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Air gun with long air gun pipe will improve safety in the manufacturing industry

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Last year, Silvent launched a new air gun with the purpose to improve the working environment. Pro One is an ergonomic air gun that generates a low sound level and an efficient blowing force. To minimize the risk of injuries even more, Silvent now launches Pro One with a 300-millimeter-long air gun pipe, Pro One-300.

Air guns with extended air gun pipes are usually used to reach narrow spaces and to have the possibility to move away from the blowing area. The operators increased safety distance minimizes the risk of body, eye and hearing injuries.

- In some cases, it can be beneficial to get a longer distance to the blowing area. It can for example be important when compressed air is used for blowing off chips and smaller particles, to minimize the risk of eye injuries. The extended air gun pipe is also perfect if you need to blow inside a machine and therefore need a longer reach, says Ramus Tibell, technical director at Silvent AB.

The extended air gun pipe can improve the safety for the operator when cleaning machines, since the operator does not have to reach in to the risk area The extended pipe can also improve the ergonomics for the operator. Thanks to the extra length, it is often possible to keep an ergonomic and straight working position during the whole blowing operation. Pro One-300 is also featured with an ergonomic handle, that minimizes the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Everyone has the right to a good working environment
Pro One is available in three different designs ; standard, with an air shield and with a 300 millimeter long extension pipe. Each company can therefore choose which design suits their application best.

- Everyone has the right to a good working environment, no matter within which industry you work. That is why we asked our customers for help to really understand their need and what is important for them. Pro One, Pro One-AS and Pro One-300 are the results from user tests, interviews and years of development, says Rasmus Tibell.

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