the time believed that cast iron was the best material for papermaking applications. This myth was definitely debunked, especially recently.
In term of advantages, first and foremost, steel dries paper more efficiently than cast iron. Its mechanical characteristics are superior to those of cast iron and the construction codes of steel pressure vessels allow the reduction of the shell thickness, thereby achieving higher efficiency on
the heat transfer to the surface of TT SteelDryers and to the paper sheet. The heat transfer coefficient of a steel dryer can be 5% to 10% higher than cast iron.
Secondly, for the same dimension, steel cylinders offer a higher drying width than cast iron. This is because the heads of TT SteelDryers are welded to the shell instead of being bolted into the shell as with cast iron dryers. This design allows the paper to get closer to the heads. As a result, given two cylinders of the same width, one in cast iron and the other in steel, the steel cylinder dries a wider paper sheet than cast iron.
Thirdly, there is no construction restriction on the diameter of TT SteelDryers. We can engineer and manufacture any diameter, based on the specific requirement of the project.
Finally, the fact that we do not use bolts and gaskets between the shell and the heads of the cylinder, eliminates any risk of steam leakage, which is quite typical of cast iron dryers.
How did the concept of TT SteelDryers developed over the years ?
Toscotec has been innovating its technology incredibly over the years. Much R&D work has also been devoted to single equipment, such as TT SteelDryers, and thanks to this, we have made great progress in optimizing our manufacturing process, quality control and engineering design. For instance, we introduced a new design, where the dryer’s journals are bolted into the heads. This goes into the direction of cutting maintenance cost, because if you have a problem on one of the journals, you can easily replace it without changing anything else.
How has Toscotec P&B division been evolving in the last few years ?
Toscotec’s P&B division registered a significant growth in the last 5 years. We significantly increased our sales revenues over this period. We owe it to the fact that the market recognized us as the leading manufacturer of dryer sections. We also provide dryer section rebuilds on a turnkey basis, the last order we received from Smurfit Kappa Cellulose du Pin in France for a 6m wide machine is one such example.
These developments led to the addition of new resources in our technical and sales departments. Looking ahead, it is in our DNA to always embrace new challenges and raise the technological bar. We are currently developing the project of a larger and faster paper machine of 9m width. Looking into the future, we are working to further optimize the manufacturing process of TT SteelDryers. Toscotec made the strategic decision of manufacturing all its dryers cans internally, in order to
control the entire construction process, from the supply of 100% certified materials, down to the final quality check of the cylinders. We can certify TT SteelDryers for any country in the world, in compliance with the National Board Inspection codes for pressure vessels, such as ASME, PED, TÜV, CSEI and JIS.
Which key markets are you targeting for P&B at present ?
Definitely Europe and Latin America, our traditional markets. North America, where we are already developing a number of projects with top paper groups. We are also working to grow in markets where we see high potential for our technology.
You mentioned the experience you have with turnkey projects, what is Toscotec’s definition of turnkey ?
Toscotec aims to be a solution provider and not only a machine supplier. If a customer requires a turnkey supply, we have the capability to design, manufacture and install complex technical solutions. So besides the TT SteelDryer, we also make hoods, steam plant, sheet stabilizing systems, and automatic tail treading systems, just to name a few. We also provide services, like erection or/and erection supervision, commissioning and start-up assistance.
The engineering design is completed by our technical department, both for complete paper lines and for rebuilds. Rebuild projects always require the highest level of customization, because they are truly tailor-made to the customer’s needs.
Apart from the dryer section in which you are the leading supplier, what other technological solutions are you developing ?
In order to become the leading supplier of highly technological rebuilding projects, Toscotec has also developed a series of advanced technological components installed in other sections of the paper machine, including the shoe press TT Xpress. Presently, we are installing TT Xpress with high linear nip load, up to 1,300 kN/m, and mini shoe presses with lower load capacity, up to 600 kN/m. We also provide the TT Transfer, i.e. cutting-edge solutions for tail threading systems using transfer belts.

2019-04-15 
A denial from Sequana

Following information published in the press and online, since April 9, mentioning the contents of a letter sent to Sequana by the lawyers of the employee representatives of Arjowiggins Papiers Couchés and Arjowiggins Le Bourray, Sequana formally denies the allegations against him and reserves the full rights of the authors.
The financial flows between Arjowiggins Papiers Couchés and Arjowiggins Le Bourray, on the one hand, and the companies in the Sequana group involved, on the other hand, are normal and customary flows occurring under normal conditions, mainly for the purchase of raw materials essential to the operation of the Arjowiggins Papiers Couches and Arjowiggins Le Bourray factories and also under distribution agreements in place for many years.

2019-04-15 
AstenJohnson and Heimbach to merge their PMC businesses

The shareholders and boards of AstenJohnson and Heimbach are in advanced negotiations to merge the Paper Machine Clothing and Advanced Fabric businesses of both companies. Together they employ over 3,400 employees globally, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. The merger is subject to further due diligence and approval by competition law authorities and is expected to close in the second half of 2019. The Heimbach Technical Textiles and Filtration businesses and the AstenJohnson Eagle Nonwovens and Foss Performance Materials businesses will not be part of the transaction.

Together, these companies share a history of family ownership that dates back well over 200 years. This common foundation will result in exceptional value and support for our customers globally. In addition, we believe this long-term orientation and ability to exceed customer expectations will ensure ongoing stability for employees worldwide.

AstenJohnson and Heimbach have a lasting association as global partners in technology. There is a deep respect between these two companies, noted for their quality of people, inventive solutions and products. The combination of AstenJohnson and Heimbach presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide our customers in the pulp and paper industry with a unique world-class suite of products, services and solutions. 

As we get regulatory approval and move forward, we will provide our employees and customers with additional details regarding our next steps to unlock the value in this merger.

2019-04-12 
Printing textiles more efficiently and with higher quality with Transjet Drive - Sappi launches a sublimation paper optimised for glue-belt printers

The rapid individualisation and personalisation of fashion and home textiles on polyester-based materials using sublimation transfer is in high market demand. With this in mind, Sappi is expanding its portfolio of dye sublimation papers : with its silky-smooth reverse side, the Transjet Drive sublimation paper innovation enables better runnability on digital high-speed printers with a glue-belt system. This smooth printing performance increases productivity. Moreover, due to its low grammage, Transjet Drive offers weight per unit area advantages.

The new sublimation paper is specifically designed for glue-belt printers, but is also suitable for high-speed printers without a glue-belt system. Due to its specially treated reverse side, it adheres to the printing belt without slipping and can pass through quickly. The smooth reverse side also ensures that the paper does not stick to the adhesive-belt and that it slides away without leaving any residue on the belt. These special properties protect the glue-belt and save work steps such as cleaning or corrections during production. With grammages of 45 and 55 g/m², Transjet Drive also offers weight advantages. Here is another reason why this new product is attractive to customers : every ton of Transjet Drive gives you more printable paper area compared to heavier grammages.

On the surface, the paper is specially coated, so that the ink dries quickly and the final result on the textiles appears very colour-intensive. Thanks to fast drying, the webs can be rolled up again immediately after printing. Because of these properties, Transjet Drive is used especially for fashion and home textiles such as scarves, bed linen and curtains. The 55 g/m² version is also suitable for soft signage.

Worldwide availability, efficient printing processes
With Transjet Drive, Sappi has adapted its portfolio to the latest machine standards and expanded it in line with customer requirements. Paola Tiso, Head of Digital Solutions at Sappi, adds : “Thanks to our broad portfolio of high-quality dye sublimation papers, coupled with our many years of expertise in digital transfer printing, we can find the most suitable product to meet every customer requirement. We are definitely the right partner when it comes to efficient and reliable solutions for the individualisation of polyester-based textiles and hard substrates.”

All Sappi Transjet sublimation papers offer optimum cost efficiency, uniform reliability and consistent ink transfer with minimal ink consumption. They are PE-free, contain 100 per cent recyclable pulp and are manufactured in FSC quality. At the FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, which will be held between 14 and 17 May, all customers and interested parties will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Transjet Drive and other Sappi products at Stand B6-B30.

2019-04-11 
Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products Leader Kathy Walters To Retire

Georgia‐Pacific today announced that Kathleen A. “Kathy” Walters will retire as executive vice president – consumer products group, effective June 1, 2019, following a distinguished career in the consumer products and paper industry. David Duncan, who currently serves as executive vice president – building products group, has been named to lead the consumer products group. Pat Boushka, currently president of GP Cellulose, will succeed Duncan as leader of the building products group.

“I want to thank Kathy for her leadership of the largest retail and commercial tissue and tabletop businesses in North America over the past 15 years,” said Christian Fischer, president and CEO, Georgia‐Pacific. “The consumer products group has certainly benefited from her industry expertise and ability to drive growth through innovation, effective business strategies and operational improvements.”

Walters joined the company in 2004, taking on leadership of its commercial tissue business throughout North America including sales, marketing, customer service, business development and strategy. In 2006, she gained responsibility for the company’s communication papers business, and in 2007 was named executive vice president for the company’s entire consumer products portfolio worldwide – including, at that time, a leading consumer products and personal care business in Europe.

Walters came to Georgia‐Pacific after serving as president and chief executive officer of Sappi Fine Paper North America. Prior to that, she held a number of key leadership positions in Europe and the United States for Kimberly‐Clark Corporation and Scott Paper Company. Walters is chairman‐elect of the board of trustees for Syracuse University and is a member of the board’s executive committee. She also is a member of the board of directors and executive committee for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and serves on the boards of INVISTA, the Georgia Aquarium and the World Affairs Council of Atlanta.

2019-04-11 
Fabio Perini Digital Tissue™: in 6 months over 130 lines worldwide, connected with the Lucca headquarters for a constant control of fact-based production. The future? A line integrated with the whole plant and the global tissue ecosystem

Six months after its disclosure, Fabio Perini Spa takes stock of Digital Tissue™, the suite of digital solutions for the tissue ecosystem aimed at optimizing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the lines : as of today, over one hundred thirty lines all over the world (between Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa) are connected to the Lucca headquarters allowing to constantly control the fact-based production thanks to a “graphic thermometer” which keeps the customer and Fabio Perini engineers up-to-date on the machines’ status in an intuitive way.

“The aim of Fabio Perini – Antonio Mosca, Head of Fabio Perini S.p.A Digital Transformation, comments – is not only to be a supplier of converting and packaging lines, but also to offer a complete digital proposal, with smart software and controllers which, by collecting the data directly from the machines, can allow management of the whole production line, optimization of the output and definition of specific KPIs”.

“With Tissue Data Cloud – Mosca adds – we have concretely demonstrated the potential of the new digital services to our customers. Data collection and analysis, processed into easy and intuitive indicators, offer immediate evidence of the machines’ performance, while the detection of irregular trends allows our technicians to put in place immediate actions to recover the efficiency of the production line. However, our objective is to go beyond emergency rescue, that is to be able to predict potential anomalies and propose a “treatment plan” personalized for each customer”.

The future of Digital Tissue™ is not limited to single machines or lines. “We want to see the machine integrated with the line and we are preparing to receive data both upstream and downstream from the machine, so as to realize an integrated OEE for the line, all the way to being able to analyze the performance of the whole plant. Our dream - and an operational plan already exists to realize it - is to integrate the plant with the overall production chain, from the tree in the forest to the tissue roll in the household”.

Digital Tissue™ revolves around four pillars :

Tissue Data Cloud
Data processing through several performance indicators offers the customer immediate visibility of the critical steps of the process. By using a dashboard, directly accessible from the Fabio Perini Customer Service Portal using PC, Tablet and Smartphone, the data of the lines are processed in an easy and intuitive way. Thanks to the analysis of these indicators and to the expertise of the company technicians, customers are offered a real Digital Audit enabling them, even remotely, to detect the causes of line malfunctions and to establish ahead of time the actions to solve them.

Process Control
Process control is a service and solutions package which now can be installed not only on all the new converting lines, but also on installed bases already operating in production. Thanks to Process Control, the tissue ply and the finished product can be measured and the data collected to be converted into information that is useful for productive efficiency.

All-in-One is the Smart Application that allows automatic management of the change of format of the whole line by communicating the type of recipe and the configuration of production parameters. In addition, All-in-One manages the line’s output flow and can modify the speed of each machine by modulating the capacity of the accumulator, allowing the operators to act without interrupting production.
Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring is a solution for predictive maintenance that, thanks to vibrational analyses, pinpoints possible anomalies or deviations from planned patterns, allowing to plan maintenance on the basis of the actual status of the equipment and avoiding untimely stops or unnecessary replacements.
Digital Customer Service,
The WECARE platform together with the processing and analysis of production data, combined with the technical expertise of the Fabio Perini staff, enables customers to preserve the value of their capital asset over time and to optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their lines.

2019-04-11 
BYK Opens New Site in Shanghai

BYK is expanding its operations in the Shanghai region to meet the anticipated growth in demand in the key Chinese market. The Asia region accounts for one third of sales, and has made a substantial
contribution to BYK in past decades. The new, integrated site is fully aligned to the needs of BYK’s development partners and customers, offering the exceptional technical service they expect.
“The new site will significantly enhance our presence in the Chinese market, and will enable us to focus on individual customer solutions in the growing Asian market,” declared Martin Babilas, CEO of ALTANA AG, during the opening ceremony. “The new and ultra-modern facility is embedded in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) where we enjoy, ideal framework conditions for our innovative, differentiated additive solutions.”

“Creating customer value is the core of our strategy at BYK. Optimum technical laboratory support, product innovations, and fast, reliable supply chains play a crucial role in this strategy. Thanks to the facility being opened today, we can offer our Chinese customers more direct services, as well as differentiated products that will provide an additional impetus to our business in the region,” explained Stephan Glander, BYK Division President.
The new five-hectare site in Shanghai (around 54,000 sq.m.) is home to laboratories, a distribution center, and administration and was constructed in just two years. BYK invested around 38 million euros. Some 100 employees will work here it is in full operation.
Each year, BYK invests 7 to 8% of its revenue in research and development. The new site stands for expertise and innovation, success factors of BYK in specialty chemicals throughout the world.

2019-04-11 
New Corrugated Industry CO2 footprint

FEFCO is proud to announce the new cradle-to-grave carbon impact of corrugated packaging at 538kg CO2 equivalents per tonne of product.
The carbon footprint covers the cradle-to-grave carbon impact of corrugated packaging, taking account of fossil and biogenic greenhouse gas emissions and removals and emissions from direct land use change.
The data for production of paper & board and conversion into corrugated boxes was sourced from the 2018 European Database for Corrugated Board Life Cycle Studies, organised by FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) and CCB (Cepi ContainerBoard).
The 2018 result reflects significant improvements to the methodology, and it is not appropriate to compare it with figures from previous years. However, if the 2018 carbon impact is calculated using the methodology applied earlier, then the result would show a 11% improvement for 2018 compared to 2015.
Corrugated board packaging has two unique positive attributes. It is based on a renewable raw material, using as a starting point the capacity of forests to capture CO2. By recycling the used packaging into new paper & board, it delays this CO2 from returning to the atmosphere.

2019-04-10 
Paper and Board industry helps demonstrate safety of its materials in food contact applications

The paper and board manufacturing industry, as well as converting sectors including the tissue industry publish today the completely rewritten voluntary ‘Food Contact Guidelines for the Compliance of Paper and Board Materials and Articles’.
Formally called “Industry Guideline”, the revised guidelines are intended to enhance the trust of public authorities, business operators and consumers in the safety of paper and board materials for food contact applications.
This technical document, first published in 2010 and updated in 2012, outlines how to meet the highest safety standards for paper and board products used in food contact applications. The processing chain for paper and board food contact articles is diverse ; it has to deal with many challenges in demonstrating the safety of materials :
“Our sectors’ key priority is to safeguard - at all times - the safety both of the packaging system and food that we deliver. With the Food Contact Guidelines, we wish to provide an effective compliance tool in line with the EU Framework Regulation on Food Contact Materials by ensuring an efficient exchange of information along the supply chain” explained Jori Ringman, Deputy Director General at CEPI and expert in product safety.
The guidelines take into account the increasing need for a compliance monitoring tool that covers risk management, product design, material selection, Good Manufacturing Practice as well as process monitoring and control.
In the absence of specific EU legislation covering paper and board products in the field of food safety, the industry took the initiative to fill the gap by developing this guidance which serves both industry and consumers, also from an environmental point of view :
“The lack of a specific EU wide measure for paper and board, including tissue, has created a disadvantage in the market because compliance for these materials is perceived to be less clear than for plastics in contact with food. Whenever the European Commission decides to choose paper and board as its next priority for regulation, the guidelines could be used as a starting point,” concluded Angelika Christ, Secretary General of FEFCO.
From a practical point of view, the guidelines help producers fulfill obligations deriving from EU legislation and support suppliers to adequately perform their own compliance work by giving them the required and necessary information.
Since their launch in 2010, the guidelines have gained much support among users and well proved their value : watch our explanatory video to learn more !
The paper and board industry will continue to focus on ensuring compliance with existing EU provisions and supporting the demand of the market and customers for unquestionable product safety.

ACE - The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment provides a European platform for beverage carton manufacturers Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc and Elopak and their paperboard suppliers in Europem, Stora Enso and BillerudKorsnäs, to benchmark and profile cartons as renewable, recyclable and low carbon packaging solutions. Engaging with stakeholders and partners seeking high environmental stewardship, it contributes expertise to EU policy, legislation and standard‐setting.
CCB - CEPI Container Board is a European industry association of producers of corrugated case materials, also called containerboard. Activities are focused on primary-fibre materials (kraftliner, semi-chemical fluting) and recycled-fibre containerboard (e.g. testliner). Members thus represent a total European production capacity of more than 28 million tons of corrugated case materials. CCB is also responsible for the management of a global containerboard industry organisation, the World Containerboard Organisation, has an office in Brussels, Belgium, and a membership of leading producers in North and South America, South Africa, Oceania and Japan.
CEPI - The Confederation of European Paper Industries is a Brussels-based non-profit making organisation regrouping the European pulp and paper industry and championing this industry’s achievements and the benefits of its products. Its mission is to promote the members’ business sector by taking specific actions notably, by monitoring and analysing activities and initiatives in the areas of industry, environment, energy, forestry, recycling, fiscal policies and competitiveness in general. Through CEPI, the paper industry increases its visibility and acts on emerging issues, making expert and constructive contributions on behalf of the industry.
CITPA - Confederation of International Converters of Paper and Board in Europe, established in 1961, represents the interests of the European Paper and Board Converting Industry which covers a wide variety of converted paper products including packaging, beverages cartons, corrugated board, speciality papers and many more. CITPA membership comprises European level associations such as ACE, EUROSAC, FEFCO, Euro Wax Pack, FINAT, ECTA and ECMA as well as national federations such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal and associate members, ProCarton, PaperImpact and CepiEurokraft.
ECMA – The European Carton Makers Association, is the official organisation for carton businesses, national carton associations and suppliers to the carton industry. ECMA provides the European folding carton industry with a dynamic business network. With its seat in The Hague, The Netherlands, and an office in Brussels, ECMA represents around 500 carton producers in nearly all countries in the European Economic Area. ECMA members account for around 70% of the total carton market volume in Europe, and a current workforce of about 50.000 people.
ETS - European Tissue Paper Industry Association’s members represent the majority of tissue paper producers throughout Europe and around 90% of the total European tissue production. ETS was founded in 1971 and is based in Brussels.
FEFCO - European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers represents the interests of the European Corrugated Board Manufacturers. Headquartered in Brussels, FEFCO has 17 association members, all European national corrugated packaging organisations. The role of the Federation is to investigate economic, financial, technical and marketing issues of interest to the corrugated packaging industry, analyse all factors which may influence the industry, and promote and develop its image.

2019-04-10 
Pöyry awarded with detailed engineering services assignment for a new paper machine

Voith, the world’s leading innovator in the paper industry, awarded Pöyry with a services assignment to carry out the detailed engineering design of its XcelLine paper machine supplied to the Gondi Group in Monterrey, Mexico. The services include all engineering disciplines as well as field engineering, and will be completed by mid-2019. The equipment will be installed in Mexico and has an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons.

The XcelLine paper machine offers special technical features that improve final paper quality and reduce power consumption. Its annual production capacity is 400 thousand tons of Testliner-type packaging paper and corrugated core, with weights between 90 and 250 g / m², which will increase the total production capacity of the Gondi Group to 1.1 million tons per year.

"This is a complex project with great challenges. We are glad to keep working with Pöyry on it and continuing our successful long-term partnership" says Hjalmar Fugmann, President of Voith Paper South America.

"This service is a continuation of the co-operation with Voith and Pöyry, and we are pleased to be able to strengthen our operations in Latin America," says Márcia Mastrocola, Pöyry’s Director of Industrial Processes for Latin America.

2019-04-10 
More than 250 participants at the European Specialty Papers Conference in Berlin

Specialty papers are on the rise and we have proof in Berlin this week with a very high attendance for the European conference organized by Smithers Pira and Tappi on April 9th and 10th. On the agenda, some 25 conferences to discuss market trends, the impact of digitalization, alternatives to plastics, the European directive on single-use plastics, food-contact materials... Among the speakers : representatives from Fisher International, Pöyry, Cepi, Nestlé, Metsä Board, Mondi, the Technical Paper Center (CTP in France), Imerys, Kotka Mills, Solenis, etc.

2019-04-10 
KaiCell Fibers has significant economic influence in the province of Kainuu and for Finland – Mill site pre-agreement signed

Pöyry Finland Ltd has completed a survey on socio-economic impacts of KaiCell Fibers’ biorefinery. According to the survey, the impact on the total output of Finland is close to one billion euros and over 700 million euros in the Kainuu province alone.

The on-going biorefinery project has a very remarkable impact on regional economy and employment. Through the indirect effects of the biorefinery, 1190 jobs are created in Kainuu region when the mill is operational. At national level, the employment effect is almost 2000 jobs. The impact of the construction period is 6400 person-years in Finland. Once mill is in operation, the increase on gross national product of Finland will be about 0,2% and in the area province of Kainuu, the increase will be 12 %.

The company has submitted an environmental permit application to the Regional Administrative Office of Northern Finland (AVI) in November 2018. It is expected that the environmental permit could be granted during this year.

“In fact, we were positively surprised for the great regional economic impact our project has,” says Jukka Kantola, CEO of the company, and continues : “Pöyry has done a profound work and the figures show that the project creates prosperity to a wide area and in a sustainable way. We are also very pleased with the support the people from Kainuu region have shown for the project. Cooperation with the Council of Kainuu and Paltamo municipality in particular is excellent.”

Preliminary agreement of the mill site area purchase
KaiCell Fibers Ltd has signed today, 9th of April 2019, a preliminary agreement with the Paltamo municipality on terms of the mill site area purchase. The contract was signed by Jukka Kantola, CEO of KaiCell Fibers and by the mayor of Paltamo municipality, Pasi Ahoniemi. Jukka Kantola considers the agreement to be significant. “This is another notable step towards the realization of the project. The site was originally chosen from three different locations, and even in Paltamo we had several alternatives. This mill site is optimal and ideal for KaiCell Fibers.”

2019-04-09 
ANDRITZ pulp drying line at ALTRI Celbi, Portugal, achieves new production world record

Following successful modernization of the bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp drying line by international technology Group ANDRITZ, Portuguese pulp producer Celbi set an outstanding production world record of 2,456 admt/d at its Leirosa mill, Portugal, on March 23, 2019.

In terms of specific drying capacity, Celbi thus achieved 503.3 tons per day and meter of working width on the ANDRITZ drying plant of 4.88 meters sheet width. Based on these results, it would be possible to produce more than 5,000 admt/d on a single line with a 10-meter working width. This would mean an annual drying plant capacity of more than 1.5 million tons on one single line.

Celbi was started up successfully after extensive reconstruction in 2015 and has achieved several production records since then. This impressive performance was enabled by ANDRITZ’s leading and proven pulp drying technology, including the ANDRITZ Twin Wire Former and shoe press equipment, once again confirming ANDRITZ’s foremost position in delivery of new, complete plants as well as modernization of existing pulp drying plants.

These outstanding results are based on the combination of customer and supplier partnership, good property management and technology as well as excellent planning and implementation.

Celbi is one of the most efficient global producers of eucalyptus pulp, with an installed production capacity of 790,000 admt/y, and is recognized worldwide for its high-quality products and excellent customer service.

2019-04-09 
ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2019 provides multifaceted further education offering

The ZELLCHEMING-Expo, the platform for the European pulp, paper and supplier industry, will feature a particularly comprehensive and high-caliber program of lectures on further training and new formats in the exchange of knowledge in Frankfurt am Main from 25 – 27 June 2019.

Future-oriented lectures at a high level

In 2019, the exhibition forum at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo will be presented in a new look utilizing interactive, digital formats and a top-class lecture program.

A special highlight includes the keynote lecture by Charles Bahr, founder of tubeconnect, a social media agency that develops advertising formats for Generation Z.

At the Science Flash, young scientists from various universities will provide innovative insights into their scientific work.

Expertise from practice for practice

The lecture program will be supplemented this year by practice-oriented seminars and workshops, for which the participants can acquire certificates. This gives them the ideal opportunity to combine further education, and yet still participate in the exhibition.

The seminars and workshops on the topics of occupational safety and energy, which are held in German by the two speakers Jörg Mauel, Mauel Sicher Arbeiten, and Bernd Maur, mbFlux GmbH, are aimed at a wide variety of target groups in the paper and pulp industry.

"We are delighted to be able to accompany the exhibition program with our seminars this year. With our current seminars on the subject of ISO 50001 and energy monitoring, we offer important support for everyday operations in a short but very informative way. Our aim is to show solutions from practice for practice", explains Bernd Maur, state-certified electrical engineer and trainer at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2019.
Guided Tours - first-hand information

Visitors who are interested in specific information on the topics of digitization, maintenance, drying, machine cross direction profiles and clean processes and who would like to get an overview of the exhibitors’ offerings can register for the Guided Tours. These are included in the ticket price and enable visitors and exhibitors to get in touch with each other in an uncomplicated way.

Inspiring insights into the industry

New this year is the "Road of Maintenance", where companies from the maintenance sector are able to present their products and services in a targeted manner – at their exhibition stand and at the Showcase Arena with a live repair, a use case or a short lecture.

The focus will be on current topics such as the challenges of digitalization in maintenance, energy savings, downtime optimization, maximizing plant capability through preventive maintenance, outsourcing, avoiding oil leaks, TPM Total Productivity Maintenance, etc., which will be dealt with by the specialists on site.

Market overview of the latest trends and innovations

National and international exhibitors will present their know-how and expertise along the entire value chain of the paper and pulp industry. ABB Automation GmbH, Andritz AG, AS Drives & Services GmbH, Bellmer GmbH, Omya International AG, Valmet GmbH and Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA as an exhibitor.

Three-day event ticket now available in the new ticket shop

Visitors can purchase their three-day event ticket at zellcheming-expo.com/tickets. More information about the event and the highlights of the exhibition can be found at zellcheming-expo.com.

2019-04-08 
ANDRITZ to supply biomass handling system to Eldorado, Brazil for a biomass power plant

Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Eldorado Brasil to supply a biomass handling system for their new Onça Pintada plant in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2020.

The new plant will generate energy by using biomass from eucalyptus stumps and roots as raw material and will have a capacity to produce around 50 MW of electrical energy for the national grid. The storage and reclaiming technologies for biomass utilization supplied by ANDRITZ will substantially contribute towards Eldorado Brasil’s goal of achieving effective and environmentally friendly green energy solutions.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply includes biomass receiving with two dumper trucks, a belt conveyor leading to a 270° stacker-reclaimer with 40,000 m3 storage capacity, and the belt conveyor to the power boiler.

Eldorado Brasil is one of the most advanced and competitive pulp producing companies worldwide. Its self-managed forests as well as the energy the company generates from biomass, its reuse of resources, and low carbon footprint are some of the features that distinguish the company from other industry players.

2019-04-08 
Unilux Announces IP65 Inspection Strobe for Papermaking

LED Beacon provides peace-of-mind when inspecting formation activity and analyzing vibration on paper machines.

Saddle Brook, NJ APRIL 4, 2019 - Unilux, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of inspection strobes, announces that the LED Beacon is now IP65-rated (water and pulp-resistant). The strobe is used to ’freeze’ motion up to 15 feet (4.6 meters) away, allowing mill personnel to evaluate critical processes at full production speed.

“The LED Beacon was the first LED strobe powerful enough to ‘throw’ light across an entire paper machine, while providing all the benefits associated with LEDs,” said Mike Simonis, President, Unilux. “This achievement is a result of our persistence to create the most durable, most dependable inspection strobe for our customers.”

The LED Beacon is a versatile inspection strobe light ideal for evaluating 39 processes from the head box to the rewinder. It is the only portable inspection strobe with an IP65 rating for resistance to splash and pulp

2019-04-06 
Klingele Group acquires 50 percent of the British company Onboard

The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated base paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, acquires 50 percent of the British company Onboard Ltd., also an owner-managed sheet feeder based in Wolverhampton (West Midlands).

Klingele is continuing on its expansion course abroad with this current investment ; at the same time, Onboard wants to further expand its good market position on the basis of this strategic partnership. The company has two corrugators and has achieved very strong growth in recent years. It currently employs 84 people and has a production capacity of over 150 million square metres of corrugated board per year.

In recent years, Onboard has continuously invested in the expansion of its capacities and the efficiency of its processes – the second corrugator was put into operation in 2016. In addition, Onboard excels above all with its high level of service and offers the best delivery times in the industry. Onboard has secured its own supply of raw materials through well-established relationships with various international paper manufacturers. Its suppliers also include the Klingele paper mill in Weener and Blue Paper, a joint venture between Klingele and VPK Packaging.

“We got to know Onboard over many years as a very trustworthy partner and customer for our corrugated base paper”, states Dr. Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group. “We want to further promote the successful development of Onboard with this investment and, at the same time, participate in the growth of the corrugated sheet board market in Great Britain. I am now really looking forward to being able to strengthen our cooperation in this way and working together to exploit the existing potential.”

“I am very pleased that Dr. Klingele chose us as a partner”, confirms Paul Jundu, founder and CEO of Onboard. “Onboard has built up a good reputation in the market as an innovative and reliable manufacturer of high-quality corrugated cardboard products. We have always given priority to the supply of materials from independent plants. I firmly believe that with the support of resources and experience from the Klingele Group, Onboard can build on its position as the only sheet board producer that is not in competition with its customers. This is very good news for our customers, suppliers and employees – and I am already looking forward to the joint future with Klingele.”

2019-04-06 
A.Celli iDEAL® TM6 has been successfully started up at Yibin Paper

The fifth A.Celli iDEAL® Tissue machine “100% bamboo” has been successfully started up on March 11 2019.

This is the last of five tissue machines ordered by Yibin Paper to A.Celli Paper in July 2017.

TM6-iDEAL®, which is using 100% bamboo slush pulp as raw material, is designed for operating speed of 1600m/min and paper width of 2850mm.

This is yet another demonstration that A.Celli Paper is a precious and professional partner, able to support customers with long-lasting and stable relationships.

2019-04-05 
Valmet signs Value-Added Reseller agreement with Fox Solutions in India to strengthen its local automation customer support

Valmet has made a strategic Value-Added Reseller (VAR) agreement for power generation and process industry automation with Fox Solutions in India. The purpose of the agreement is to strengthen Valmet’s local automation customer support in India, the Middle East and Singapore. The agreement was signed in December 2018.

Thanks to the agreement, customers in the market can be provided with turnkey automation deliveries, including instrumentation and electrification. In India, Fox Solutions focuses primarily on the power generation industry. In UAE and Oman, the company serves both power generation and process industries. In Singapore, the company is active mainly in the process industry sector.

As part of their turnkey solution, Fox Solutions will sell the complete Valmet automation package to customers, including Valmet DNA hardware and basic Valmet software. Fox Solutions will also assemble the system, providing customers with any engineering and commission services required. Moreover, Valmet will assist Fox Solutions to train customers and provide any additional support needed. This means that more customers in the region gain access to Valmet’s range of world-class automation solutions for power generation and process industries.

Valmet’s automation solutions are already well recognized in the power market in India, thanks to its large installed base through its technology partner Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), the largest supplier of power plant equipment in India. The agreement with Fox Solutions will extend Valmet’s reach in the market.

"The agreement is in line with Valmet’s strategy to strengthen the company’s partner business in automation in these regions. Fox Solutions has established a strong presence especially in India, but it’s beneficial that they also operate in the Middle East and Singapore. Therefore, we see high potential in expanding our automation system business for the power generation and process industries with them as our most recent Value-Added Reseller," says Kari S. Heikkilä, Director, Partner Business, Automation, Valmet. 

"Fox Solutions looks forward to a long and interesting association with Valmet. We expect a high level of synergy from our mutually shared value systems, focus on technology, and customer centric approach," says Joy Aloor, Managing Partner, Fox Solutions.

2019-04-04 
The acquisition of the Danish company JKF Industri a/s makes Neu, the aeraulic expert, one of the leading european players in air treatement solutions.

NEU, the air treatment division of GROUPE SFPI, has been strengthened by the acquisition of the Danish Company JKF Industri A/S. The manufacturing of a very comprehensive range of equipment in the aeraulic sector, a high level of research and development and a significant presence in some of the most profitable sectors for NEU, make the acquisition of JKF Industry A/S a major strategic development.

Today, NEU deals with every aspect of all its customers’ industrial requirements likely to be catered for with air treatment techniques ( aeraulics ).

In addition to optimising processes along the entire production line, the specialist in air treatment techniques also ensures the protection of operators. Its techniques (pneumatic conveying, ventilation, dust extraction, filtration) make it possible to optimise productivity and protect employees, equipment and the air quality both inside the workshop and in the outside environment. They also ensure the safety of production areas and operators, by protecting them against the risk of explosions linked to certain types of dust.

By acquiring 98% of the shares in JKF Industri A/S, the Danish company specialised in manufacturing dust extraction equipment and systems for all types of industry with factories in Denmark, Poland and Malaysia, NEU’s business will benefit from additional products, markets and geographic areas, which will enable it to strengthen its leadership in Europe.

JKF Industri A/S has developed a very comprehensive and innovative range of fans, filters, dust collectors and ducts which NEU, an expert in air treatment technologies, may source from them to develop its applications.

JKF Industri A/S also has a strong presence in the food processing and timber sectors, two sectors in which NEU is also particularly well established, but with different applications and in different geographic areas.

Finally, JKF Industri A/S will enable NEU to sell its products through its sales organisation, which is firmly established in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Baltic Countries and Poland, etc. At the same time, synergies will be reinforced in other countries like Indonesia, where NEU has already set up some major systems, such as for Bogasari, the world’s leading flour producer.

JKF Industri A/S brings together 280 people and at the end of the last financial year, reached a turnover of €33 million and EBITDA of 11%. GROUPE SFPI acquired the company from the MAJ Invest investment fund and minority shareholders. The remainder of shares are held by managers, currently shareholders in JKF, and who wanted to remain so for this new project. The purchase price (excluding the impact on cash flow) was calculated on the basis of a 7.5 x EBITDA multiple. The operation was essentially financed with a bank loan.

2019-04-03 
Double Win for Essity at Tissue World Milan

Essity’ Tork Brand won the Tissue World Award for Best Tissue Marketing Strategy and Essity’s tissue Mill in Lucca won Most Energy Aware Mill. The awards were announced March 25 at Tissue World Milan, the world’s largest tissue industry event.
The Take Back the Lunch Break campaign for Essity’s Tork professional hygiene brand won for Best Tissue Marketing Strategy. This North America campaign aimed to educate and change behaviors around unspoken truths and fears about lunch breaks and their impact on worker engagement and productivity. This is the second year in a row that Essity’s Tork brand has won the award, following last year’s recognition for the rollout of the Tork PeakServe™ Continuous™ Hand Towel System.

‘The Tissue World Milan had a special focus on sustainability. Essity has submitted initiatives that truly show leadership in this area. We congratulate them with both awards and hope this will be an inspiration to everyone in the tissue industry to have sustainability as a priority for the future’ says Agnes Gehot, Deputy Event Director at Tissue World & Asian Paper

The Take Back the Lunch campaign resulted from two business trends in North America : restaurants’ lunchtime business was declining, leading to decreased restaurant revenue, and office workers were taking fewer and shorter lunch breaks. Essity commissioned a national survey in North America to investigate lunch behavior at work and how this influences productivity and job satisfaction. The data from the survey demonstrated lunch breaks are beneficial for employee productivity and happiness.

Our tissue Mill in Lucca, Italy, was awarded Best Energy Aware Mill. Their extensive energy saving programs were recognized for their involvement of all people in the mill, the behavioral change programs that were initiated, the strategic commitment to long-term Co2 reduction and the dedication to reach for the highest certifications and accreditations on sustainability.

2019-04-03 
Augustine Named Chair of the Board for TAPPI

Peter R. Augustine, President, Fabio Perini North America, has been named as Chair of the Board for the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI).

His wide-ranging professional and personal experience naturally aligns with TAPPI’s focus on driving innovation for the paper and packaging industry which, according to TAPPI CEO and President Larry Montague, made Augustine a standout choice for the role.

“TAPPI’s Board Chair represents a person of knowledge and discernment,” Montague explained. “Pete has consistently demonstrated these traits as a TAPPI Fellow. As the Board Chair, his vision is sure to shape the future of TAPPI and make it better for the industries that we serve.”

“I am excited and honored by the opportunity to continue serving on the TAPPI board – explained Pete Augustine - I’m grateful to work with such an experienced group of directors whose professional and personal backgrounds mirror the diversity of the pulp and paper industry. Together we will guide the TAPPI leadership and staff as they chart the course for the future of the association.”

Augustine joined Fabio Perini S.p.A. in 2011 as General Manager for North America and was promoted to his current position as President in 2013. He oversees the entire operation for Fabio Perini in North America, including strategic planning, sales, and production. Augustine holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Purdue. He also served as a Captain in the United States Army.

2019-04-03 
Cartonneries de Gondardennes Wardrecques Group (CGW) buys the Lacaux Group ; Turn-Over to reach 200 M€ with a staff of 660

Consolidation of the corrugated paper and board sector continues on the French market with the acquisition of the Lacaux Group by Cartonneries de Gondardennes Wardrecques Group (CGW). In February, the CGW Group signed an agreement with the shareholders of the Lacaux Group to acquire all the shares. Now that all the conditions have been met, the final acquisition is expected in April. The Lacaux Group is a French producer of corrugated board sheets and corrugated board packagings. The large production capacity for corrugated board and a flexible and integrated production tool allow this Group to be highly responsive, especially on small complex series. Since 2012, the Lacaux group has developed its transformation offer through several targeted acquisitions.
The new Group will be able to better serve and support their customers in their development by offering a more complete range of commodities and specialty products while relying on a larger production capacity and a better geographical coverage.
The consolidated turnover of the new group will reach approximately € 200 million and the workforce will be around 660 employees.
The new CGW group will include the following sites :
• CGW (based in Wardrecques, Pas-de-Calais, Northern France) : annual production of 180,000 tons of corrugated base paper and 250 million m2 of corrugated board.
• Cartonnerie de l’Ondaine (based in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, Loire Department, Central France) : 80 million m² of corrugated board produced per year.
• Lacaux Frères (in Bosmie-l’Aiguille, Haute-Vienne, Limousin region) : annual production of 36,000 tons of corrugated paper and 60 million m2 of corrugated board.
• 3 cardboard facilities : Cartonnerie de l’Espérance (in Reims ; Marne Department), EDC Transmouss (Mortagne-au-Perche ; Orne Department), Carton Plus (in Arnas ; Rhône Departement).
• A packaging reseller for the Champagne market : Cartonnages Champenois (in Reims ; Marne Departement).

2019-04-02 
UPM Communication Papers plans to reduce coated mechanical paper capacity in Germany

UPM plans to permanently close paper machine 10 at UPM Plattling, Germany, reducing the annual capacity of coated mechanical paper in Europe by approximately 155,000 tons. Paper production on paper machines 1 and 11 is planned to continue at the mill site.

In total 160 positions would be affected by the plans at UPM Plattling. The employee consultation process will start in the course of April in line with local legislation. The machine is planned to be closed after the consultation process will have been finalized.

"Paper markets globally have been declining consistently over the past 10 years. UPM Communication Papers has responded to this development by selective capacity reductions, always considering the competitiveness of our business - and we will continue to do so also in future. The planned closure announced today is in line with this approach and focuses on maintaining the most modern and competitive assets," says Winfried Schaur, Executive Vice President, UPM Communication Papers.

"UPM Communication Papers has maintained the position of a leading supplier of magazine papers globally. Among our European coated mechanical machines Plattling PM 10 has both the lowest capacity and the highest technical age. We adjust our capacity to remain a reliable partner to our customers and will engage in a fair dialogue with employee representatives. At the same time, we will continue delivering products of the highest quality and full service at all times during this process," says Ruud van den Berg, Senior Vice President, Magazines, Merchants and Office Business at UPM Communication Papers.

UPM will recognize restructuring charges of approximately EUR 30 million as items affecting comparability in its Q2 2019 results. The planned actions would result in annual savings of approximately EUR 17 million.

2019-04-02 

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