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335 Leading Corporations Remove Misleading ‘Go Green’ Claims

At the annual meeting of Two Sides’ Country Managers in London on 5th November 2018, representatives from Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand determined to continue efforts to stop organisations making misleading, anti-print and paper messages in their customer communications.

Since its inception, Two Sides’ anti-greenwash campaign has investigated 921 organisations worldwide. Of these, over two-thirds were found to be using unsubstantiated claims regarding paper’s impact on the environment, usually in breach of local advertising regulations. After being challenged by Two Sides, 335 organisations removed or changed their messaging.

In a joint statement, Two Sides’ Country Managers stated :

“We are thrilled to be able to report the latest global anti-greenwash results. The Anti-Greenwash campaign is such an important initiative because without Two Sides’ intervention there would be no other body holding these organisations to account.

But despite the success of the campaign, as well as clear rules on unsubstantiated environmental claims, greenwash tactics are still commonplace. Every day, new claims are brought to the attention of Two Sides, from some of the world’s largest companies telling tens-of-millions of their customers that paper is bad for the environment.”

Common consumer misconceptions about print and paper are being reinforced by service providers as they increasingly encourage their customers to switch to electronic bills, statements and correspondence. The incentive to switch is often based on unfounded environmental claims such as ‘Go Green – Go Paperless’ and ‘Choose e-billing and help save a tree.’

Not only are these claims misleading, but the drive to digital is not without environmental impacts and also not welcomed by many consumers.

In a survey commissioned Two Sides, over 10,000 consumers around the globe were asked about their preferences for print. Key findings include :

 89% believe they have the right to choose how they receive communications (printed or electronically) from financial organisations and service providers
 77% believe they should not be charged more for choosing a paper bill or statement
 73% keep hard copies of important documents filed at home, as they believe this is the safest and most secure way of storing information
 69% agree to go ‘paperless’ is not really ‘paperless’ because they regularly have to print out documents at home
 62% agree incentives to switch to digital because it is ‘better for the environment’ are actually because the sender wants to save money

Two Sides’ Country Managers remark :

“Two Sides, of course, recognises the benefits of digital communication in today’s ever-online world, but we must not force change as a blanket policy on all consumers, particularly under the guise of misleading and unsubstantiated environmental claims.

Two Sides asks all services providers to take a fair and honest approach to their communications and ensure that consumers remain free to choose paper, without charge or difficulty.”

What to do if you find misleading claims

Two Sides continues to actively challenge major organisations found to be misleading consumers by using environmental claims about the use of paper. However, we need the help of our eagle-eyed supporters ! Keep your eyes peeled for other examples of Greenwash and report them to us.

Please send any instances of greenwash to greenwash@twosides.info

2018-11-13 
P&G Tackles Clean Water, Gender Equality and Plastic Waste in 2018 CSR Report

The Procter & Gamble Company  extends its long history of doing good in the world by bringing the comforts of home to those impacted by disasters, continuing to spark conversations about diversity, inclusion and gender equality with its advertising and making meaningful impact on the environment with new 2030 goals including a vision to ensure that none of the Company’s packaging ends up in the world’s oceans.

Captured in the 2018 Citizenship Report released today, P&G highlights the recent activities that define the Company as a force for good and a force for growth.

“Our aspiration is clear. We want to be a force for good and force for growth. We know that the more we integrate and build Citizenship into how we do business, the bigger the impact we can make with the people we serve, the communities where we live and work, and the broader world that surrounds us. In turn, this helps us grow and build our business,” said David Taylor, P&G’s Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer.

The Company has made progress in all its Citizenship priority areas and the highlights from the report include :

  •  - Community Impact : This year, the Company celebrated a milestone with its Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, distributing its 14 billionth liter of clean drinking water to those who need it most. P&G’s brands played an important role in helping those impacted by natural disasters such as the hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Florence, and our Tide Loads of Hope program washed more than 3,800 loads of laundry to help bring a sense of normalcy to those suffering the effects of natural disasters.
  •  - Diversity & Inclusion : P&G sparked important conversations around equality with two award-winning films : “The Talk” about racial bias and “The Words Matter” about LGBT+ inclusion. Its brands launched multiple advertising campaigns that include positive portrayals of diverse families and individuals. Internally, the Company introduced additional benefits to modernize employee parental leave policies as part of its Flex@Work program.
  •  - Gender Equality : As a leader in using its voice to call attention to gender equality, P&G created a thought-provoking new exhibit, “Women at Work : Myth vs. Reality,” which challenges outdated thinking about women in the workplace. It also partnered with Sesame Workshop and the Muppets to set new expectations about gender for boys and girls around the world and introduced a range of new brand advertising campaigns championing equal voice and equal representation for all individuals.
  • -  Environmental Sustainability : In April, the Company announced ambitious sustainability goals for 2030. Having already achieved many of its 2020 goals for climate, water and waste, P&G’s Ambition 2030 framework focuses on where the Company can make the biggest positive difference – with its brands, supply chain, society and employees. The Company has renewed its focus on plastic waste and many of its brands are stepping up to increase the recyclability of packaging and use more recycled material.

“For more than 180 years, the Company has been touching and improving lives. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. And it motivates us to do more and be a force for good and a force for growth in the world,” said Taylor.

2018-11-13 
Södra to acquire Bergvik Skog’s forest holding in Latvia

Södra is acquiring Bergvik Skog AB’s forest holding in Latvia. The total area is 111,100 hectares, of which 80,300 comprise forest land.

“This investment will secure some of our need for forest raw material. It will improve the structure of our wood imports by complementing our members’ wood deliveries and strengthening Södra’s competitiveness,” said Lars Idermark, President and CEO of Södra.

Södra already owns 15,000 hectares of forest land in Latvia, and this acquisition will substantially strengthen the company’s position.

“The new holding is also a good capital investment as a base for Södra’s future development, which obviously benefits our 51,000 members,” said Lena Ek, Chair of Södra.

The acquisition comprises all shares in two companies, SIA Bergvik Skog and SIA Ruda, and includes the forestry organisation with 24 employees.

“Latvia is, and will continue to be, a central import source for Södra’s raw material supply. The acquisition of new forest land will increase our opportunities for good cooperation in the Latvian market. We will also continue to follow Bergvik Skog’s direction of developing sustainable forestry with high forest management ambitions,” said Olof Hansson, President of the Södra Skog business area.

The forest soil is highly fertile and growth will increase over the coming decades. The growing stock volume is currently 10.6 million m³. The purchase consideration is EUR 324 million.

2018-11-13 
Stora Enso’s forest associate Bergvik Skog sells forestland in Latvia and increases fair values of biological assets

Bergvik Skog AB, a Swedish forest holding company, has divested its ownership in its subsidiaries in Latvia where the company owned a total of 0.1 million hectares of forest land. Stora Enso owns currently 49.8% of Bergvik Skog.

The transaction was finalised today, 13 November 2018. The selling price of the assets was EUR 324 million, and the gain on disposal net of transaction costs and taxes totalled approximately SEK 978 (EUR 95) million. Stora Enso’s share of the gain is approximately SEK 487 (EUR 47) million, subject to normal closing verification and currency movements. The gain will be booked as an item affecting comparability (IAC) in the fourth quarter 2018 results. The total area in the Latvian forest is 111 000 ha, whereof 80 000 ha is productive forest land.

The IFRS fair value of the biological assets, i.e. growing trees, of Bergvik Skog has increased, net of tax, approximately SEK 1 313 (EUR 128) million compared to 2017. This includes approximately SEK 390 (EUR 38) million for the biological assets in Latvia. Stora Enso’s share of the increase in 2018, net of tax, is approximately SEK 654 (EUR 64) million subject to normal year-end verification. Approximately SEK 148 (EUR 15) million of the increase was already reflected in Stora Enso’s January–September IFRS operating profit and SEK 506 (EUR 49) million will be included in the IFRS operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2018. The change in the fair value was due to a decrease in the discount rate, inflation, and changes in the harvesting plan and price forecast.

The gain on disposal and the increase in fair value will impact the Group’s IFRS operating profit in 2018. The IAC and fair valuation do not impact Stora Enso’s operational EBIT.

As previously announced, Stora Enso is in a process of restructuring its ownership in Bergvik Skog. The divestment of the Latvian assets is part of the restructuring plan agreed among the shareholders. As a result of the planned restructuring, Stora Enso plans to transform its current ownership of 49.8% in Bergvik Skog, to a direct holding of approximately 70% of the value of the forest assets in Bergvik Väst. The negotiations are progressing in accordance with the Letter of Intent signed in November 2017. The aim of the negotiations is to find a binding agreement leading to that the main restructuring can be finalised during the first half of 2019. There are no negative effects expected on wood sourcing in 2019.

2018-11-13 
Gardner Denver Acquires DV Systems

Gardner Denver Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of mission-critical flow control and compression equipment, announced that it has acquired DV Systems Inc., funded with cash on hand. Based in Barrie, Ontario, DV Systems is a leading manufacturer of rotary screw and piston compressors and associated aftermarket parts. DV Systems will be part of Gardner Denver’s Industrials Segment.

“DV Systems is a Canadian market-leader with a history of innovative products, strong talent and excellent customer relationships,” said Vicente Reynal, Gardner Denver’s CEO. “This transaction is aligned with our strategy of leveraging core, mission critical technologies in attractive markets to drive ongoing profitable growth.”

“We are very excited for DV Systems to be part of the Gardner Denver family,” said Bogdan Markiel, DV Systems’ CEO. “As part of Gardner Denver, DV Systems will be well-positioned to expand into new markets and expand the product portfolio that has made us a leader in the Canadian market.”

2018-11-13 
Dr. Stefan Knohl wins Blue Sky Young Research & Innovation Award

Dr. Stefan Knohl wins Blue Sky Young Research & Innovation Award for research on "Highly Filled Specialty Papers for Application in Fuel and Electrolysis Cells". Highly filled specialty papers increase the efficiency of conventional technologies and open up new avenues and advantages for the paper industry
At Paper & Beyond - the European Paper Week organised by the European Paper Industry Association (CEPI) - Dr. Stefan Knohl was presented with the award for "Highly filled specialty papers for use in fuel cells".
From a large number of applications his submission came among the best 8 and this enabled Dr. Stefan Knohl to present his topic in Brussels. Here he convinced the jury with his presentation and won one of 3 prizes.
The award research topic of "Highly Filled Specialty Papers" investigates the production of functional papers and paper-derived materials for use in fuel and electrolysis cells. Paper-derived bioelectrodes for microbial electrochemical wastewater treatment and highly porous titanium-based power distributors for PEM fuel cells are being developed.
Each highly filled paper consists of cellulose fibers and up to 90 % by weight filler. The strength and flexibility of the material is based on the formation of the fiber network, while the paper takes over the functional properties through the filler.

Another significant advantage of the highly filled flat semi-finished paper products is that they can be converted into 3-dimensional structures by conventional paper technology processes (e.g. waves, folds).
Highly filled specialty papers not only increase the efficiency of conventional technologies, but also open up new avenues and advantages for the paper industry, e.g. the emergence of new markets and applica-tions for paper-based materials.
Winning the award will give Dr. Stefan Knohl the opportunity to take part in the worldwide competition in May 2019, where he will present his topic and represent PTS.
The team of the Paper Technology Foundation congratulates Dr. Stefan Knohl on this success !

2018-11-12 
Klingele Gruppe acquires the Spanish company Ondunova

The Klingele Group, one of the leading independent manufacturers of corrugated base paper and corrugated board packaging, has acquired all of the shares of the Gomà family in the Spanish Ondunova Group, a manufacturer of corrugated packaging in Catalonia (Spain). Klingele has been a part of the company since the early 1970s ; and now Klingele has assumed full ownership. With this step, the packaging manufacturer continues its growth abroad.

The Ondunova Group was founded in 1957 and has a corrugated cardboard plant in Santa Margarida i els Monjos in the Barcelona region (Catalonia province). With approximately 100 employees in Ondunova and 20 in Wondu, the company produces packaging and displays made of corrugated cardboard. The customers include companies from the automotive, personal hygiene, construction, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as the beverage industry. In 2016, the Spanish packaging specialist also established its own business unit for digital printing of small-volume series. Since then, Ondunova has been selling individually designed packaging solutions in high-quality printing under the WONDU brand. The flexibility of the printing and the digital cutting technology enables the design of corrugated board products for seasonal campaigns even in small quantities, thus offers the possibility of approaching new customers with innovative and cost-efficient products.

Klingele is a founding member of the Blue Box Partners Alliance, which provides European companies with innovative packaging solutions in consistent quality. At the same time, however, Klingele has always been dedicated to its own international commitments, which include the development of pioneering markets such as Cuba and Mauritania. In Spain, the corrugated cardboard specialist has been present in the Canary Islands since 1965 through its subsidiary Klingele Embalajes.

‘After decades of constructive collaboration with the Gomà family, we will now continue with the successful growth of the Ondunova Group solely under the Klingele flag,’ stated Dr Jan Klingele, Managing Partner of the Klingele Group. ‘Especially in the economically strong region of Catalonia, we see excellent opportunities for the future.’

2018-11-12 
Canfor to Acquire Elliott Sawmilling Co., Inc.

Canfor Corporation  announces it has entered into an agreement to purchase Elliott Sawmilling Co., Inc. located in Estill, South Carolina (“Elliott”) for a purchase price of US$110 million, which includes normalized working capital. 
The purchase price represents a 4.3 times EBITDA multiple based on Elliott’s twelve months trailing 
EBITDA. The transaction will be completed in two phases with 49% being acquired on closing and 51% being acquired one year later. Elliott has a production capacity in excess of 210 million board feet and the sawmill consists of bo
th large and small log lines.
“We are thrilled to welcome the employees of Elliott to the Canfor team. Elliott has an excellent management team and produces high quality products that will align well with Canfor’s high-value product mix. Nash Elliott will
continue as the General Manager after the transaction is completed,” said Don Kayne, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canfor. “The purchase of Elliott will further expand our production capacity to meet the growing demand of our customers.”
The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2019 and is subject to confirmatory due diligence, completion of certain transaction documents and other customary closing conditions.

2018-11-12 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö: Changes in the Executive Management Team

Executive Vice President, CFO and Communications & Investor Relations Pia Aaltonen-Forsell has informed that she will leave Ahlstrom-Munksjö to take up new responsibilities outside the company. She will continue in her current role until end of February 2019.

Sakari Ahdekivi appointed Deputy CEO and CFO as of March 1, 2019

Sakari Ahdekivi, currently Deputy CEO and Executive Vice President Corporate Development, is appointed Deputy CEO and CFO as of March 1, 2019, in addition to his current role. He continues as a member of the Group Executive Team. Sakari has previously held CFO positions in publicly listed companies Ahlstrom Oyj, YIT Oyj and Huhtamäki Oyj. In addition he has acted both as CFO and Managing Director of Tamro Oy as well as interim CEO of Ahlstrom Oyj during the merger process with Munksjö Oyj.

Hans Sohlström, President and CEO : ”I want to thank Pia for her valuable contribution as CFO in an intense period of transformation and strong growth and wish her all the best in her new responsibilities. I am pleased that Sakari has agreed to take up Pia’s responsibilities in addition to his current responsibilities. Sakari’s broad experience is valuable for the company during our path of profitable growth and value creation.”

2018-11-09 
Hua-Chuan Group and A.Celli Paper for two E-WIND® P-100 rewinders

A.Celli Paper has been awarded the supply of two rewinders, establishing a new partnership with the important Chinese Group

A.Celli Paper signed an order for two E-WIND® P-100 rewinders with Yiwu Yinan Paper Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hua-Chuan Group.

The rewinders have a design speed of 2500 mpm, support a mother roll width of 6760 mm and are used in the production process of high-strength medium board paper. This type of product, having a minimum weight of 60 gsm, requires an extremely high precision control of the web tension and stability of the machine.

A.Celli Paper has distinguished itself among the various competitors, obtaining the assignment of the order and thus becoming a new partner of the important Hua-Chuan Group.

The design of the two rewinders has already been completed and production is underway. The two machines will become operational in the second half of 2019

2018-11-09 
Stora Enso’s lignin wins IChemE Innovative Product Award

LineoTM by Stora Enso, a lignin-based product launched by the renewable materials company earlier this year, has been awarded ‘Innovative Product Award 2018’ by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Shortlisted alongside products from a range of companies including Dow and Johnson Matthey, the judges chose Stora Enso as the winner “for creating a new bio-based, sustainable material to replace fossil-fuels used in coatings and adhesives”. IChemE recognised LineoTM as a versatile solution made from lignin, one of the main building blocks of a tree.

LineoTM has applications in a range of areas where fossil-based materials are currently used. A renewable replacement for oil-based phenolic materials, it can be used in resins for adhesives e.g. in plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), paper lamination and insulation material. Stora Enso is also researching new uses for LineoTM, including formaldehyde-free binders, carbon fibre and energy storage applications.

Stora Enso has been producing lignin industrially at its Sunila Mill in Finland since 2015 and the mill has a yearly capacity of 50 000 tonnes. The company is the largest kraft lignin producer in the world.

Markus Mannström, Executive Vice President of the Stora Enso Biomaterials division, says, “LineoTM is one of Stora Enso’s key renewable solutions and we are proud that it has, once again, been recognised as an important product by top chemical industry representatives. LineoTM has many potential uses across diverse industries and promotes the optimised use of natural and bio-based resources. At Stora Enso, we continue to believe that everything made from fossil-based materials today, can be made from a tree tomorrow.”

2018-11-09 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö increases parchment paper production capacity and inaugurates a new production line in Saint-Séverin in France

Ahlstrom-Munksjö strengthens its global leading position in parchment products for sustainable everyday applications by inaugurating a new parchmentizer line at the Saint-Séverin plant in France. With the new line the company meets the growing demand for sustainable alternatives for cooking and baking, pan liners, trays and molds.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s genuine vegetable parchment papers are made out of 100% cellulose fibers with no chemical additives. Most of its variants are biodegradable and certified home compostable. Genuine vegetable parchment offers optimal release, greaseproof and heat resistance properties, making them ideal for cooking and baking, food packaging and processing applications in both professional and domestic use. The market for parchment products is estimated to grow by approximately 3-5% annually.

This highly attractive EUR 7 million investment, announced in June 2017, started up successfully in September 2018. Base paper for the parchmentizer line is sourced internally allowing also a more favorable product mix within the Food Packaging business, part of the Specialties business area.

“Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the only few players to provide a viable compostable alternative to plastics and aluminum for products like baking trays and molding materials. We are committed to Genuine Vegetable Parchment as we believe sustainable materials are our future”, says Omar Hoek, EVP of the business area Specialties.

The plant’s main products include food and beverage packaging materials and it employs 168 people. In addition to using local resources for the building of the new line, the investment will employ 28 more full time employees, a significant number in a region that has been affected by industrial desertification in the past decade.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Specialties business area produces materials for food and beverage packaging, laboratory filters and life science diagnostics, water filtration, tape products and medical fabrics. It also supplies hot oil cooking and milk filtration materials, graphics paper for sticky notes and envelopes and metallized labels.

2018-11-08 
Cellwood to upgrade deinking line at Colombiana Tissue

Colombiana Tissue has awarded Cellwood with the contract to install a Krima HDS system in its Palmira, Colombia mill. The system will be installed to improve overall quality and to lower raw material costs.

Colombiana Tissue S.A.S – with a mill situated in Palmira, they manufacture and distribute a variety of products such as hygienic paper, paper towel, kitchen towel and napkins, both for institutional and personal care.

The delivery will take place in early 2019.

2018-11-08 
Pulsar Engineering Official Partner of Sofidel 3S Award

Pulsar Engineering was one of the Official Partners of the last Sofidel Suppliers Sustainability Award, with the aim of witnessing the ever-increasing focus of the company towards environmental sustainability, a long-established practice in use.

The event was held in Circleville, Ohio (USA) where is located the biggest, the most modern and sustainable plant of the Sofidel Group. The facility was inaugurated for this special occasion.

Pulsar Engineering has not only acted as partner of the event, but it actively contributed to the realization of the plant by providing its technologies for conveying systems and products’ quality inspection machines.

As for Sofidel, the same for Pulsar Engineering, sustainability has always represented a strategic lever for the development and growth of the company itself.

In this view, Pulsar Engineering has decided to promoted the campaign of the “Two Sides” association in its annual calendar, with the aim of debunk false myths concerning paper. Indeed, the use of paper in the last years has been discouraged by campaigns based on common habits without scientific support.

2018-11-08 
EUROPAC net profit grows 36%

The Board of Directors of the Europac Group has approved the accounts corresponding to the third quarter of the year, registering a net profit of 79.1 million euros, 35.8% higher than in the same period of 2017. With growth in aggregate sales of 7.6% to stand at 943.6 million euros, the consolidated and recurrent EBITDA figures rose by 27.0 % and 50.9% compared to the third quarter of last year, amounting to 150.2 and 157.0 million euros, respectively.
Additionally, consolidated EBIT over the period stood at 113.6 million euros, 45.7% higher than in the first nine months of 2017.
In a context of moderate growth of economic activity, the evolution of the results continues favoured by solid paper demand, sale price stability at high levels following the accumulated rises in the year to date and continued low prices of raw materials. These circumstances, together with higher sale prices of packaging, in line with group forecasts, turns into a consolidated EBITDA Margin of 21.1%, up 2.6 percentage points on the first nine months of 2017.
Europac Chairman José Miguel Isidro,stated that “ the company results between January and September respond to higher paper sale prices combined with lower raw material prices and the efforts made by the Packaging Division to pass on price rises of its raw material to the market.. Management projects executed in recent years as well as the integrated business model that defines Europac, allow us to optimize the results in a favourable
market context such as that experienced between January and September of this year ”.
Higher Paper and Packaging Division revenue Revenue grew in the Paper Division by 11% compared to the third quarter of last year as a result of higher sales prices than in 2017 and a 7% increase in the production output of kraftliner paper and 1% of recycled paper. Specifically, between 1 January and 30 September, the sale price of kraftliner paper rose by 43 euros per tonne and 25 euros per tonne of recycled paper, while the raw material dropped by 40 euros per tonne over the same period.
At the Packaging Division, revenue grew by 2% compared to the first nine months of the previous year due to higher sales prices. Accordingly, the business continues to pass on to the market the rises in paper prices – its raw material
-, in line with group forecasts.

2018-11-08 
Cascades Packaging starts up PM1 at Kingsey Falls after major rebuild by Toscotec.

Following a major rebuild of the dryer section supplied by Toscotec with the installation of TT SteelDryers, Cascades Packaging fired up its PM1 at Kingsey Falls mill, Canada. The machine was started up on schedule on September 23rd, with the support of Toscotec’s service engineers, who also provided the commissioning and the erection supervision onsite.

Toscotec implemented an efficient rebuild aimed to achieve the highest production increase with the lowest possible impact on the existing machine. Toscotec customized its engineering design in order to efficiently integrate its new dryer section into the existing equipment. The project was completed in record time and maintaining the overall length of the dryer section and the width of the dryers’ frame.

Mathieu Gendron, Mill Manager of Cascades Kingsey Falls, says, “Toscotec delivered the project according to the tight schedule we agreed upon. After start-up, we are seeing a promising increase in the production and we are confident that it will match the project targets”.

Fabrizio Charrier, Toscotec’s P&B Area Sales Manager, comments, “we are happy to see that the first results after start-up indicate that we will achieve the project’s target of 8% production increase. This is a very significant result, especially if you consider that the scope of the rebuilding was reduced to a minimum, in order to limit shutdown and construction costs”.

2018-11-08 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö to develop a new biodegradable flexible paper-based packaging material in collaboration with five partners

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has partnered with five companies to develop a new flexible paper-based packaging solution.

The objective is to develop a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable flexible paper‐based packaging material, by replacing current materials by more sustainable ones, leading to a reduced amount of plastic films. There is a significant market potential, as the size of the flexible plastic packaging market for dry food applications is evaluated at around EUR 3.7 billion a year in Europe(1).

Flexible packaging is widely used in food wrapping, pet food and non-food packaging, and numerous other end-use applications what we see at the supermarkets.

Usually flexible packaging contains a plastic film and/or an aluminum foil, creating an excellent barrier to water vapor, oxygen, and contaminants. Downside in using plastic and aluminum relates to the end of the life-cycle when the packaging becomes waste. In the normal waste management it ends up being either burned or dumped into landfill.

More about the Sherpack partners and funding :

The European project Sherpack – “Innovative structured polysaccharides‐based materials for recyclable and biodegradable flexible packaging” was kick‐off on June 14, 2017. Consortium has 6 partners – 3 industrial partners and 3 research centers. Industrial partners are Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Cargill, Borregaard, and research CTP, ITENE and ISOF-CNR. Sherpack was selected among 70 proposals in the EU funded H2020 BBI‐2016‐R05 call for projects on “Advanced biomaterials for smart food packaging”.

(1) Smithers Pira, “Global flexible packaging market sees rapid growth”, 2015

2018-11-07 
Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report was ranked best by Finnish financial journalists

Stora Enso’s Sustainability Report 2017 was chosen as best by Finnish financial journalists in a competition organised by the corporate responsibility network FIBS. Our report was short-listed among the 10 best reports in the overall competition.

Finnish financial journalists considered the report as the best sustainability report for 2017. They emphasized the usability of the report ; even if the report contains a lot of information, the facts are easily found.

“We are pleased that our report has received recognition also from media. A good report must be consistent and comprehensive, but also practical and easy to use,” says Eeva Taimisto, Head of Sustainability Communications at Stora Enso.

Stora Enso’s Annual Report 2017 is comprised of four separate publications : the Progress Book, the Sustainability Report, the Financial Report, and the Corporate Governance Report. The reports can be downloaded at storaenso.com/annualreport

The annual sustainability report review has been organised since 1996, and this year in co-operation with Aalto University, FIBS, Finsif, Nasdaq Helsinki, Finnish Auditors, Association for Environmental Management, and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment. In addition, three stakeholder groups’ favourite reports were awarded. Media’s choice was picked by the Association of Finnish Economic Correspondents, investors’ choice by the State Pension Fund (VER) and the NGO’s favourite report by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG).

2018-11-07 
Stora Enso introduces sustainable RFID tag technology ECO for intelligent packaging

Stora Enso launches a new sustainable RFID tag technology called ECO™ by Stora Enso, designed for intelligent packaging functionalities in supply chain, retail and e-commerce applications. The technology enables paper-based RFID tags, providing a plastic-free and recyclable solution for packaging authentication.

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso develops and delivers RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which allows the packaged product to be automatically tracked, traced and tamper-proofed throughout the entire supply chain. Stora Enso’s ECO technology enables the RFID tags to be produced on a 100% fibre-based paper label, unlike traditional plastic tags, resulting in a lower carbon footprint for sustainability conscious B2B and B2C companies.

“The launch of ECOTMcreates a truly sustainable option for our customers and consumers, accelerating the use of smart technology in Stora Enso’s renewable solutions” says Martin Ros, Head of Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging. “Our ECO technology is unique in the sense that it offers a recyclable and plastic layer free option for RFID end-users, thus enabling a digital and sustainable packaging infrastructure.”

By integrating the RFID tag with a paper label, the manufacturing process becomes more scalable and, as result, also more cost-effective – all without compromising on performance and reliability. The ECO tag can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way together with paper and board materials. Moreover, it offers high conductivity at a lower cost compared with graphene or silver printed antennas. The ECO technology is available for use in multiple ongoing projects across multiple sectors.

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso enables packaged products to be automatically tracked, traced and tamper-proofed throughout the entire supply chain using RFID technology. RFID is a wireless technology for the transfer of data that are electronically stored on tags attached to a package. The technology can identify several hundred items in sub-second speed and without line-of-sight interaction. Moreover, it allows communication between the brand-owner and the end-user by use of an NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smartphone. The solution provides complete reader systems and uses a cloud-based track-and-trace solution that runs on the Microsoft Azure platform.

2018-11-07 
PCA CEO Mark Kowlzan named RISI Global Containerboard CEO of the Year

RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, today announced that Mark Kowlzan, Chairman and CEO of Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), has been named 2018 Global Containerboard CEO of the Year.

The award will be presented to Mr. Kowlzan at the RISI International Containerboard Conference on November 13, 2018 in Chicago at the Intercontinental Magnificent Mile Hotel.

The Global Containerboard CEO of the Year is nominated by a group of investment analysts and portfolio managers covering the international containerboard industry. Candidates are nominated for showing vision and leadership and achieving strong financial returns over the past year.

Analysts credited Mr. Kowlzan for delivering the highest returns for any publicly-traded containerboard/corrugated box suppliers. Under his leadership, PCA has also completed two major projects to keep the company’s integration rate the highest in the industry.

"PCA has done a good job of remaining focused and continuing to generate industry-leading margins," one analyst said. "Under Kowlzan, the company has done an impressive job of squeezing benefits from their 2013 acquisition of Boise, with cost-efficient conversions at their DeRidder, LA, and Wallula, WA, mills."

In the second quarter, PCA reported an EBITDA margin of 24.2% in containerboard and corrugated products, the highest among publicly traded North American containerboard producers. The company has achieved margins above 20% for 22 consecutive quarters, consistently higher than competitors, one analyst noted.

PCA has regularly achieved much higher than average box shipment growth, combining organic growth with targeted "bolt-on" acquisitions. Recent acquisitions have included TimBar Packaging, Columbus Container and Sacramento Container.

In the second quarter, PCA increased its box shipments 6.6% from a year ago on a per-shipping day basis, vs 0.9% growth for the overall US corrugated box industry. For the past three years (2017-2015), PCA’s grew its box shipments 4.9%/yr, vs 1.9% for the entire industry.

To supply this growing box plant system, PCA has invested in conversions of two paper machines at two former Boise mills.

PCA converted the D-3 machine at its DeRidder mill from newsprint to virgin containerboard in late 2014, with further improvements in early 2018. Continuous comprehensive optimization improvements have boosted the mill’s annual production from approximately 625,000 tons to more than 1.1 million tons/year. This year, the company is also converting a white paper/specialty machine at the Wallula mill to 400,000 tons/yr of virgin kraft linerboard in a two-stage project scheduled for completion this fall. Mr. Kowlzan, a former mill manager, has been deeply involved in the success of both conversion projects.

Since Kowlzan has become CEO in July 2010, PCA has increased its sales from $2.4 billion that year to $6.4 billion in 2017, and net income from $205 million in 2010 to $669 million last year. Earnings per share have gone from $2/share in 2010 to $6.02 (diluted, excluding special items) in 2017, with the consensus of analysts that PCA should earn around $7.90/share this year.

Since July 2010, PCA’s stock price has risen from $21/share to as high as $131/share earlier this year, before declining to $91/share on Oct. 17. Analysts note that this aligns with a general decline in containerboard stocks due to concerns about new capacity announcements.

2018-11-06 
Essity and the French Red Cross signed a new 3 year cooperation

On Nov. 5th, Essity and the French Red Cross signed a new 3 year cooperation contract to improve hygiene and health of the homeless in France, including overseas territories. Since 2011, Essity has been supporting the French Red Cross to supply about 100,000 hygiene kits distributed during social tours by the French Red Cross volunteers all year round.

2018-11-06 
CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström: Our transformation strategy continues to deliver sustainable profitable growth

Stora Enso’s Capital Markets Day takes place in Helsinki on Wednesday 7 November. The theme of the day is “Creating value in the bioeconomy”.

“I am pleased how Stora Enso demonstrates ability to create value in the bioeconomy and successfully delivers sustainable profitable growth. We are perfectly positioned to benefit from the global megatrends, as we see many new opportunities for our renewable products to replace fossil-based materials,” says CEO Karl-Henrik Sundström.

During the day, Stora Enso will present its strategy and all five business divisions.

Capital expenditure for 2019
Stora Enso maintains its capital expenditure (excluding investments to biological assets) at the level of depreciation. In 2019, the estimated capital expenditure will be EUR 550–600 million, including EUR 100 million for biological assets. The forecasted annual depreciation is EUR 490–510 million and operational decrease in the value of biological assets EUR 50–70 million. Capital expenditure amounts do not include potential acquisitions or divestments and are excluding the impact of IFRS 16 Leases.

Capital Markets Day webcast

Stora Enso’s Capital Markets Day takes place in Helsinki tomorrow. You are welcome to follow the presentations focusing on an update on Stora Enso’s strategy, including an in-depth review of all of our business divisions, in a live webcast starting at 11.00 Finnish time (10.00 CET, 9.00 UK time) at https://edge.media-server.com/m6/p/2bpssr47

2018-11-06 
Matthews International announces Acquisition of Frost Converting Systems

Matthews International Corporation  today announced that the Company has acquired Frost Converting Systems, a full-service supplier of engineered rotary dies to global brand owners and converters in more than 20 countries around the globe.
Based in Burlington, North Carolina, FROST is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance rotary dies for embossing, creasing and cutting of paperboard packaging and other web-fed materials. With similar expertise, common cultures and complementary capabilities, both Matthews and FROST see the acquisition as a victory for their customers, industry partners and employees. Matthews plans to integrate FROST within its SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT business, part of its SGK Brand Solutions Segment, a leader in the delivery of brand development, activation and deployment services that help build our clients’ brands and consumers’ desire for them.
“Matthews is the right partner for our future,” said Robert Frost, President of FROST. “We know the SAUERESSIG® and Matthews team well and have a lot of respect for their technology and their people. We look forward to leveraging the strengths of our team in support of Matthews’ plan to aggressively grow the Surfaces business worldwide.”
FROST’s integration into the Company will bring two new product lines : rotary creasing and cutting tools, which are highly complementary to Matthews’ current rotogravure, embossing, calendaring and web-handling offerings.
Furthermore, this acquisition marks the first venture into the North American market for Matthews’ SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT business. With the acquisition of FROST, the Company can now better support the underserved North American tobacco packaging market, and the fast-growing, flooring, renewable energy and automotive markets. The company is also supported by the existing and experienced SAUERESSIG® packaging and tobacco business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
“Previously, our SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT manufacturing footprint has been limited to Europe,” explains Greg Babe, Chief Technology Officer, Matthews International. “Now, with FROST and our combined expertise, we are excited to enter the North American market and to provide our global customers with new products and services.”
Founded by Robert and Carla Frost in 2004, FROST started as a supplier of rotary embossing dies to paperboard packaging converters in North America. Shortly thereafter, FROST expanded its product offerings to include rotary creasing and cutting tools, as well as the reconditioning of cutting dies. Today, with more than 50 employees, the company services brand owners and converting customers in more than 20 countries around the world.
With the acquisition of FROST, the Matthews Surfaces business takes another step forward to establish itself as the worldwide leader in the materials surfacing market.

2018-11-06 
WestRock Completes Acquisition of KapStone

WestRock Company, a leading provider of differentiated paper and packaging solutions, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation.

“I am pleased that we have completed the acquisition of KapStone Paper and Packaging, and I welcome our new teammates to WestRock,” said Steve Voorhees, chief executive officer of WestRock. “The addition of KapStone enhances our differentiated portfolio of paper and packaging solutions and will enable us to serve our customers better across our system. We look forward to delivering on the opportunities that the addition of KapStone provides for our team, our customers and our stockholders.”

The company expects to achieve approximately $200 million in synergies and performance improvements by the end of fiscal 2021 through the integration of the former KapStone operations into WestRock’s corrugated business. The acquisition also strengthens WestRock’s presence on the West Coast of the United States and broadens WestRock’s portfolio of differentiated paper and packaging solutions with the addition of attractive paper grades and distribution capabilities.

WestRock financed the transaction through the issuance of debt from a bank term loan facility, existing credit commitments and cash on hand.

Lazard served as lead investment bank and financial advisor to WestRock. Wells Fargo also acted as a financial advisor to WestRock and is the agent for a syndicate of banks that provided the financing for the transaction. Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP acted as legal advisor to WestRock, and King and Spalding LLP served as antitrust counsel to WestRock.

Rothschild & Co. and Moelis & Company LLC served as financial advisors to KapStone. Sidley Austin LLP acted as legal advisor to KapStone.

2018-11-06 
Paperpack invests in BOBST EXPERTFOLD 80 to take its packaging production to the next level

Paperpack - one of the leading providers of carton packaging and leaflets in Greece - has become the first company in the country to invest in a new EXPERTFOLD 80 folder-gluer from BOBST with ACCUBRAILLE GT and ACCUCHECK. This extremely versatile folder-gluer is enabling Paperpack to produce an impressive number of boxes at high speed with unrivalled quality.

2018-11-06 

Reno De Medici S.p.A. announces the closing, finalized today, of the agreement with the German private equity fund Quantum Capital Partners for the 100% acquisition of Barcelona Cartonboard SAU, a Spanish company and ranked seventh in the coated cartonboard sector in Europe, following the announcement dated July 2, 2018 and the clearance obtained by the Antitrust Authorities.

The RDM Group, second-ranked European producer of cartonboard made of recycled fibers material, will strengthen its leadership in Southern Europe, thanks to the integration of Barcelona Cartonboard S.A.U., by optimizing its product portfolio and level of service offered to current and future customers, and benefitting from the proximity of the Barcelona plant to some of the major European converters.

2018-11-06 
A new B2A Technology solution to optimize order picking

6 months after the merger between Alstef and BA Systèmes to create one of the leading suppliers of intelligent intralogistics solutions, B2A Technology announces its offer enrichment in complete intralogistics solutions with
an order picking solution based on AGV technology.
Adopting the Factory of the future approach is to benefit from several intrinsic innovations carried by the equipment itself. Workspaces become mobile and meet the interconnection and flexibility needs of tomorrow’s industries. It is in this context and to meet the growing needs in mixed packaging that B2A Technology launches a new automated order picking solution.
A compact solution to improve performance and gain square meters
Playing the role of a symbolic link between production and specific order picking needs, B2A Technology’s solution is based on fast and compact AGV robots replacing traditional conveyors, thus saving up to 20% of floor space and helping to optimize order picking. Very flexible, the system can handle important flow rates and evolve with the needs.
Compact and space-saving AGV, LoadStar is designed to transport unitary pallet. Robust, it picks -up and drops-off, via its lifting platform, pallet weighing up to 1400 Kg on the short side or long side depending on the application, with a high level of performance (both in speed and acceleration).
An agile solution to increase flexibility
Several order picking islands (manual or robotic layer deposit or preparation per carton) can be reached by these new mobile robots, from several sources of loads’ input/output such as storage by stacker crane, receiving, production outputs, etc. Once the customers’ pallets have been assembled, the AGVs take them to the various strapping, wrapping, labelling and shipping preparation operations, based on Alstef technologies.
Very dynamic, this new AGV solution optimizes preparation cycle times.
Thanks to its optimal energy management with Opportunity Charging (system that adapts battery charging cycles according to the use and engagement rate of the AGVs), LoadStar is provided with a lithium-ion battery system.
This new solution is intended for all industrial sectors wishing to acquire more flexibility in the internal transport of their pallets (agribusiness, bottling, etc.).
B2A Technology will preview this new AGV on BA Systèmes’ booth at ALL4Pack, stand 6F117, from November 26 to 29, 2018 in Paris Nord Villepinte.

2018-11-06 
Kimberly-Clark's Sustainability Programs Recognized for Leadership in Energy and Climate

Receives Awards for Carbon Reduction and Supply Chain Efficiency

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has been recognized with two prominent awards for its efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. The company received the 2018 Responsible Business Award for Climate Action from Ethical Corporation, and earned its sixth consecutive SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for leadership in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency.

Kimberly-Clark won top honors for its global Energy & Climate program at the 9th annual Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Awards. The Climate Action Award recognized the company’s innovative strategies to reduce the climate impacts of its operations through energy conservation, transformative LEAN energy management programs and the increased use of alternative energy sources including renewable energy.

"Kimberly-Clark impressed judges by the multiplicity and coherence of climate initiatives coupled with robust science-based performance evaluation," noted Ed Long, Project Director for Ethical Corporation. "The judges noted the Scope 3 emissions reporting, and its plan to address them, as an important factor setting it apart. It has also embraced important partnerships by working with WWF, CDP and WRI. Well done !"

Through these initiatives, Kimberly-Clark has reduced its Scope 1 and 2 absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 18% compared with a 2005 baseline, putting the company on track to achieve its 2022 goal of a 20% reduction in GHG emissions four years ahead of schedule.

"We’re incredibly honored to be recognized by Ethical Corporation with the Climate Action award. In 2015, Kimberly-Clark made some major commitments to energy and climate programs that minimize climate change impacts, reduce GHG emissions and transform our financial performance," said Lisa Morden, vice president for global safety and sustainability, Kimberly-Clark. "This award is a testament to the dedication of our employees around the world who put in the work to address this critical issue."

In addition, the EPA honored Kimberly-Clark for its continuous improvement in working with transportation providers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, in line with the company’s Sustainability 2022 goals. Kimberly-Clark was one of only 14 companies to receive this distinction, representing the best environmental performers of SmartWay’s 3,700 partners.

Since joining the SmartWay program in 2006, Kimberly-Clark has been recognized nine times, the last six years consecutively. The 2018 SmartWay awards were presented last month at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference.

"We’re proud to be recognized by as a top environmental performer by the EPA. This award bolsters our commitment to pursuing supply chain efficiencies that result in reduced GHG emissions and increased climate protection. It’s not only good for our business, it’s good for communities we touch," said Scott DeGroot, vice president of transportation for Kimberly-Clark.

2018-11-06 
New Leadership Paves the Way for Growth at GLV Drew Humphries and Paul Henzell appointed to senior management posts

GLV, a leader in technology and manufacturing for the pulp and paper industry, announces two key leadership appointments that position the company for future growth.
Drew Humphries has been named President of GLV, overseeing the management team and the overall strategic vision of the organization. Since joining GLV in 2000, Mr. Humphries has served in leadership positions across the organization including business management, sales management and operations. He brings over twenty-five years of industry expertise to his new role, including vast international experience throughout his career living and working in England, Canada and Austria.
Additionally, Paul Henzell has been named Vice President, Sales and Marketing. In his new role, Mr. Henzell is responsible for leading GLV’s global sales and marketing organization, including regional sales and business development teams for all major business groups. Mr. Henzell joined GLV in 2006 following the acquisition of KanEng Industries, and subsequently served as Global Business Manager, Paper Machine Dewatering Technologies and later, Director of Aftermarket, Americas.
Founded in 1975, GLV expanded its footprint in the pulp and paper industry through acquisitions and investment in technology. The leadership changes mark a renewed commitment to grow and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. Both Mr. Humphries and Mr. Henzell will be based out of the GLV office in Nashua, New Hampshire. Together, the two will collaborate with the global GLV team to provide an incredible customer experience at every level of the organization and follow through on the company’s mission to deliver long term, sustainable solutions that create peace of mind, forever.

2018-11-06 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to significantly improve the competitiveness of its one-side coated business at the Stenay plant in France

Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to significantly improve the competitiveness of its one-side coated paper segment. The company contemplates a plan to optimize its production capacity and product offering to meet the profitable demand and investigates the closure of one paper machine (PM1) in Stenay, France. Employee consultation processes will start on October 30, 2018, and are expected to be completed in January 2019.

One-side coated product segment, a part of the Food Packaging business in the Specialties business area, is a segment where the markets have significant overcapacity globally, especially in Europe and the company’s offering is not optimally aligned with the strategy of niche orientation in customized solutions.

While Ahlstrom-Munksjö has proceeded with key measures to improve the situation, the operating environment has further deteriorated mainly due to increased raw material costs.

By concentrating orders to the larger paper machine (PM3) at the Stenay plant, cost savings can also be achieved from higher raw material, energy and waste efficiency, as well as improved inventory management.

Annual impact of the planned turnaround program would be approximately EUR 13 million. Restructuring costs will be specified during the process.

The Stenay plant manufactures one-side coated grades for label and graphic applications as well as paper for the food packaging industry. The Stenay plant, located in the northeastern part of France, has approximately 200 employees.

“We regret the impact of the contemplated measures on our employees. However, in order to significantly improve our competitiveness, and in the light of the challenging market environment and given the machine capabilities we need to take severe measures. It is the only way forward for a sustainable future”, says Omar Hoek, EVP Specialties business area.

The Specialties business area produces materials for food and beverage packaging, laboratory filters and life science diagnostics, water filtration, tape products and medical fabrics. Within business area Specialties in France, the company has announced earlier this year an investment in rebuilding a converting line of sterilization wrap at the Pont Audemer plant. At Saint Severin plant, Ahlstrom-Munksjö is finalizing its investment to meet the growing demand for Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) products used mainly in baking and cooking papers as well as in other food packaging solutions.

2018-11-05 
Kemira appoints Rasmus Valanko as Head of Corporate Responsibility

Rasmus Valanko has been appointed as Director, Corporate Responsibility at Kemira starting on February 1st, 2019.

Rasmus is currently the Director of Climate and Energy at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). In this role he is responsible for a wide portfolio of projects within WBCSD, strategic partnerships and cross-sector collaboration. Previously Rasmus has worked for Roayl Dutch Shell in various roles including alternative energy strategy, climate policy,and manufacturing. He has also worked for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment in Finland, focusing on overseas development cooperation and multilateral environmental treaties.

"Sustainability is an integral part of Kemira’s business purpose and strategy, as we work to improve the resource efficiency of our customers in water intensive industries. Through our products and solutions our customers can improve their water, energy and raw material efficiency in their manufacturing processes, thus contributing to a low carbon economy. Rasmus will be a good addition to our team developing sustainability as a true competitive advantage for Kemira. We also want to extend a big thank you to Tuula Paajanen, who leaves the role in order to retire after a transition period," says Jari Rosendal, Kemira’s President and CEO.

2018-11-05 
Valmet opens a new spreader roll service workshop in South America

Valmet has expanded the operations of its service center in Sorocaba, Brazil, to include comprehensive spreader roll services. The new spreader roll workshop is ready to serve customers in the pulp, paper, board and tissue industries as of November 2018.

"With this investment Valmet is able to offer spreader roll services for its customers in all continents. We have already got very positive feedback from our Brazilian customers for these services," says Jukka K. Toikkanen, Global Technology Manager, Roll Maintenance, Valmet. "Our state-of-the-art spreader roll service workshop in Sorocaba, provides high quality and fast services to our customers. We have invested in a separate dust-free clean room for the handling and installation of bearings, which ensures high quality and contributes to longer roll running times."

Valmet spreader roll reconditioning services result in a clear increase in service intervals and cut overall maintenance costs. In addition to keeping spreader rolls in excellent condition, spreader roll services also ensure optimized roll performance, improved end product quality and reliable, wrinkle-free runs.

Valmet’s roll service center in Sorocaba, Brazil provides modular maintenance solutions such as roll maintenance services, roll reconditioning services and roll upgrades for all type of rolls - now also for spreader rolls.

Valmet is constantly expanding its services offering close to customers all around the world, by providing services from own service centers, on site and through the help of Industrial Internet applications and remote connections. In addition to Sorocaba, Valmet provides spreader roll services from seven other locations around the world.

2018-11-05 
ViroSēl, Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s next generation breathable viral barrier fabric, provides protection in the most critical surgical environments

Ahlstrom-Munksjö, a global leader in fiber-based materials, announces the launch of ViroSēl™. This innovative fabric is constructed for the most critical areas of a surgical gown designed to keep medical professionals protected and comfortable.

ViroSēl™ (pronounced Vi-ro-Seal) is Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s next generation Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB) surgical fabric that leverages our decades of experience making innovative fabrics used to keep medical professionals protected and comfortable. ViroSēl™ has a specially formulated design that provides the opportunity to create robust seam seals for highly critical areas of a surgical gown.

“We leveraged our BVB product development and manufacturing experience to create a fabric that can be reliably used in the most protective and comfortable surgical gowns on the market” says Jason Beard, product platform leader, Medical, Ahlstrom-Munksjö.

ViroSēl™ is a tri-laminate fabric constructed to be impervious, breathable and comfortable.

 The outer layer is fluid repellent and durable.
 The barrier layer has a monolithic film membrane making it impervious to liquids, viruses and bacteria. The chemical composition of the film itself allows moisture vapor to pass through it, keeping the surgical staff cool and dry.
 The darker inner layer was designed to reduce shadowing, and is soft to the touch which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Surgeries like Cesarean sections, gastric and cardiac often have a substantial amount of fluids involved and are lengthy to complete. This means protection and comfort are essential for the medical professionals wearing the surgical gown. Infection control is imperative as there is risk to the patient and staff to potentially come into contact with these fluids. International industry standards are used to test and measure the barrier performance for liquids and blood-borne pathogens for materials used in protective clothing like surgical gowns. ViroSēl™ passes these stringent standards providing the impervious protection needed in the surgical environment. 

“Our initial trial customers love the comfort, color and feel of ViroSēl™. Feedback has been very positive overall and we are excited to share this innovative fabric with the market. ViroSēl™ reinforces our drive to maintain differentiation in the breathable viral barrier market” commented Lionel Bonte, Vice President, Medical, Ahlstrom-Munksjö.

2018-11-05 
Emtec Electronic GmbH at the ATIP 2018 in Grenoble

Also, this year in November, emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the ATIP 2018 in Grenoble in France, together with its French representative ODL Paper Service. At exhibition booth no. 2 the company will present a variety of testing instruments by which the complete production process – from the wet end to the finished products – can be controlled and guided in the right direction, to get an efficient process and the best possible quality with the lowest possible
costs. To meet steadily the changing demands and requirements in the paper and board industry, the focus is again on further developments and innovations.
Displayed at the booth will be the state-of-the-art CAS touch ! to measure the particle charge and the FPA touch ! to measure the surface charge of fibers (zeta potential). Both devices help to get information about the efficiency of the chemicals, which are added during the paper, board and tissue production.
Besides this, the EST12 emtec Surface & Sizing Tester is shown. A device to determine important and for the converting relevant paper surface properties such as surface hydrophobia / sizing as well as the surface porosity, which influence printability, coatability and gluability of paper and board.
The ACA Ash Content Analyzer enables the determination of the mineral filler content without combustion, that means without destruction of the samples, within seconds. Both, the total mineral filler content, as well as the individual filler components (e.g. calcium carbonate, kaolin/talcum, titanium dioxide, iron oxide) and their percentage distribution are given.
Especially for tissue and nonwoven products, the TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer gives reliable and objective information about the three basic parameters, which determine the human feeling, the softness, roughness and stiffness. From these three, an overall hand feel value can be calculated. The availability of the three individual parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the tissue production and converting processes.

2018-11-05 
Metso closes its acquisition of India based Rotex Manufacturers and Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Metso has today successfully completed its acquisition of the valve automation division of India based Rotex Manufacturers and Engineers Private Limited (RMEPL), by acquiring all of the shares in RMEBS Controls Private Limited (RMEBS).

The acquisition complements Metso’s actuation and valve automation offering and enables a full range of actuators for all major valve markets and a broader offering of limit switches for various applications. It also introduces new products to Metso’s process valve portfolio for the oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, water treatment and other process industries.

"This move increases our presence in attractive new industries and application areas. The capabilities and technological solutions coming from Rotex fit seamlessly into Metso’s offering and strengthen our global valve network. We are naturally excited to welcome the new colleagues who will be joining Metso, and we are looking forward to serving our customers globally," says John Quinlivan, President, Valves business area, Metso.

The acquisition was announced in April 2018.

About the acquired division

RMEBS has a market-leading position in India in the actuator business and an advanced offering of switches, process valves, and valve automation products and solutions. It employs approximately 330 people and has two manufacturing facilities in the Mumbai area, as well as sales offices in Mumbai, Vadodara, Kolkata and Pune. 

Prior to the acquisition, RMEBS was part of the privately-owned Rotex Group.

2018-11-01 
The extended Metso valve solution portfolio caters to the needs of existing and new customer industries

Metso is extending its valve solution portfolio to address a wider scope of customer needs in flow control. Following the acquisition of the valve automation division of India-based Rotex Manufacturers and Engineers Private Limited (RMEPL), a range of valves, actuators, limit switches and pneumatics are included to Metso’s existing offering, opening opportunities in new applications and industries.

"With these solutions, we offer an even more comprehensive portfolio to cater to the wide variety of needs customers in process industries have. Their challenge is to find the optimal solution for each application easily and efficiently from a trusted supplier. In addition to compatibility, reliability and performance, we are committed to providing excellence in services and customer support," says Simo Sääskilahti, SVP, valve equipment, Metso. 

The new additions to the offering include, for example, Jamesbury® EasyFlow range of valve solutions and Neles® Scotch Yoke actuators.

Reliable performance in standard flow applications with Metso Jamesbury EasyFlow

Compliant with common industry standards, the Metso Jamesbury EasyFlow range of valve solutions offers a complete suite of products : ball valves, butterfly valves, rack and pinion actuators and limit switches. Through this offering, Metso can serve new customer applications and industries like water treatment, mining and minerals processing, and the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. The high-performance Metso Jamesbury EasyFlow solutions are designed for easy automation and complement the premium Neles and Jamesbury offerings.

Improved reliability in harsh environments with Neles Scotch Yoke actuators

Designed for low friction and a long cycle life, the Neles® Scotch Yoke actuators provide a solution for applications where a mid- to high torque range is required in on/off, ESD or modulating duty. The actuators are highly reliable, with a modular design, and serve a wide range of customer needs, even in harsh environments.

Extensive experience in flow control solutions

Metso has solid experience in delivering engineered performance, reliability and efficiency to customers in a wide range of process industries. Its product offering is complemented by comprehensive value-added services, with more than 40 service centers around the world.

2018-11-01 
Voith Paper will continue to grow in Latin America says its President for the region, Mr Hjalmar Fugmann

The ABTCP Congress and Expo was held last week in Sao Paulo. PaperFIRST was there and had the opportunity to interview Mr Hjalmar Fugmann, the young President of Voith Paper for South America.

Post-graduated from the renown Brazilian think tank and research centre FGV, Mr Fugmann joined the Voith group in 2016 as a financial controller. In 2017 he succeeded to Flavio Silva to take charge of the operations of the paper division in South America. When questioned about the business trend, it seems that it is looking good, with a better forecast than 2018 however with aggressive targets to accomplish and hard work ahead. More engineering staff has been hired and the production facilities in Brazil have been expanded. As a matter of fact, the world largest steel cylinder is currently being manufactured in the Brazilian plant. A masterpiece piece of 7.315m diameter and 180 tons that will be delivered to a client in Germany next January. Besides, the roll cover facility, opened 18 months ago in Chile, allows to offer a better service to papermakers in the western part of the region.

According to Mr Fugmann, the recession in Brazil did not help obviously, but pulp and paper is the first industry to recover. Despite this economic and political crisis, Voith kept on investing in innovation. In that respect, the pilot plant within the Voith Innovation Centre in Sao Paulo is definitely a key element to stay ahead of the customers’ needs.

Digitalization, augmented reality or holograms are some of the topics on which the industry is expecting a supplier like Voith to propose solutions. Hjalmar Fugmann strongly believes that the efforts being made in that field by the company should pay off and make a difference on a regional market that shows an average age of machinery older than in Europe or Asia. In the Voith innovation centre, in Sao Paulo, about 100 engineers work closely with their colleagues in Germany “to imagine the digital tools of tomorrow that could make the customers’ life easier” as stated by Mr Fugmann.

When talking about the prospects Mr Fugmann wants to be confident, mentioning the announcement of some big investments made by Klabin, Fibria/Suzano, and Eldorado.

2018-10-31 
Valmet gets repeat order for a process and quality vision system from BillerudKorsnäs in Skärblacka, Sweden

Valmet has received a repeat order for a Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) system from BillerudKorsnäs Skärblacka mill in Sweden. The system will be installed on the mill’s paper machine PM 7 to maximize the production line’s efficiency, boost end-product quality and improve business performance.

The order was included in Valmet’s first quarter of 2018 orders received. The system was accepted by the mill and taken into production use in August. In 2017, Valmet supplied an identical system for the mill’s PM 10.

"Having two systems of the same kind makes operation, upkeep and maintenance easier for the mill. Additionally, as Valmet has a local service center nearby, the mill has easy access to service support," says Aki Torvinen, Business Manager, Machine Vision, Automation, Valmet.

Information about Valmet’s delivery

Valmet’s delivery includes a Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision (PQV) system that consists of a Valmet IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) and a Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System (WMS) with 20 cameras. The WIS features transmission and surface inspection for both sides of the web on the 4.9-meter-wide PM 7.

PQV is a comprehensive machine vision solution that covers the entire pulp and paper production process, as well as the production processes of other sheet-based materials.

2018-10-31 
Södra to offer renewable electricity through Guarantees of Origin to Europe

Södra can now offer Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) for its renewable electricity. The GoOs are recognised by the EU, following the certification of Södra’s Mönsterås pulp mill according to EU standards. “We believe in renewable energy and want to give our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our renewable electricity,” said Henric Dernegård, Energy Coordinator at Södra.

Renewable energy is produced in Södra’s pulp mills using raw material from the forests owned by Södra’s members. Since 2010, Södra has been self-sufficient in terms of electricity production and sells any surplus on the open electricity market. Södra is now certified according to the European Energy Certificate System (EECS). This is a standard for cross-border trade in GoO certificates.

Södra’s European customers have shown an interest in GoO-label electricity. In May, the mill at Mönsterås was classified according to the EECS, and since then, the mill has produced 190 GWh in bio-based GoO-label electricity. This corresponds to the heating requirements of around 7,600 houses.

“Many of our European customers are electricity-intensive and already purchase renewable products from us in the form of paper pulp. They can now purchase renewable GoOs from us as well, which is an added value that we think strengthens our business,” commented Dernegård.

A GoO certificate corresponds to one MWh and is an electronic label showing where and how the electricity is produced. In Södra’s case, this electricity is bio-based, but it can also be sun, wind or water-based, for example.

Dernegård : “It’s through green electricity that we can move forward to a bio-based society. The EECS is a common system that enables us to monitor and guide electricity generation toward sustainable development in Europe, and we want to be part of this shift.”

2018-10-31 
A.Celli Paper: Two 18 ft IDEAL® Steel Yankees have been sent together

A.Celli Paper : Two 18 ft IDEAL® Steel Yankees have been sent together
The Italian company confirms its position as a technological and productive leader in the Yankee Dryer market, supplying iDEAL® YD both for new tissue machines and in replacement of cast iron Yankees

Two sets of 18 ft. iDEAL® steel Yankees, manufactured by A.Celli Paper, have been successfully sent to Yibin Paper Industry Co., Ltd and are expected to be installed on site in early November 2018.

The order, signed by A.Celli Paper and Yibin Paper, includes five sets of iDEAL® Tissue Machines, three of which, equipped with three 16 ft. steel Yankees, have already been successfully installed, and now the other two 18 ft. Yankees have been delivered.

The first tissue machine was started up earlier and is smoothly running on site, highly praised by the Customer.

This is another extraordinary result due to the A.Celli’s continuous innovation in technology.

2018-10-30 

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