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Circa receives green light to sell non-toxic, bio-based and biodegradable solvent in EU

Biotechnology company Circa Group has received authorisation from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to manufacture or import up to 100 tonnes/year of its bio-based solvent CyreneTM in the European Union, after receiving REACH Annex VIII approval.

A chiral dipolar aprotic solvent, CyreneTM was developed in conjunction with the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) at the University of York. CyreneTM is a two step conversion of waste biomass, produced at Circa’s large-scale prototype plant, built in partnership with pulp and paper company Norske Skog in Tasmania, Australia.

Solvent regulation is increasingly focused on restricting hazardous chemicals to manage their risk to people animals and the environment. In the EU, widely used solvents such as NMP, DMF and DMAc are on the candidate list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) due to their reprotoxicity. In addition, a new restriction on NMP was adopted earlier this year, meaning that after May 2020, use will be further restricted and it will not be able to be manufactured or used in the EU unless operational conditions are maintained to ensure that exposure to workers is below specified levels.

CyreneTM provides a safer alternative to these polar aprotic solvents facing regulatory pressure worldwide and is available through Circa’s distributors Merck/Sigma and Will&Co.

Tony Duncan, CEO and co-founder of Circa Group, said, "Annex VIII authorisation is a major milestone for CyreneTM and we are delighted to have been given the go-ahead to sell CyreneTM in significantly larger quantities in Europe. Safer solvents are urgently required and with CyreneTM, we are also offering a bio-based solution with a unique property set, including viscosity, surface tension and polarities – making it an exciting new prospect for advanced materials. Our next goal is registration of CyreneTM in the US and other jurisdictions will soon follow.”

2018-12-10 
ANDRITZ successfully starts up turnkey tissue production line at Bashundhara Paper Mills

ANDRITZ has successfully started up the PrimeLineCOMPACT VI tissue production line – including stock preparation and automation system – delivered to Bashundhara Paper Mills Limited in Bangladesh, India.

The ANDRITZ tissue machine – with a design speed of 2,100 m/min and a paper width of 2.85 m – produces tissue for high-quality facial wipes, toilet paper, and napkins. The 16 ft. PrimeDry Steel Yankee is made entirely of steel, thus enabling high and efficient drying performance, and was manufactured at the ANDRITZ Steel Yankee Business Center in Foshan, China, which offers customers in Asia state-of-the-art manufacturing, local field service, and comprehensive quality management. For ANDRITZ, it is the first high-speed tissue machine to be installed in Bangladesh.

The tissue production line is equipped with the ANDRITZ PrimeControl automation system for a high-performance production process. For the very first time, ANDRITZ has supplied a multi-motor drive (MMD) system with active line modules (ALM). The ALMs are designed for feeding energy back into the grid as a renewable energy solution, they offer low line harmonics that meet the demands of IEEE 519, and they enable stable operation of the motor, even with irregular power supply systems. All the tissue machine MMDs are powered from a common DC-busbar as are the approach flow and the air ventilation systems at times. The ANDRITZ LV motors are installed from fiber preparation to the tissue machine auxiliary system.

The scope of supply also included the complete stock preparation plant with approach flow system, fiber recovery and broke handling. The system features the ANDRITZ ShortFlow concept, an overall and compact process design that significantly reduces the number of single machines and storage volumes. Market bales are dissolved in a FibreSolve FSV pulper, which enables efficient slushing without damaging the fibers. TwinFlo refiners ensure balanced and efficient operation as well as superior fiber properties. Fiber recovery is mainly handled by a RotoWash, which achieves low solids content in the effluent water. Two further pulpers from the FibreSolve product family are part of the broke system.

The successful start-up confirms ANDRITZ’s strong position as one of the global market leaders for supply of complete tissue production lines, key components, and services.

2018-12-10 
ZELLCHEMING-Expo, Germany´s only exhibition for the European pulp and paper industry

ZELLCHEMING-Expo, Germany´s only exhibition for the European pulp and paper industry and its suppliers hosts a special show space for the maintenance in the paper industry in 2019 for the first time - the “Road of Maintenance”.

At the “Road of Maintenance” companies working in the field of maintenance have the chance to present their products and services in a cost-effective way. Potential exhibitors can choose between two all-inclusive packages with 9 or 15 sq m. The packages guarantee an absolutely trouble-free participation carried out with a minimum organizational effort.

Due to the high importance of this topic in the paper and pulp industry a high attention by special visitor groups such as technical directors, plant managers, production engineers, etc. is to be expected.

ZELLCHEMING-Expo takes place together with the 114th Annual General Meeting from 25 – 27 June 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Find out more at https://bit.ly/2qAFSrP

2018-12-07 
Morcon - Our Tissue Packaging: New Look, Same Trusted Performance

Clean, Crisp, Consistent

 Our specialty tissue packaging is getting a facelift to complement our existing napkin, towel, and tissue products. Over the next few months, our tissue wraps and cartons will feature our "new" Morsoft™ and Valay™ logos with the Morcon branded teal and green accents. Special attention will be paid to the Morcon product codes which will be more pronounced and highlighted on all packaging. 
 Questions about our two brands ? Our Morsoft™ product line is our flagship brand which provides budget-friendly tissue solutions for a variety of applications. But if you’re looking for a touch of sophistication for washrooms in offices, universities, commercial environments and food service venues, then our premium Valay™ systems are the Away-From-Home option for you. 
 We thank you for your partnership with Morcon and hope that this fresh look and easily recognizable packaging will keep the ease of doing business with us a top priority.

2018-12-06 
Norske Skog will increase the capacity of wood pellets in New Zealand

The Norske Skog group has decided to invest about AUD 7 million to upgrade the Nature’s Flame wood pellets facility in New Zealand to more than double its annual production capacity to 85,000 tonnes. The increased production capacity will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2019. The approval of the 85,000 tonne capacity upgrade is also a building block for potential further expansion of Norske Skog’s pellet operations in New Zealand.
Mr. Eric Luck, Regional President Norske Skog Australasia, comments : “The investment supports Norske Skog Australasia’s ongoing strategy to “Build Our Future from Fibre and Energy”. The additional production capacity is aimed at producing premium industrial grade pellet fuels for both the domestic New Zealand commercial and industrial market, as well as for the rapidly growing Japanese and Korean green energy generation markets.”
Nature’s Flame’s state of the art plant at Taupo was acquired by Norske Skog in 2015, and is well positioned in the centre of the north island where the bulk of New Zealand’s forest based industry is located. Wood pellets produced by Nature’s Flame are a premium heating fuel made from wood residues from nearby timber processing facilities.
The materials used are originally sourced from sustainably managed, FSC certified softwood plantations in New Zealand. The wood pellets carry the internationally recognised DINplus certification as well as recognition from BioGro New Zealand Ltd that the pellets, as well as the ash remaining after combustion, are Certified Organic materials. The wood pellet fuel produced is truly renewable and is a lower carbon alternative to replace fossil based energy sources like coal and gas.

2018-12-06 
Statkraft enters into 8-year industrial power supply agreements with Norske Skog

Statkraft and Norske Skog Skogn AS and Norske Skog Saugbrugs AS have entered into new long-term industrial power supply agreements for the period from 1 December 2018 to 31 December 2026. The total delivery will be about
14 TWh, with annual deliveries of approximately 900 GWh to each mill.
The contracts will contribute to the supply of power to Norske Skog’s paper mills in Skogn and Halden, and will replace previous contracts between Statkraft and Norske Skog.
"We are pleased to extend our comprehensive and long-term cooperation with Norske Skog. Norske Skog has been through a period with demanding challenges and group restructuring. Statkraft has been the main supplier of power to Norske Skog for many years, and it is a pleasure that we contribute to predictable and competitive power supply agreements, "said Hallvard Granheim, Executive Vice President of Market Operations & IT at Statkraft.
"The new contracts improve the competitiveness of our two major plants in Norway, and will at the same time be a contribution to ensuring important jobs in the processing of Norwegian raw materials. In a paper market with steadily falling demand, only mills with the lowest cost position and the most efficient operation will survive. Therefore, we are also dependent on improving the Norwegian political framework conditions and ensuring favourable purchasing
terms from other suppliers to Norske Skog, "says Niels Petter Wright, CEO and President of Norske Skog group.

2018-12-06 
Work for a sustainable future – SCA is recruiting 80 summer workers to Piteå

Christmas has not arrived yet, but SCA has already started recruiting temporary workers for next summer. 80 new employees will be recruited for Piteå.

“We know that the summer will be here before you know it, and that’s why we’re trying a new method to recruit young women and men. We’ll be speed-interviewing many of the applicants,” explains Klas Englund Sandlund, HR manager at SCA’s Munksund Paper Mill.

Summer worker recruitment is important to ensure future competence in an exciting industry, but it also gives successful applicants a chance to get to know SCA a little better as a company.

“We’re one of the biggest employers in Piteå, with several different plants. But the common denominator in all our different jobs is that we’re using the force of the forest to work for a sustainable future. We have many operations, and if you work with us you can make a real difference. Our summer workers are crucial in this effort,” says Klas.

Actively working for a diverse workplace

“We aspire to have a diverse workplace and actively work to recruit more women into our operations. A diverse workplace is good for the entire organization – decisions improve, the rate of change increases and work is safer,” explains Lars Bogren, Sawmill Manager.

There are many different positions to apply for at SCA, everything from sawmill and process operator to machine operator, construction worker, electrician and storehouse worker.

“We have many exciting jobs to offer, so I hope we get many applicants for our summer work,” concludes Lars Bogren.

2018-12-06 
Sulzer launches the high-efficiency HSR turbocompressor

The new HSR line of high-speed turbocompressors is designed for the production of oil-free pressurized air in applications where contamination of the air must be avoided. The HSR utilizes high-performance turbo and magnetic bearing technology that maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the need for maintenance.

The key benefit of the HSR is the fact that it contains no oil at all. This means 100% safe compressed air for processes where no contamination is allowed. Such applications are included for example in the production of fibrous materials, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, and in the food and beverage industries.

A key technological choice is the use of active magnetic bearings that bring the benefit of no mechanical friction and no mechanical wear. Together with the almost total absence of vibration, this grants the product a long lifetime. Equipment of this kind maintains its efficiency without major overhaul for more than 20 years.

When launching a new product, it is important to explain what it contains. For the HSR, it is equally important to explain what is missing. Thanks to the direct drive and magnetic bearings, there is no need for mechanical gears, bearings and seals. There is no oil or other liquid lubricant anywhere in the product. There are no wearing parts to be replaced, no oil to be refilled and no consumables to be disposed of. What is not included in the product in the first place cannot fail, and this reduces the need for service and/or preventive exchange of expensive parts.

The HSR is cooled by water. The advantage is that both the heat generated by the compression and drive-related losses can be recovered as usable energy. Water cooling also ensures optimal performance and generally extends the lifetime of the components.

Each part of the HSR has been chosen carefully. The two-stage or three-stage compression for maximum pressures of 4.5 and 9 bar (gauge) respectively is done with state-of-the-art turbo air ends, directly driven by a high-speed motor that utilizes permanent magnets. For reaching the necessary speed and for flow control, one or two variable frequency drives control the motor(s). The wide flow range can be extended by applying adjustable diffuser vanes. By utilizing modulating blow-off valves, the flow can be adjusted between 0 and 100%.

2018-12-06 
Four Toscotec-supplied AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY tissue machines began production at Asia Pulp and Paper’s OKI mill in Indonesia.

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has begun using four AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY tissue machines at its OKI mill, in South Sumatra, Indonesia, as part of a series of AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY tissue machines.
These four machines, included in a major contract between Toscotec and APP, started production ahead of schedule, in just 60 days between August 14th and October 14th 2018.
Thanks to the successful cooperation between APP and Toscotec, these eight start-ups have been completed over a total period of only 8 and a half months. The first two AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY machines were started up at Perawang mill in the first quarter of 2018, and the following six machines at OKI mill in the second and third quarters of 2018.
The eight AHEAD-2.0L PRODERGY machines all have a paper width of 5,600 mm and an operating speed of 2,000 m/min. They feature a second-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer of 22 feet diameter, which represents the biggest diameter for tissue application worldwide. The energy saving design of the drying section relies entirely on steam, as the chosen energy source, including the steam-heated TT Milltech-DYH hoods.
Marco Dalle Piagge, Toscotec’s Sales Director, says, “The design of our PRODERGY machines is delivering the highest performance and energy efficiency currently available in the market. We knew that APP has very high standards when it comes to the environmental performance of its operations and production lines, with a focus on greenhouse gases and water footprint. We believe that Toscotec’s Energy Saving engineering design and advanced technology will make a significant contribution in this regard.”

2018-12-06 
Smurfit Kappa strengthens its presence in Western France with Caradec Box Plant acquisition

Smurfit Kappa Group has significantly strengthened its presence in Western France with the acquisition of two Europac sites in Brittany.

The packaging leader has acquired the Caradec Box Plant in the Morbihan County and the Saint Pol de Léon site in the Finistére County, reinforcing its capabilities in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Smurfit Kappa has a strong track record in producing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the agriculture sector so the Caradec Box Plant is a natural fit with the company.

Smurfit Kappa will now have a stronger link to the Brittany food markets and welcomes 200 employees to its worldwide community of employees.

Speaking about the new acquisition, Smurfit Kappa COO of Corrugated Europe, Edwin Goffard, said : “This latest acquisition is part of our integrated strategy and supports our continued drive to open up new opportunities.”

Jean-Christophe Bugeon, CEO of Smurfit Kappa France added : “We are delighted to welcome the Caradec employees into our company. More and more retailers and growers are seeking more sustainable packaging alternatives for fresh produce and we can add an even wider choice of premium solutions to our offering.”

Smurfit Kappa has got proven experience and expertise in providing packaging for fresh produce.

2018-12-05 
Marcelo Castelli to be new Global CEO of Votorantim Cimentos after conclusion of Fibria and Suzano transaction

Fibria, a Brazilian company that is the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, hereby announces that its president and chief executive officer, Marcelo Castelli will be the new Global CEO of Votorantim Cimentos, effective February 1, 2019, after the settlement of the transaction between Fibria and Suzano. Following the approval given by the antitrust authorities, the corporate restructuring of Fibria and Suzano should be concluded on January 14, 2019, which will create Brazil’s largest agricultural company and its fourth largest non-financial company.

Castelli will succeed the current Global CEO of Votorantim Cimentos, Walter Dissinger, who informed the company of his wish to pursue new challenges. In view of the situation, Votorantim Cimentos and Walter Dissinger reached a mutual agreement for his stepping down. Dissinger will stay on to support his successor’s integration at the new company during the first months of next year.

With a career spanning over 31 years, Castelli began his story at Votorantim in 1997, when he joined Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP). Since then, he has held various executive positions and coordinated the integration of VCP and Aracruz, which culminated in the creation of Fibria, in 2009. At the company, Castelli has served as Forestry Officer, Paper Officer, Strategy Officer, Procurement Officer and, since July 2011, Chief Executive Officer of Fibria. As the CEO of Fibria, Castelli played an essential role in consolidating the company’s position as the world’s largest pulp producer and in transforming it into a global reference in innovation and sustainability.

2018-12-05 
Veolia has launched Max-AI™ technology provided by Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) in its Amiens facility, Northern France

Veolia has launched Max-AI™ technology provided by Bulk Handling Systems in its Amiens facility, Northern France. This innovation is a breakthrough technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In Amiens, this robot can make 3,600 motions per hour vs 2,200 usually made by operator. It is also the first one implemented in the European market.
Last year, the US company Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) announced the arrival of Max-AI™ technology, an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. Through deep learning technology, Max-AI employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similar to the way a person does. The technology will drive improvements in Material Recovery Facility (MRF) design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, and more.
The first available machine utilizing Max-AI technology is an Autonomous Quality Control (QC) unit that sorts container streams following optical sorting. This robotic sorter uses its vision system to see the material, its artificial intelligence to think and identify each item, and a robot to pick targeted items. This system is able to make multiple sorting decisions autonomously, for example separating various materials such as thermoform trays, aluminum, and fiber while removing residue from a stream of PET bottles. All of this is done at rates exceeding human capabilities.
According to BHS Chief Executive Officer Steve Miller, “Labor is a significant challenge for MRF operators and it’s obvious that Max will be very beneficial in helping our customers manage that aspect of their business. However, the highest returns will come from complete integration of Max-AI technology throughout every advanced BHS system. Our customers will not only have autonomous sorting, but also an intelligent central nervous system that observes what’s happening in the plant in real-time and adjusts process parameters to maximize profits.”
Max is central to BHS’ plan to bring autonomous optimization to MRFs over the coming years, increasing performance and profitability. Roy Miller, BHS’ Vice President of Engineering sees this as revolutionary for the recycling industry.
Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)
Headquartered in Eugene, OR, BHS is a worldwide leader in the innovative design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of sorting systems and components for the solid waste, recycling, waste-to-energy, and construction and demolition industries. Wholly-owned subsidiaries include Nihot (Amsterdam), NRT (Nashville, TN) and Zero Waste Energy (Lafayette, CA).

2018-12-05 
Collaborating to the fullest with Jintian translates into new opportunities

Within the end of 2018 A.Celli Paper will deliver a second high performance E-Wind® P100 rewinder to the customer Dongguan Jintian Paper Co.

In 2017 A.Celli Paper started-up an E-WIND® P100 rewinder at the Sichuan Jintian Paper plant, for a project of 1.2 million-tons producing grey cardboard. The rewinder, which runs 5700 mm master reels, with a maximum design speed of 2400 mpm, has successfully passed the performance test, with full acceptance by the customer. At present the A.Celli E-WIND® P100 rewinder works at full capacity.

In 2018, confirming customer satisfaction, the "sister" company Dongguan Jintian Paper called on A.Celli Paper to supply a second set of E-WIND® P100 rewinder identical to the one already present at the Sichuan plant ; the delivery of the machinery is expected by the end of the year and in the first quarter of 2019 it will be put into production.

The new line will increase the annual production capacity of Jintian by 300,000 tons/year, increasing also the presence of related products on the market.

2018-12-05 
SVEZA Group and Pesmel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding an automated pulp storage of the planned greenfield pulp mill project in Vologda Region of Russia

SVEZA Group is planning to construct a modern pulp mill in the Russian Federation, Vologda region. SVEZA has selected Pesmel as a partner to execute the potential pulp mill’s basic engineering for an automated pulp shipping buffer for truck, train and container logistics.

In October 2018 Pesmel and SVEZA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective of further cooperation in the planned pulp mill project. SVEZA is now proceeding with preparations, including environmental permits, for the prospective pulp mill.

SVEZA is a worldwide known plywood producer. Currently the company produces high-quality plywood of natural Russian birch at its six mills. With the annual production of 1,260,000 m3 SVEZA is the largest producer of natural birch plywood.

2018-12-04 
Voith installs a VariFlex™ winder at Copamex mill in Chihuahua, Mexico

Copamex recently installed a complete, new Voith VariFlex winder at its Chihuahua, Mexico, facility. With the new, reliable winder, the papermaker has increased its process capacity while making improvements to the plant’s safety.

“Voith has been a great partner to us and with this recent winder installation, we’re significantly improving our production capability, reducing overall maintenance requirements and increasing safety at our mill,” said Arturo Contreras, project manager, Copamex.

To achieve this success, Copamex turned to Voith and its VariFlex, a state-of-the-art winder, which has a special focus on enhancing productivity, improving quality and performing safely. Copamex considered several additional factors before awarding the project, including using a reliable and proven concept, getting fast delivery on the winder and a quick installation time. Voith’s process transparency and previous partnerships with Copamex were also considered valuable.

The Voith VariFlex winder, which has numerous installations worldwide, is an ideal fit based on Copamex’s expectations. Among the two-drum winder’s features are its easy web-threading, automated splice systems, one-step glue and perforation system, highly accurate slitters, vibration-controlling bearings and damping systems, and innovative automatic reel set changes.

A short delivery time was provided by the Voith team who designed, assembled and tested the components at their facility in Appleton, Wisconsin.

“The key factors for a successful project are time and transparency. With this set-up, we ensured both delivery in the shortest time and a hand-in-hand approach to this project. This began with personal meetings, a joined factory test in Appleton and a fully supported start-up by our experienced start-up engineers,” said Alex Aerts, application engineer, Winders, Voith Paper.

2018-12-04 
Valmet signs on-line performance monitoring agreement with Mercer Group's Stendal pulp mill in Germany

Valmet and Mercer Group have signed an agreement for on-line performance monitoring for nine Valmet TwinRoll wash presses at the Mercer Stendal mill in Germany. The agreement is valid for one year, with the option of being extended. During this period, Valmet and Mercer will co-operate to further develop fleet management with respect to predictive maintenance and reliability.

The order is included in Valmet’s fourth quarter 2018 orders received and constitutes an important step in promoting Valmet’s Industrial Internet offering for the chemical pulping business.

The on-line system monitors individual functions of the wash presses by performing advanced data analysis, which generates status reports displayed on dashboards. If any of the monitored functions goes outside the operating limits, an event is triggered and recorded, which enables issues to be predicted and corrected rapidly.

"This will allow the Stendal mill to monitor performance, which will hopefully result in more uptime as well as savings on chemicals," says Dr. Gerhard Wulf, Technical Manager at Mercer Stendal.

"The pilot project has been running at the Stendal mill with a core team of experts from both the customers’ side and Valmet. The sharing of knowledge and innovative ideas have been the driving forces for implementation. The wash presses will be connected to the Valmet Performance Center, allowing Valmet to provide Mercer Stendal with the services of experts from different fields, who can provide support to ensure rapid response times and appropriate solutions," says Tomas Edström, Industrial Internet Manager in the Pulp and Energy business line at Valmet.

2018-12-04 
Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws

Stora Enso and Sulapac continue to combat the global problem of plastic waste by launching a demo for sustainable drinking straws at Slush 2018, a leading startup event that gathers 20 000 tech enthusiasts from around the world. The demo, which targets production on an industrial scale, is designed to replace traditional plastic straws with renewable ones. The straws are based on Sulapac’s biocomposite material – made of wood and natural binders – designed to be recycled via industrial composting and biodegrade in marine environments. 

“This is an important step for Stora Enso and showcases our long-term commitment to gradually replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. Our collaboration with Sulapac is a great example of what we can achieve through partnership in terms of driving innovation to create sustainable solutions within the bioeconomy”, says Annica Bresky, EVP, Consumer Board division.

Stora Enso signed a joint development agreement with Sulapac in May 2018 to license its materials and technology. The development of the demo straw is a joint collaboration between Stora Enso and Sulapac – a cooperation which complements Stora Enso’s extensive biocomposite portfolio.

“Eco-awareness is a strong driver for consumer demand, and our customers want help in replacing non-renewable materials. Different biocomposite solutions, such as renewable caps and closures and straws will be add-ons and a complement to our own consumer board portfolio, bringing additional value to our customers”, says Hannu Kasurinen, SVP Head of Liquid Packaging and Carton Board.

Sulapac’s material works in existing extrusion lines and the target is to have the straws commercially available in the second quarter of 2019.

“Today, we proudly announce that we are launching a demo for a recyclable, microplastic-free and marine biodegradable straw. This is the world’s most sustainable straw that can be produced on an industrial scale and we have jointly developed it with Stora Enso. Billions of plastic straws are produced and used every week. This straw has the potential to be a true game changer”, says Sulapac’s founder and CEO Suvi Haimi.

2018-12-04 
Kimberly-Clark's Commitment to Forest Conservation Recognized with a 2018 FSC® Leadership Award

Kimberly-Clark, along with its partners from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), were honored by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) with a 2018 Leadership Award for Kimberly-Clark and WWF’s "Heart Your Planet" collaboration. The program was unanimously selected for the Uncommon Partnership award for its success in engaging consumers to look for the WWF Panda logo and FSC® label on product packaging to support responsible forest management.

"Kimberly-Clark continues to lead the U.S. tissue industry as a producer and influencer in promoting the importance of making more responsible products that use FSC®-certified fiber," said Jay Gottleib, president of Kimberly-Clark’s North American Family Care business. "We are proud to have the WWF Panda logo and FSC® label printed on our packaging. This shows our support for these organizations, and demonstrates to our consumers that by using their favorite paper towel, facial and bath tissue, they are helping protect our forests."

The "Heart Your Planet" collaboration launched in 2017, and was the first on-pack awareness campaign of its kind for WWF in the U.S. For over a year, consumers have seen this messaging collaboration on trusted Kimberly-Clark brands, including Kleenex®, Scott, Cottonelle and Viva.

"Given the popularity of Kimberly-Clark’s brands and WWF with consumers, this partnership is essential to increase consumer preference for FSC®-certified products from responsibly managed forests," said Corey Brinkema, president of the Forest Stewardship Council U.S.

Kimberly-Clark was the first U.S tissue manufacturer to offer branded FSC®-certified products starting with Kleenex® facial tissue, and it is the first in the industry to have 100% of its suppliers certified as providing fiber from responsibly managed sources. The company also continues its commitment to sourcing 100% virgin wood fiber for its products from certified sources, and it is expanding this commitment to fiber-based packaging. Since 2009, Kimberly-Clark has increased the use of environmentally preferred fibers, including FSC®-certified fiber, in its global tissue products to 89 percent. This is the third FSC® Leadership Award Kimberly-Clark has received since 2014.

2018-12-03 
Niels Petter Wright appointed as new CEO of Norske Skog group

After the successful completion of an extensive financial restructuring process, the Norske Skog group has been transformed into a financially solid, leading publication paper producer. Having established this solid foundation for the operating business, the Board of Norske Skog AS has appointed Mr Niels Petter Wright as new President and CEO of the Norske Skog group effective 1st December 2018. Niels Petter Wright’s previous experience includes almost 17 years in Elopak, of which the last ten years serving as the company’s CEO.

“We are pleased to welcome Niels Petter Wright as the new CEO of Norske Skog. Together, we share the ambition to make Norske Skog as competitive as possible in a challenging industry, and to continue to develop the core business and explore new opportunities in a disciplined manner,” says Sven Ombudstvedt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norske Skog AS.

“Wright’s strong track record as leader of an international industrial group driven by process and product innovation, along with a constant focus on addressing the evolving demands of customers makes him an excellent choice for Norske Skog,” Ombudstvedt adds.

“I am very motivated to accept this challenge. Norske Skog has many skilled employees with high competencies and drive to improve the business. My priorities will include continuing to strengthen the customer dialogue, making production as efficient and competitive as possible, driving continual process and production innovation, and working constructively with suppliers and other stakeholders to ensure a sound financial and political framework”, says Niels Petter Wright.

Niels Petter Wright will replace Lars P. Sperre who has been acting President and CEO for the Norske Skog group since May 2017. Lars P. Sperre will continue to work for Norske Skog as part of the Corporate management team, as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy.

“The Board and the owners of Norske Skog are very grateful for all the efforts Lars has made to lead the group through a very complex financial restructuring, and we are excited that he will continue to play an important role going forward. Lars has kept the operating business stable through very challenging periods and showed great leadership. The change of CEO will allow Lars to devote his efforts fully on the continuing strategic development of the group” says Ombudstvedt.

2018-12-03 
Feldmuehle files for insolvency under self - administration

Feldmuehle GmbH, which in the spring of 2018, took over the business operations of Feldmuehle Uetersen GmbH through acquisition of all substantial assets , has been adversely and unforeseeably affected this current year by  nexpected increased energy costs and procurement prices for raw materials. During the current year, management has implemented extensive measures to increase operating profitability. Despite these efforts, the latently rising variable costs could not be offset by implemented price increases, partly due to the company’s lower-than-expected revenues in September and October 2018.
Considering these circumstances, the management has decided to carry out the necessary reorganization/restructuring of the company within the framework of insolvency proceedings under its own administration and, on November 19, 2018, filed for an application with the competent local court in Pinneberg to open insolvency proceedings under its own administration pursuant to Sections 270, 270 a para. 1 InsO (German Insolvency Act).
Following the management’s application, the Pinneberg Local Court ordered the provisional self-administration on the same day. Dr. Dietmar Penzlin of Schmidt-Jortzig Petersen Penzlin Insolvenzverwaltung Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB, Hamburg, was appointed as provisional administrator. The provisional administrator shall examine the economic situation and supervise the management. However, the company’s management retains power of disposition.
Restructuring within the framework of self-administration gives the company’s management the opportunity to undertake and respectively implement all necessary measures to improve profitability and thus to take measures towards
the company’s sustainable competitiveness.
At the same time, an application to the Pinneberg Local Court has been filed that future deliveries and services ordered by Feldmuehle GmbH shall be paid as mass liabilities.Business operations will be continued.

2018-12-03 
Suzano Pulp and Paper announces final approval of merger with Fibria

Suzano Pulp and Paper announces to the market that it has obtained regulatory approval from the European Commission to conclude the combination of operations and shareholder bases with Fibria. With reviews by all required antitrust agencies duly completed, the companies can now proceed with the consummation of the transaction. The corporate restructuring, which will be concluded on January 14, 2019, will create Brazil’s fourth most valuable company (excluding financial institutions).
“We are about to transform a dream into reality and set a true milestone for Brazil. We will combine the best operational and sustainability practices of the two companies, the best professionals and the most important innovation projects in renewable resources,” said CEO Walter Schalka.
The company will have an annual production capacity of 11 million tons of market pulp and 1.4 million tons of paper. The company will have approximately 37,000 direct and indirect employees and 11 manufacturing units with the capacity to supply more than 90 countries and to ship exports worth R$26 billion, based on exports in the 12 months to September 30, 2018. From January to September this year, the two companies reported operating cash flow of R$10.1 billion and consolidated net revenue of R$24.5 billion, with the two figures representing new records for the industry. Together they already have invested R$4.9 billion in the first nine months of the year.
All conditions precedent for the merger of Suzano and Fibria have been fulfilled. On September 13, 2018, the shareholders of Suzano and Fibria approved the terms of the corporate restructuring at their respective Extraordinary Shareholders Meetings. The transaction was approved either by the antitrust authorities in the United States (May 31), China (Aug. 31) and Turkey (Sept. 6), without restrictions. In Brazil, the agreement was approved, also without restrictions, by the country’s antitrust authority CADE (Oct. 11) and by the National Water Transportation Agency – ANTAQ (Nov. 14). On November 29, the antitrust authority in Europe also approved the restructuring, subject to the early termination of the hardwood pulp offtake agreement between Fibria and Klabin S.A.
With the consummation of the merger between Suzano and Fibria, the company begins to forge a new path to the future. “We are very motivated by the challenge of continuing to reinvent ourselves to generate even more positive impacts for society,” said Walter Schalka.

2018-12-03 
Kemira has formed a joint venture in China

Kemira has received final authority permits and closed the deal announced on September 29, 2017. Kemira has formed a joint venture with an AKD producer in China. Kemira forms a joint venture - Kemira TC Wanfeng Chemicals Yanzhou - with Shandong Tiancheng Wanfeng Chemical Technology.

NewCo strengthens Kemira’s position as a leading global supplier for the Pulp & Paper industry. NewCo will mainly produce AKD wax and its key raw material fatty acid chloride (FACL). AKD wax, where the main component is based on renewable raw material, is a sizing chemical used in board and paper manufacturing to create resistance against liquid absorption. Kemira is the global market leader in sizing chemicals.

Through the backward integration, Kemira expands its position in the value chain. NewCo will provide a high-quality AKD wax and will be globally the largest AKD wax manufacturing unit significantly improving Kemira’s AKD wax capacity. NewCo’s site is located in the same chemical park with Kemira’s first AKD wax plant in Yanzhou, China and the proximity of the two sites results in operational synergies. The NewCo site also offers growth opportunities for other relevant chemicals.

In addition, NewCo will produce polyaluminum chloride (PAC) which is a coagulant for water treatment. NewCo will start the production of chemicals in the second half of 2019 after necessary investments and the ramp-up phase are completed.

"The joint venture is a good strategic fit. We strengthen our position in the market with a quality asset and secure our supply of the key raw material for AKD wax. With the newly built site, we ensure our capacity utilization and support our customers better with our global delivery capability. At the same time, this enables us to grow even faster in APAC", says Kim Poulsen, President, Pulp & Paper.

Kemira has 80% and TC Wanfeng 20% of NewCo. Value of the investment for the 80% share is around EUR 55 million and Kemira has an option to acquire TC Wanfeng’s 20% in the coming years with pre-defined conditions.

2018-12-03 
ANDRITZ to upgrade thermo ground wood line at Melhoramentos Florestal, Brazil

Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Melhoramentos Florestal to supply a high-consistency bleaching and wet lap system with a capacity of
125 admt/d to upgrade the existing thermo ground wood line at Fazenda Levantina Camanducaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

The line processes eucalyptus and pine as raw material to produce unbleached and bleached market thermos ground wood pulp for local board and tissue producers. The new PHC (peroxide high consistency) bleaching stage will replace the existing spray-bleaching system in the dewatering machine and achieve highest brightness levels at lowest consumption of chemicals. A universally applicable and reliable ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press will be installed to dewater pulp to a dryness of up to 33%, followed by a high-consistency mixer to guarantee gentle blending of pulp and chemicals. In order to achieve even retention time in the bleach tower, a new ANDRITZ discharge system will ensure continuous and uniform pulp discharge.

A complete wet lap system and finishing line are also part of the scope of supply. After dewatering to a consistency of 45% on another ANDRITZ Twin Wire Press, a wetlap cutter and layboy (CLB) will operate fully automatically to form wet bale stacks. The finishing line consists of various pallet conveyors.

With this upgrade, Melhoramentos Florestal will be able to increase pulp production and, in particular, bleaching efficiency by means of a safe process with low energy consumption that will allow greater flexibility in producing various pulp grades – an important feature with which to approach a wider range of end customers.

2018-12-03 
Mrs. Marisanna Jarva – member of the Finnish Parliament – wears Arbron™ on the Independence Day of Finland on December 6th

Demand for safe and environmentally friendly textile fibers is growing steadily. Total volume of the textile fiber market is already over 100 million tons. Arbron™ is an environmentally friendly textile fiber made of softwood pulp. KaiCell Fibers’ target is to set up the first Arbron™ facility in Paltamo, Finland. KaiCell Fibers has submitted an environmental permit application and is shifting to basic engineering.

The textile fiber market is dominated by oil-based synthetic fibers, such as polyester, with them having up 70% share of total textile fiber market. Synthetic fibers, like polyester, are non-renewable but also among the biggest sources of the prevalent microparticle problem. The second most common textile fiber, cotton, is associated with a number of problems such as high-water demand, use of plant pesticides and the fact that cotton farming competes with food production when it comes to finding suitable land areas.

Wood-based fibers are not unproblematic either. At present, most of the wood-based fibers are based on a 100-year-old viscose technology that uses highly toxic chemicals, the worst being carbon disulfide. Development has led to most of the world’s wood-based textile fibers being made in China and elsewhere in Asia. However, now even China has woken up to environmental problems and viscose fiber is actively seeking alternatives.

Arbron™ material is based on technology developed in Finland. Arbron™ material can be used in viscose plants to avoid the use of toxic carbon disulfide, CS2.

"Demand for safe and environmentally friendly textile fibers is growing strongly" says Jukka Kantola, CEO of KaiCell Fibers, and continues : "In such a project, development work has to be carried out through the entire value chain starting from the forests up to the markets. MP Marisanna Jarva’s evening dress is a great example of what can be produced. And best of all – it is safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly."

Kaicell Fibers’ goal is to manufacture Arbron™ material at a plant in Paltamo, Finland. Systematic work is underway both in Europe and in China to scale up production at the commercial level.

The evening dress is a good indication that Arbron™ based textile performs well in practice. “It is pleasant to the skin, beautiful in appearance and tailored easy”, as commented by the designer of the dress, Maija Kumpula. The fabric was woven by Kultavilla and it was colored by Pia Leppänen-Keränen. According to them, the fabric behaved superbly at all stages. Based on this, Arbron™ will fit well in various applications comparable to viscose.

2018-12-03 
News in the occasion of the 65th Meeting of the Board of Members of the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries - AFPPPI,

Paper and packaging industries, Green Economy, and recycling were the three main topics discussed during a dinner gathering hosted by the President of AMACO GROUP, Mr. Ali EL Abdallah. The gathering was organized in Beirut on the occasion of the meeting of the Board Members of "Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries AFPPPI", with the president Dr. Fadi Gemayel who is also President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists ALI.
Dr. Gemayel asserted that Paper industries in our region, as well as around the world, are becoming an important player because of their part in promoting "Green Industries", as a part of the greater "Green economies" around the world. Mr. Ali El Abdallah gave a speech in which he quoted that the Industrial society in the middle- east and North Africa make up the beacon of hope in the difficult economic times that the region is experiencing. They, and other industrialists, form the "light at the end of the tunnel" for their role in supporting the local economies in their respective countries. They will be the leaders in the effort to rebuild, during the times of war and peace, after the dust of local conflicts begins to settle down.
Notable industrial presence during the dinner gathering.
The dinner gathering was attended by a group of Lebanese and Arab VIPs including parliament members, diplomats, and Arab government officials, alongside representatives of and presidents of Industrial and economical associations, including : the two vice-presidents of the AFPPPI, President of the Tunisian La Société Nationale de Cellulose et de Papier HALFA SNCPA , Mr. Lbeid Al Ghadbani, Mr. Hussein Jaber Samerraei from Iraq, the president and GM of Tonic industries from Algeria Mr. Djamil Ben Salem, and the GM of Le Groupe Industriel du Papier et de la Cellulose GIPEC, Layla Al Qawadri from Algeria. Also, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Sami Safran, CEO of the Middle East Paper company MEPCO was present.
Egypt was represented by the Manager from the Ahlia Converting Industries, and the Regional office of AFPPPI, Mrs. Nisreen Othman. And from Lebanon Mr. Yousef Naqib, the owner of United Industrial Company for Tissue Paper Coverting - Zein in Irbil, Iraq
The Syrian paper industry was represented by Mr. Hasan Badnekgy, GM of the Arab company for production of paper products ARAPEPCO, and Mr. Imad Lutfi, owner and president of Technopac company for packaging and corrugated carton paper. Also present was Mr. Riyad al Aaraj, owner of Maha Hygiene Tissue Paper company.
From Tunis, owner of SOPAFI Tissue Mill, Mr. Ali Djelidi attended as well as the owner of Al Saqlawia Establishment for Carton, Mr. Mohamad Jawari, and the president of the Iraqi company for the Printing supplies Mr. Sajed Yousef.

Form Lebanon, Mr. Ziad Bekdash, president of Oriental Paper Products - OPP, Mr. Tareq Abu Shakra, GM of Freenex company for Tissue Paper Converting, as well as Mr. Basheer Tazkarji, owner of Paper Bags company Tasco attended.
Last, but not least, Mr. Ammar Botra, owner of Cotus company from Algeria attended, and from Jordan, Mr. Munir Abdalla, regional manager of AFPPPI.
Dr. Fadi Gemayel quoted : " we are proud of the achievement of Mr. Ali El Abdallah from Amaco Group. He said : we were gathered in this place, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Ali Abdallah, who has always been the leader in organizing such events and bring together leaders of the paper industries in the region for the past years. Here, in Lebanon, we are proud of our colleagues in the industrial community, such as Mr. Abdallah, for his achievements, not only in paper industries, but also a leader in the manufacture of tissue paper machines. He has been successful in supplying his machines to many countries around the world. I thank Mr. Abdallah for his mention of Paper Industrialists as the creators of hope in the regional countries where jobs are badly needed for the young generation. Paper industries have become important as part of the "Green Economy" and have played an important role in creating the economic cycle and creating jobs. They will continue to play an important economic role for years to come.
Mr. Ali El Abdallah quoted : "We are the creators of prospect and hope". Mr. Abdallah welcomed the attendees and said : it gives me much pleasure to welcome my colleagues and friends from the AFPPPI in this friendly gathering that brings together the members of our family, the family of paper and packaging industrialists. We, my friends, don’t make paper machines only, we are the creators of hope. The one, who manufactures a product, makes the main block in the local economy. It was Adam Smith who defined industrial production as : "the sum of efforts and activities that humans perform to create a product that can be sold". The regional industrialist, who was the first one to pay the price of wars and conflicts in our region, will also be the first to start rebuilding. I cannot describe our joy and pride when our team manufactured the first tissue paper machine, and when the first company purchased our machine and began to manufacture products using it, starting a long lasting business partnership. We were also proud to sell our first machine to international market. These were unforgettable moments for us, as industrialists.

2018-12-01 
Ence-Energía y Celulosa has received the AENOR certificate of Criminal Compliance

Ence-Energía y Celulosa has received the AENOR certificate of Criminal Compliance in accordance with the UNE 19601 : 2017 standard, an accreditation that recognizes the company’s commitment to compliance with criminal norms and the prevention of crime.

Ence is the first company in its sector to receive this recognition of a voluntary and reviewable nature each year that confirms that the company has implemented a management system to prevent the commission of crimes and reduce criminal risk through the prevention, detection and management of behaviors not in accordance with the standards of the company.

The certificate, based on the UNE 19601 national standard, considers the provisions of the Organic Law 1/2015 on the Reform of the Criminal Code with respect to the requirements of crime prevention models and complements them with the best international practices established in the field of social responsibility, compliance and risk management.

This certification confirms Ence’s commitment to the best practices of corporate governance, responsibility, transparency and commitment to its stakeholders, and to the highest standards of business ethics and the reduction of criminal risk in the exercise of Your activities. Ence is thus placed at the highest level among listed companies and other large companies in our country, whose ethics guarantee and compliance with current regulations reaches levels of excellence.

2018-11-30 
Zanders: aquisition effective on 1 December, production is ensured

Group around Terje Haglund acquires location in Bergisch Gladbach with new "Zanders‐Paper GmbH"

Zanders will continue to produce high quality specialty papers and boards in the future. The company will be taken over on 1 December 2018 by the new "Zanders‐Paper GmbH". Dr. Marc d’Avoine, insolvency administrator at Zanders, today announced the successful conclusion of the negotiations : “We are pleased that the acquisition will be made by paper professionals who are already very successful in the industry. The continuation of paper production at Zanders is thus assured. All know‐how carriers remain on board.“
According to the insolvency administrator, Terje Haglund and his team will soon introduce themselves to the public. The takeover by a partner already working in paper production would be in any case the best possible solution for Zanders : “Thanks to the know‐how on both sides, there are very good prerequisites for securing the Bergisch Gladbach location for the long term.”
Business operations will continue with around 300 employees, around 150 employees will have to leave the company. For those affected, an interim employment society will make the consequences socially acceptable by continuing to pay a large part of the salary for seven months, as well as job search assistance. In addition, the works council and especially the city of Bergisch Gladbach offer a lot of help, e.g. through a job market where local companies can present their vacancies and personal conversations are possible.

2018-11-30 
Stora Enso signs agreement to acquire forest assets in Bergvik Skog

The shareholders of Bergvik Skog AB, a Swedish forest holding company, have signed a binding agreement regarding the previously announced intent to restructure its ownership. With this agreement, the parties aim to complete the transaction during the first half of 2019. Stora Enso’s forest holdings in Sweden will increase to 1.4 million hectares, of which 1.15 million hectares is productive forest land. The total value of the transaction in Stora Enso’s balance sheet is estimated to be approximately EUR 1.0 billion.

“I am pleased that we have taken a step forward in this ownership restructuring along with the other shareholders in Bergvik Skog. This transaction is a natural next step for us, as we strongly believe in the bioeconomy and want to secure our competitive raw material supply for the long term. With direct ownership, we will have better visibility of our wood supply in Sweden. This will give us better opportunities to further develop sustainable forest management, thus strengthening our competitiveness,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso.

Currently, Bergvik Skog’s Swedish forest assets are owned by its subsidiaries Bergvik Väst AB and Bergvik Öst AB, representing approximately 83% and 17% of these assets respectively. As a result of this transaction, Stora Enso will transform its current ownership of 49.8% in Bergvik Skog, to a direct holding of 69.8% of the value of the forest assets in Bergvik Väst.

Once all of the steps in the transaction have been finalised during the first half of 2019, it is expected that the financial impact for Stora Enso will be as follows :

• Bergvik Skog is currently reported as an equity accounted investment. Upon closure of the deal, Stora Enso’s Swedish forest assets will be placed in a fully owned subsidiary and then consolidated line by line in Stora Enso’s results.
• The transaction will result in a cash out effect of approximately EUR 200 million. Stora Enso’s interest-bearing debt will increase by approximately EUR 800 million. The net debt to EBITDA ratio will increase by approximately 0.5x at the end of the sequence of the transactions, but will temporarily increase up to 0.8x prior to a special dividend being distributed by Bergvik Skog. The ratio was 1.1x at the end of the third quarter of 2018.
• Capital employed will increase by approximately EUR 1.0 billion, resulting in a decrease in the operational return on capital employed (ROCE) of approximately 1 percentage point.

2018-11-30 
BillerudKorsnäs has entered into an agreement to acquire Bergvik Skog Öst

BillerudKorsnäs has today entered into a binding agreement with all shareholders of Bergvik Skog AB concerning a split of Bergvik Skog AB’s forest assets, including BillerudKorsnäs’ acquisition of Bergvik Skog Öst AB. The acquisition contributes to securing BillerudKorsnäs’ future wood supply through direct deliveries and more efficient logistics flows and by making the company a strong player on the Swedish wood market.

BillerudKorsnäs announced on 27 November 2017 that it had signed a letter of intent to acquire Bergvik Skog Öst AB, which comprises approximately 350,000 hectares of forest land in Sweden. Since the signing of the letter of intent, the company has carried out due diligence of Bergvik Skog Öst AB and negotiated the final terms of the acquisition agreement.

BillerudKorsnäs acquisition of Bergvik Skog Öst AB is part of a restructuring of Bergvik Skog’s forest holdings, which in addition to Bergvik Skog Öst AB mainly consists of Bergvik Skog Väst AB. Bergvik Skog Väst AB will be distributed to the shareholders of Bergvik Skog AB, with BillerudKorsnäs receiving approximately 5 percent of the shares in Bergvik Skog Väst AB. BillerudKorsnäs has today also signed an agreement to transfer these 5 percent to Stora Enso. After such transfer, Bergvik Skog Väst AB will be subject to a demerger between the remaining shareholders in the company.

The transactions, which inter alia are conditional upon approval by the Swedish Competition Authority, upon the distribution of Bergvik Skog Väst AB and upon the establishment and registration of a final demerger plan for Bergvik Skog Väst AB, are expected to be completed during the first half of 2019.

“Our acquisition of Bergvik Skog Öst is an important part of ensuring long-term competitive and stable wood supply and thus we have added another important piece of the puzzle to reach BillerudKorsnäs’ full potential. However, the company’s strategy to advance in the value chain remains unchanged, why we in a next step intend to evaluate the possibility of including one or more partners in ownership of our forest assets,” says Petra Einarsson, CEO and President, BillerudKorsnäs.

The purchase price for Bergvik Skog Öst AB amounts to approximately SEK 6.4 billion on a debt free basis and after reduction of deferred tax, corresponding to approximately SEK 18,000 per hectar of forestland. The cash effect of the acquisition of Bergvik Skog Öst AB, net after the sale of 5 percent of the shares in Bergvik Skog Väst AB, is expected to amount to approximately SEK 5.4 billion. The acquisition is financed with bank loans. BillerudKorsnäs’ long term financial target, that interest-bearing net debt relative to EBITDA should be less than a multiple of 2.5, remains unchanged.

BillerudKorsnäs will until further notice remain as owner of 5 percent of the shares in Bergvik Skog AB, with the assets and liabilities that remain therein after the distribution of Bergvik Skog Väst AB and the sale of Bergvik Skog Öst AB. The intention is to unwind Bergvik Skog AB when practically possible, and in connection therewith BillerudKorsnäs is expected to receive a dividend.

2018-11-30 
Changes to Södra’s Group Senior Management

Södra’s current CFO, Anna Belfrage, has made a decision to resign on 31 May 2019.

“Anna Belfrage has been a competent and ambitious person and during her tenure as CFO, she has developed and improved Södra’s accounting, IT and purchasing activities in a professional manner,” said President and CEO Lars Idermark.

Peter Karlsson has been appointed new CFO as of 1 March 2019. His previous positions have included Business Controller for the Södra Group and Interim CFO, and he led Södra Wood through the changes to Södra’s involvement in the Interiör segment. Before joining Södra, Peter Karlsson built up many years of professional experience in companies such as IKEA.

“I am delighted that Peter Karlsson has accepted the position as CFO of Södra. Under his leadership, efforts to maintain a high level of quality will continue and be further developed,” said Lars Idermark.

Peter Karlsson will become a member of Group Senior Management.

A high-quality IT operation and the ambition to be a leading forest company in the field of digitisation will be crucial to the development of Södra’s business model. Therefore, it is only natural that this area becomes an independent and Group-wide service function and that its current manager Cristian Brolin becomes the CDO, and a member of Group Senior Management. He will assume his new role at the end of the year.

“Cristian Brolin has in-depth experience and knowledge of IT and digitisation in Sweden as well as internationally. This change will increase both the speed and focus of Södra’s development moving forward,” said President and CEO Lars Idermark.

2018-11-30 
Stora Enso ranked best of industry by Sustainable Brand Index in Sweden

Stora Enso has been awarded ‘Industry Leader 2018’ in the Sustainable Brand Index™ B2B, which is the largest brand study on sustainability in the Nordics. The study covers over one hundred business-to-business brands across more than 10 industries in Sweden.

Stora Enso is considered the most sustainable B2B brand of the industry, according to decision-makers in Sweden. The Sustainable Brand Index™ B2B study analyses how Swedish decision-makers view sustainability and how Sweden’s largest B2B brands are perceived from the perspective of sustainability. Stora Enso finished second in total among all the surveyed B2B companies.

“As a sustainability driven company, we value this recognition highly. Our business is based on supporting our customers in meeting consumers’ demand for sustainable products. By replacing fossil-based materials with our renewable solutions, we will help drive the transition from a fossil fuel consuming world to a future based on a bioeconomy”, says Ulrika Lilja, EVP Communications.

“We are happy to see that the ambitious execution of our sustainability strategy is being recognised”, says Noel Morrin, EVP Sustainability. “It is a top priority for Stora Enso to ensure that our renewable solutions are produced sustainably. This requires continuous work as we move towards a low-carbon future.”

2018-11-30 
Expansion in Laakirchen: New production and office areas for Voith

Voith is expanding its facility in Laakirchen. For more efficient production, the company is currently extending its production areas by around 3,150 square meters. It is also adding new offices and a logistics hall with a new access road for heavy goods vehicles.

A large proportion of global paper production is done on Voith machines and equipment. The technology group, which has its head office in Heidenheim, Germany, delivers rolls for paper machines all over the world from its facility in Laakirchen, Austria. As well as producing new rolls, the Laakirchen plant also receives rolls for servicing at regular intervals, e.g. for the renewal of roll covers. The different types of rolls have various functions, e.g. they help guide the paper webs evenly through the machine, and are used for dewatering, pressing and drying. They also ensure that the paper has a uniform smoothness and gloss. In addition, the rolls, which can be up to 15 meters long and weigh as much as 120 metric tons, have to master speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour.

The purpose of the expansion is to be able to assemble the rolls with as little effort and waiting times as possible and thus significantly accelerate the entire process. Following the expansion, this will be achieved by systematic cycle timing, the clear separation of production lines and a realigned machining tool. “Through this comprehensive investment in Laakirchen we are underscoring our leading role for the European paper industry in respect of rolls, roll covers and associated services,” says Manfred Jaspersen, Operations Manager of Voith Paper Rolls. Due to its central location, Laakirchen is the ideal site for facilitating short routes to customers.

2018-11-29 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö launches Extia® 1000, a breakthrough, high performance and durable filtration media

Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a global leader in fiber-based materials, announces today the launch of Ahlstrom-Munksjö Extia® 1000, breakthrough, highly durable, filtration media designed to extend filtration life time for Air Pollution Control applications, helping to protect people and the environment. Extending filtration lifetime by more than 40%, helping customers to extend the operational duration, before needing to change the filters.

“Extia® 1000 will set the new benchmark in terms of filtration media for air pollution control cartridge applications” says Giuseppe Costa, VP Product Development Filtration and Performance. “Due to its unique design, Extia® 1000 dramatically extends filtration life time ; it also delivers highly effective removal of coarse particles at over 3 times lower level of pressure drop. Additionally, Extia® 1000 proves to be much easier to convert into a filter, on both knife and rotary pleating machines”

“Extia® 1000 is the first product on the Extia® platform, a range of highly durable filtration media, specifically designed for industrial filtration applications. From this platform, a family of products will be built over time, all combining strength, outstanding convertibility and filtration performance. Our product platform Extia® is an excellent example of how Ahlstrom-Munksjo can leverage on its experience in manufacturing high performance filtration products to deliver new solutions for Industrial Filtration applications” comments Fulvio Capussotti, EVP Filtration and Performance. “Delivering high performance filtration media for industrial filtration is a priority for our business area and we will continue to develop and strengthen our product offering for our customers in this field”, he concludes.

The Filtration and Performance business area develops and produces filtration materials for transportation as well as industrial applications. It also produces glass fiber media for flooring products and wind turbine blades and makes nonwoven materials for automotive, construction, textile, hygiene applications and wallcover materials.

2018-11-29 
Cascades announces an investment of US$58 million to modernize tissue converting capacity at its Wagram, NC plant

Cascades Inc., a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue products, is pleased to announce an investment of US$58 million in its Wagram plant in North Carolina that will modernize the plant and add new tissue converting equipment. These project investments are part of the capital expenditure envelope previously announced by the Company.

The project will involve the installation of five new state-of-the-art converting lines and the modernization of four existing lines. Sixty-six full time employees will be hired to operate the new equipment, and an additional 50 temporary jobs will be created to prepare the building and install the equipment. The commissioning of the new converting lines is expected to begin in April 2019 and will be finalized in the first quarter of 2020.

The Wagram plant produces hand towels, paper towels, bathroom tissue and napkins marketed under the Cascades PRO brand, which serves the Away-from-Home markets. The plant will be largely supplied by the Cascades tissue plant located 30 miles away, in Rockingham . Upon completion of the project, the Wagram plant converting capacity will increase from 5.3 million cases per year to close to 15 million cases per year, resulting in a global capacity addition of 3 million cases for the Group.

Mario Plourde , Cascades President and CEO stated : "This modernization project is directly aligned with the objectives set out in our strategic plan. It will not only allow us to replace ageing equipment with modern and efficient technology, but will also improve our integration rate, increase our geographical footprint and extend our ability to serve our customers in the United States . With today’s challenging market conditions, this is a crucial investment that will reduce our manufacturing and transportation costs, improve our environmental footprint and more importantly, bring us closer to our customers."

Jean Jobin , Cascades Tissue Group President and Chief Operating Officer added that "modernizing and adding equipment to the Wagram plant will also help improve Cascades’ product offering by allowing us to produce superior quality products, benefit from the latest technology to provide our customers with new, innovative products and increase capacity to meet the future need of our customers. It is a strategic investment that will solidify our presence in the Southeastern United States and strengthen our ability to offer nationwide coverage for our customers."

"International manufacturers like Cascades are thriving in North Carolina ," said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper . "Our state’s global reputation attracts new investments and jobs because companies know North Carolina’s skilled industrial workers will help them succeed here. These new jobs are an extra welcome boost for an area working to recover from Hurricane Florence."

Cascades would like to mention that this project has been made possible in part by the cooperation and financial support of governments and economic development organizations of North Carolina and Scotland County .

2018-11-29 
Valmet to supply a Valmet IQ Steam Profiler to Luzhou Yongfeng Pulp and Paper in China

Valmet will supply a Valmet IQ Steam Profiler to Luzhou Yongfeng Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd in China. The solution will enable the mill to increase production capacity as well as improve runnability and the economic efficiency of the pulp production line.

The order is included in Valmet’s third quarter 2018 orders received. The delivery will take place in the fourth quarter of 2018.

"We have good long-term cooperation with Valmet, who is a leading supplier in the pulp and paper industry. IQ Steam Profiler has many good references with excellent performance around the world, and we believe the solution will help us improve reliability and product quality," says Zhou Zhengyin, Production Manager, Luzhou Yongfeng Pulp and Paper.

"With industry know-how and extensive application experience, Valmet is able to provide solutions that the customer wants. We are delighted to be able to work closely with Luzhou Yongfeng to improve the mill’s production efficiency and achieve the desired end-product quality," states Bevin Li, Account Manager, China, Automation, Valmet.

The delivery includes a Valmet IQ Steam Profiler for a pulp production line with electro-mechanical actuators, full diagnostics features and actual position feedback. In addition, most of the auxiliary components, such as pneumatic retraction equipment and its control, main steam system components and an operator interface will be supplied by Valmet.

2018-11-29 
Better spruce trees from greenhouse orchards

Sweden’s first large-scale greenhouse orchard for control-pollinated spruce seeds has opened at Södra’s nursery in Falkenberg. The project, conducted jointly with the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden, will improve the quality of future spruce trees.

The supply of control-pollinated spruce seedlings* cannot keep pace with forest owner demand. To meet this need, Södra and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden have now launched a project to increase the production of control-pollinated spruce seeds.

“Such a high level of demand is a positive trend. Control-pollinated seeds will produce higher quality trees and improve tree growth. This will increase the returns that forest owners receive from harvesting, and improve the quality of the end-products,” said Johan Jonsson, Head of Södra Skogsplantor.

Södra is already conducting a similar project with a focus on control-pollinated birch seeds. We are now moving forward with control-pollinated spruce seeds. In the greenhouse orchard, the trees are periodically grown indoors to stimulate flowering, and to ensure they only cross-pollinate with each other. All of the desirable traits are thereby transferred from the selected spruce trees to the seeds, and then to the future trees.

Long-term project
The project to breed control-pollinated spruce seeds was launched in autumn 2018. In spring 2019, the first trees will be delivered to the facility and seed production will begin.

“This is a long-term project and will run for at least ten years. Forest biomass plays a key role in the replacement of fossil-fuel products and energy, and higher returns mean a lot for employment in rural areas and welfare. One of Södra’s sustainability targets is to offer its members products and services that will lead to a 20-percent higher rate of forest growth on their estates by 2050. Our control-pollinated seeds and seedlings, and the increase in growth they provide, are key to achieving this objective,” said Göran Örlander, forestry strategist at Södra.

“The project is based on integrating the breeding work carried out by the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden with Södra’s mass propagation. The trees grown in Falkenberg will provide the best cultivation material and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden will conduct controlled pollination on the trees in Falkenberg for continued breeding,” said Curt Almqvist, Project Manager at the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden.

 *Plant breeding is based on the knowledge that some traits are genetic. Control-pollinated seedlings are bred from the seeds harvested from a seed orchard. A seed orchard has fully grown father and mother trees that have been selected to transfer their superior genetics, such as health and soundness, better climate adaptation, wood quality and strong growth, to their progeny. In the spring, the parent trees cross-pollinate, and the cones containing the seeds are collected in the autumn.

2018-11-29 
Lucart starts up a Toscotec-supplied AHEAD-2.0S tissue machine at its Porcari mill.

The AHEAD-2.0S machine has a paper width of 2,850 mm, an operating speed of 2,000 m/min, with a production of 125 t/d. It features a shoe press TT NextPress, a second-generation TT SYD Steel Yankee Dryer, gas-fired TT Milltech-DYH hoods, and a new pope reel, which preserves the sheet bulk through the accurate control of the jumbo roll winding pressure. The machine is also equipped with the dust and mist removal systems. In accordance with Lucart’s high standards of bulk and softness, the forming section of the AHEAD-2.0S machine is designed for future integration of TT S-Crescent technology.

The TT WIND-H slitter rewinder features a web tensioning control, an automatic tail feeding system and a core winding assist system. 

The scope of supply also includes the erection supervision, commissioning, start-up assistance and personnel training programs.

This is a repeated order for Toscotec, who has been awarded a number of contracts by the Lucart Group since 2008, both in Italy and in France.

“Lucart is a strategic partner”, says Riccardo Gennai, Toscotec Sales Manager for Europe, “we have been working on gaining and maintaining their trust for over 10 years, on a range of rebuild projects in Italy and in France. The start-up of this first complete tissue line is a significant accomplishment. It strengthens our mutual long-standing cooperation, and Toscotec’s leading position in the Italian market.”

Elena Troia, Toscotec’s Tissue Division Project Manager, adds, “Lucart’s technical team helped us working out the best solutions tailored to their need. We worked together to achieve this ambitious goal. The shoe press, paired with the new pope reel design and the future integration of the S-Crescent, contribute all together to the increase of the paper bulk and the achievement of excellent paper quality.”

Massimo Pasquini, CEO of Lucart, states, “Our sustained growth is driven by careful investments. We set the highest standards for our suppliers when it comes to environmental protection. We selected Toscotec for the expansion of our Porcari production base, because over the past 10 years we learned from direct experience that their technology gives us a real energy-efficiency advantage. Another important consideration for this choice was tissue quality. This line will be dedicated to premium products, with higher bulk and superior hand feel.”

Lucart has voluntarily undergone an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the AHEAD-2.0S project, in order to improve the environmental performance of this new production line that replaced an existing MG paper machine. Toscotec has recently proved a strong commitment to its environmental performance, as in 2018 they renewed their ISO 14001 certificate and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) registration for the twelfth consecutive year.

2018-11-29 
Valmet selected to provide automation services to seven Dalkia biomass power plants in France

Valmet has been selected to supply automation services to seven Dalkia power plants in France for the next five years. The agreements cover the biomass power plants in Facture, Rennes, Tours, Angers, Limoges, Orléans and Strasbourg.

The service agreements are a step forward in the cooperation between Dalkia and Valmet.

Laurent François, plant director of Dalkia Rennes : "I have been working with Valmet DNA system since its first implementation in Dalkia’s Facture power plant. The system has proven to be reliable and very user-friendly for the plant operators. In order to maintain the optimum performance level of the system, we decided to sign service agreements on the global level for all Dalkia plants running with Valmet DNA. In addition, we are implementing Valmet DNA Advanced Process Control (APC) in our Dalkia Rennes plant."

"Valmet has been cooperating with Dalkia for about 8 years. I’m very proud that with this agreement, Dalkia shows their continued confidence in our services. Our long-term partnership and life cycle services are a key success factor for Dalkia and the company’s very specific policy to standardize the automation systems and related services of the biomass power plants in Facture, Rennes, Tours, Angers, Limoges, Orléans and Strasbourg," says Hédi Azzouz, Valmet’s Country Manager of Automation business line, France and North Africa.

Dalkia’s first Valmet DNA system was delivered in 2010 to the Facture biomass power plant with Valmet BFB boiler. Being satisfied with the Valmet automation system, Dalkia chose to equip six new biomass plants also with Valmet DNA.

The scope of the initial Valmet service agreements included services such as maintenance visits, remote access, on-call support and software upgrade service in the frame of Valmet DNA Perfect life. The new agreements will include the roadmap to upgrade the whole system on each site once during the five years’ contract to ensure a state-of-the art, reliable and up-to-date platform for Dalkia to operate their plants.

Information about the customer Dalkia

Dalkia, a subsidiary of the EDF Group, is one of the leading providers of energy services in France, and offers its clients tailor-made solutions scaled to fit each building, city, municipality, region and industrial site. Dalkia is France’s leading operator of wood fired power plants, with a capacity to turn close to two million tonnes of biomass into energy every year. Dalkia’turnover in 2016 was EUR 3,5 billion with 12 887 employees, providing energy services to 2,100 industrial sites in France.

2018-11-28 
UPM supports choreographer Hanna Brotherus' "An ode to the forest" dance work for the opening of Helsinki's new central library Oodi

The choreographer and dance artist Hanna Brotherus’ "Oodi metsälle" (an ode to the forest) dance work will be premiered on Friday at the opening ceremony of Oodi, Helsinki’s new central library. UPM supports the dance work, which depicts the birth of civilisation and literacy.

The full dance work, with 207 performers, will be shown at the public opening on Wednesday, 5 December. It progresses from the outdoor stage to the three floors of Oodi, reflecting the interaction between nature and people : the growth of seeds to saplings, and the journey trees make to become paper, books and civilisation.

The core theme of Hanna Brotherus’ work is the forest. The forest is also present in the dancers’ costumes, which are made from paper.

"The forest inspires and it is also a place to rest. The forest is the nature’s library. Flying birds, raging winds and murmuring brooks, as well as the flora and fauna, are as rich as the people who we now welcome to the central library. In the forest and in the library, you have the freedom to meet with your thoughts and to honour science and art, wisdom and your fellow men," says Hanna Brotherus.

"We have been pleased to have been looking at the construction of the new library from close by. Forests have always inspired Finns, as well as science and art. Forests have also helped Finland to prosper. Encouraging reading and learning is important for UPM and libraries play a key role in doing it well," notes Pirkko Harrela, Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM.

"UPMers have already been interested in the library’s activities in advance. We have agreed on a long-term collaboration with the new central library, Oodi, as UPM’s volunteers will lend a helping hand in organising workshops for children," she continues.

Altogether, the dance work features 207 performers, ranging from children to elderly people. In addition to professional dancers, students from local schools, elderly people from various parts of Helsinki and the Sibelius Academy Chamber Choir, conducted by Reijo Aittakumpu, will perform.

In addition to UPM, "an ode to the forest" is carried out in collaboration with the Finnish Association for rural culture and education.

An ode to the forest

Choreography and direction : Hanna Brotherus

Music composition and sound : John Brotherus

Costume design : Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila

Set design : Jonathan Maxwell

Choreographer assistant : Johanna Ikola

Production assistant : Tara Nyman

Production : Hanna Brotherus Company

2018-11-28 
The Navigator Company increase Folio and Reels prices in Middle East, Africa and Turkey

The Navigator Company has started to communicate today to their Client Base in Middle East, Africa and Turkey, the new prices to be applied from 2nd January, 2019, on Folio and Reels by 100 euro/ton (115 USD/ton), due to low profitability.
Orders received by all our customers are subject to agreements on new prices and delivery time in the first quarter of 2019 can be much longer than usual for our Company.
The Navigator Company sells its products to 130 countries over five continents, under its own paper brands with a strong reputation for superior and consistent quality - Navigator, Pioneer, Inacopia, Discovery, Soporset and Inaset.

2018-11-27 

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