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With a view towards, INDUSTRY 4.0, Extreme Automation is the A.Celli Group’s answer for the efficiency of the production system.

Research, innovation and competitiveness are the drives for company progress.

And today more than ever, the revolution the great process change that affects every industrial sector and that A.Celli has interpreted through a precise vision christened « Extreme Automation ».

The A.Celli Group firmly believes in a production process that uses the new technologies dictated by the Industry 4.0 revolution and that can yield a more immediate and concrete production optimization during the individual process phases. Certainly the most interesting and useful aspect is centered on managing the data acquired, on the possibility of filing them for future reference, making them the object of a more accurate analysis, to transmit predictive maintenance programs to operators and to act on the system and eliminate defects or non-conformities. And all this in order to maintain the machine park at a superior level of efficiency/productivity, guaranteeing a better final product quality.

Below are some of the development divisions catered to by “Extreme Automation” :

Industry 4.0 division :

  •  Development of machine data collection and analysis platforms to :
  •  Implement predictive machine maintenance
  •  Optimize production
  •  Easily interface the machines with customer management software (ERP, MES)
  •  Introduction of innovative machine learning logics to optimize machine operation

DCS division :

  •  Development of new-generation DCS process controls for the paper field that :
  •  Optimize production in terms of quality and energy
  •  Minimize operator intervention
  •  Affords facilitated remote support oriented towards global control

Software applications Winders & Rewinders :

  •  Development of PLC and Drives software applications for the new winders and rewinders
  •  Development of new-generation HMI machine interfaces

Packaging and System integration :

  •  Development of software systems to integrate Handling & Packaging with customer management systems
  •  Development of integrated systems for automatic warehouses

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