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Following an initial visit in June 2016 for the SYMOP conference in the South African metropole, the ALLIMAND Group, designer and manufacturer of paper and nonwoven machines, counts on seizing every opportunity that comes their way, particularly in the packaging sector… Let’s find out more. SYMOP conference : focusing on ALLIMAND’s know-how "During the SYMOP conference in June 2016, we had the opportunity to visit 2 sites, Johannesburg and Durban a coastal town in the KwaZulu-Natal province in the east of South Africa" explains Bertrand DIDIER one of ALLIMAND’s senior sales engineers. "The subject of discussion focused on our know-how in the packaging and coated board sectors and the innovative trends for industrial applications". Several projects were identified during the trip.
ALLIMAND’s expertise in the nonwoven market 2008-2009 : During the international crisis, the ALLIMAND Group decided to concentrate on high value added papers and complete its order book with orders for long fibre machines installed around the world. These two factors ; the high investing nonwoven market and the booming packaging market, mean that the ALLIMAND Group finds itself in a positive growth dynamic. 2013 : The group invests in setting up a new nonwoven pilot machine aimed at accompanying international customers in the optimisation and development of new products. This pilot, made for carrying out nonwoven paper tests, proves ALLIMAND’s dynamism and capacity to innovate.
"Our objective", declares Franck RETTMEYER, the ALLIMAND Group CEO, "on the one hand is to offer our customers the opportunity to carry out tests in similar conditions to those of an industrial size machine and using our own equipment. On the other hand it is to reinforce customer proximity by the exceptional marketing innovation that this pilot creates".
2016 : The ALLIMAND Group’s establishment in the US is made official with the strategic merger and acquisition of the company GLENS FALLS INTERWEB – GFI. With its sound financial position and expertise in the design and manufacturing of nonwoven machines and in technical processes, the ALLIMAND Group, thanks to the acquisition of GFI, reinforces its position on the nonwoven market worldwide.
2018 : The ALLIMAND Group wins an important contract for the construction of a complete paper machine specializing in thin printing papers in Europe. This machine will incorporate the latest technical developments such as the SIV Headbox with dilution, the ISA shaking unit, the HVE Former, the NAOS shoe press with transfer belt and the latest generation SC Sizer… The performance of this future paper machine (1200 m/min, width 5650 mm) yet again shows ALLIMAND’s comfortable position on the high value added market.
ALLIMAND Group’s new representative in South Africa… The SYMOP conference provided the opportunity to meet a new agent to represent the Group in South Africa. Projects are in progress… along with development prospects.
… associated with the deployment of activities in north Africa Well placed on the paper machine reconstruction market, the ALLIMAND Group these last few years, has registered large orders for paper and board machine reconstructions for countries across north Africa (including headboxes, shoe presses and SC Sizers).
The paper machine market in South Africa also provides attractive growth prospects… ! To be continued.

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