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Toscotec Group’s service provider S.TO.R.I. expected to outperform its 2017 record-setting results.

S.TO.R.I., owned by the Toscotec Group, specializes in maintenance services for all minor and major rolls used in papermaking and converting machinery of the tissue and paper industry. In 2017, S.TO.R.I. set a record for turnover in its forty-five year history. This positive performance derives from the strategic synergies achieved with Toscotec, who acquired 100% of S.TO.R.I.’s shares in December 2011. In the period from 2012 to 2017, S.TO.R.I. sustained a 30% growth rate and interim results in 2018 have been confirming this trend, leading to expectations that it will outperform last year’s achievements.
Since 2012, S.TO.R.I. and Toscotec have deepened their long-standing cooperation. By merging S.TO.R.I.’s specialization in rolls maintenance with Toscotec’s engineering capabilities, they accomplished full integration of expertise and higher efficiency in the design and services of roll refurbishing. S.TO.R.I.’s workshop and offices are located inside Toscotec’s headquarters, in Marlia (Lucca).
S.TO.R.I.’s professional experience was built over forty-six years, starting from its foundation in 1972, when it started providing maintenance for papermaking and converting machines. S.TO.R.I. focuses on the inspection, repair and overhaul of not only press rolls but all other rolls, such as forming roll, wire and felt rolls, pope reel drum, and spools. Its mission is to deliver highly specialized services on a continuous basis. The timing becomes important insomuch as customers aim to increase their OEE and reduce maintenance costs.
S.TO.R.I.’s specialists make a precise assessment of the wear conditions of a roll and evaluate its expected performance and risk of failure, so that overhauling can be scheduled efficiently, maximising operation life and minimizing maintenance costs. The majority of S.TO.R.I.’s customers nowadays rely on predictive maintenance. Through regular vibration analyses, S.TO.R.I. estimates the performance trend of a given roll and the possibility of failure. Based on these results, it predicts the period before the next maintenance. This assessment is always a balance of different factors. Drawing on their vast experience, S.TO.R.I.’s specialists can provide the
customer with a number of solutions, factoring in time, quality and cost. Based on the contingent needs of the mill, they apply the best-customized solution at a given moment in time. As a result, S.TO.R.I.’s skilled technicians know the components inside out, including their history, weak points and features, much like a doctor knows his patients.
S.TO.R.I.’s range of highly specialized services include predictive maintenance, preventive maintenance, press roll revision and complete overhauling, dynamic balancing, upgrades and non-destructive examinations (NDE). For press roll overhauling, for instance, the company provides complete service packages, including inspection, repairs and spare parts.
Production capacity exceeds 450 components per year, of which suction press rolls and blind drilled press rolls account for approximately 40%, while the rest is made up of various rolls of tissue, paper and converting machines.
S.TO.R.I.’s client base is twofold. Toscotec-associated business accounts for approximately 20% of turnover and covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and South-East Asia. Italy-based paper mills and converting companies generate approximately 80% of turnover. Essity, Smurfit Kappa, Lucart, Sofidel, Wepa, Cartiere Carrara, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti, Industrie Cartarie Pieretti, DS Smith, Renova, The Navigator Company are among its main customers. To this second client base, Stori provides maintenance for equipment supplied by any manufacturer. As a result, S.TO.R.I.’s expertise and experience encompasses a wide range of technical solutions designed throughout the years by all the main suppliers and it equips S.TO.R.I.’s experts with the ability to devise tailor-made upgrades for its customers.

2018-09-20 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj: Decisions taken by the Extraordinary General Meeting

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj’s Extraordinary General Meeting was held in Helsinki today.
Authorization of the Board of Directors to resolve on a share issue

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has on July 23, 2018 signed an agreement to acquire Expera Specialty Solutions, a U.S. based specialty paper producer, to expand its presence in North America and further strengthen its offering of advanced custom-made fiber based materials. The purchase price payable is USD 615 million (EUR 526 million) on a cash and debt free basis, subject to an agreed post completion adjustment. The Transaction has been described in more detail in the Company’s stock exchange release published on July 23, 2018. The completion of the Transaction is expected during the second half of 2018.

To finance part of the Transaction, Ahlstrom-Munksjö plans to conduct a share issue of approximately EUR 150 million, which is expected to be launched during the fourth quarter of 2018.

The EGM authorized the Board of Directors to resolve on the issuance of a maximum of 20,000,000 new shares pursuant to the shareholders’ pre-emptive subscription right (rights offering). The authorization includes the right for the Board of Directors to resolve upon the issuance of shares that at the end of the subscription period of the rights offering may remain unsubscribed for pursuant to the shareholders’ pre-emptive subscription right to parties determined by the Board of Directors (i.e. in derogation from the pre-emptive right of the shareholders). The Board of Directors is authorized to determine all other terms and conditions of the issuance of new shares.

The authorization is valid until the close of the next Annual General Meeting, however, no longer than until June 30, 2019, and it does not revoke the Company’s share issue authorization resolved upon by the Annual General Meeting held on March 21, 2018.
Resolution on the number of members of the Board of Directors and election of new member of the Board of Directors

The EGM resolved in accordance with the proposal of the Nomination Board that the number of Board members be nine.

The EGM resolved in accordance with the proposal of the Nomination Board to elect Lasse Heinonen as new member of the Board.

Lasse Heinonen was elected for the period ending at the close of the next Annual General Meeting and shall be paid annual fees in proportion to the length of his term of office.

2018-09-19 
Leizan Drum Pulper Delivery in Shanghai Port, China

ZG2750 Drum Pulper is fininish fabrication and sucessfully loading on the vessel and will be shipped by bulk cargo to Russia.
 The Drum Pulper as an effective pulping equipment will be matched with cleaning equipment,screening equipment,low density cleaning system, thickening stage and approach system etc to produce finished clean pulp for paper machine.
 ZG2750 capacity is for 150tpd package paper production line. About its working performance will be shared with all of you in the next stage.

2018-09-19 
Environmental sustainability: Fabio Perini S.p.A. obtains the prestigious ISO 50001 certification

Thanks to energy management the company has already saved over 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest

Fabio Perini S.p.A has obtained the prestigious ISO 50001 certification for environmental sustainability. This milestone comes after a journey started in 2012 positioning Fabio Perini S.p.A. among the most cutting-edge companies in the converting sector and beyond.

The company makes a formal statement of its focus on energy issue in the Energy Management System (EMS) document, where it officially commits itself to deploy human, financial and technologic resources to undertake a process of continuous improvement of its energy performances.

« In practice, what have we done ? To start with – says Riccardo Signorini, Maintenance and Capex Manager of Fabio Perini S.p.A.– we deployed steps that can be defined “good housekeeping” such as switching off the overhead cranes at night and using our domotics to reduce waste of electric power and heating. Additionally, through the LSS methodology, we identified the best strategy for a more efficient energy management system, bringing Fabio Perini, as early as 2016, to be awarded the “Italia in Classe A”(Italy in A Class) prize by national Energy Agency ENEA ».

Subsequently, Fabio Perini S.p.A. introduced led lights in the workshops, solar heating to obtain warm water in summer, solar films for the windows facing south and west and finally, one of the air compressors was replaced by a new generation model with inverter.

The results obtained are surprising : since 2015 the company has saved 12% power and 1,530t. CO2, equivalent to saving 729 hectares of forest.

The energy management systems in accordance to the ISO 50001 standards make Fabio Perini S.p.A. a key partner for customers who rank sustainability high among their priorities, helping them in connecting their core business with this perspective.

« The ISO 50001 certification process has been a hard task for us all – explains Riccardo Signorini – but among all our values we also count the pursuit of a sustainable, profitable development model. It’s an exciting challenge as well as a duty. For the next generations as well as for ourselves ».

Obtaining the ISO 50001 certification is surely a prestigious milestone, but at the same time it is the beginning of a virtuous journey for Fabio Perini. This journey we have taken brought us to developing technical devices to be applied to our company’s products, aimed at optimizing energy performances, which at present represent an interesting plus for customers sensitive to sustainability, and a cutting-edge feature for the companies in our sector”, Alessio Galeotti, DNV GL Enterprise Customer Manager, commented.

2018-09-19 
Sappi at FachPack 2018: Paper. People. Possibilities.

Sappi, a leading global producer of packaging and speciality papers today reported it is again exhibiting at FachPack, scheduled for 25 to 27 September 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. Sappi will be located in Hall 9, Stand 9-260 at the show. The trade show, with a focus on packaging, technology, finishing and logistics, is a key platform for the manufacturer of speciality papers and boards for presenting its innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to a broad European expert audience. Well-known brand owners, agencies, packaging manufacturers, printers and print finishers will be showcasing their latest products and solutions while also seeking new and innovative ideas.

Under the slogan of “Paper. People. Possibilities.”, Sappi will have on display outstanding solutions of applications produced on a variety of packaging papers and boards, ranging from functional papers, flexible packaging and label papers, paperboard and containerboard. Visitors to the Sappi stand can benefit from the expertise of Sappi representatives as well as discuss their specific packaging requirements.

Barrier solutions that protect

At FachPack, Sappi will feature a range of functional papers, including paper-based barrier solutions that protect packaged products from mineral oil contamination, deterioration due to water vapor or oxygen, and grease resistance. “We are looking forward to presenting several new barrier products within our Guard family at the show,” said Kerstin Dietze, Marketing Manager for Sappi’s Packaging and Speciality Papers. “As a leading company in the production of paper-based functional barrier solutions and with our experience and know-how in this field, we have gathered both customer and development insights that are invaluable in developing new barrier products. We are looking forward to speaking about the specific needs of visitors to our stand.”

In addition to barrier papers, Sappi will also be showing a paper based solution with integrated sealing functionality for use in flexible packaging applications. These sustainable sealing solutions feature improved sealing properties. They are completely recyclable, and replace non recyclable paper-poly-laminates and they are also containing a high proportion of renewable raw materials.

Paperboard : Algro Design for premium packaging

Sappi will also have numerous examples of premium packaging produced on its family of Algro Design solid bleached board. This includes high-end packaging for cosmetics, perfume, beverages, confectionary and fashion that have benefited from Algro Design’s high brightness and excellent surface, demonstrating the ability to effectively use any printing or finishing techniques required to set the product apart on the shelf. Brand owners, agencies and designers will be especially intrigued with the possibilities this outstanding board, made from virgin fibres, can open. Visitors will be able to collect a personal copy of the new Algro Design swatch book at the show.

“New at the show for paperboard applications,” Dietze added, “will be our first board solution with integrated functional barrier properties. This will expand the range of applications that can be sustainably packaged in paperboard without the need for plastic or other liners to protect products.”

Solution in corrugated board packaging

Sappi Fusion Topliner for corrugated board packaging will also have a place of pride in the Sappi stand at FachPack. Fusion Topliner features better printability, excellent colour rendering and curl-free results that enable the use of countless finishing options. It fits seamlessly into existing production processes, reducing costs and improving quality. In addition, Fusion Topliner requires 30% to 50% less glue in lamination for reduced glue consumption and faster drying times.

Fusion Topliner is also ideally suited for digital printing applications. While digitally printing in the corrugated board market still comprises a small percentage of overall printing, experts predict double-digit growth rates per year due to the increase in shorter runs and more customized corrugated packaging.

Visitors to the Sappi stand at FachPack will be able to experience the brilliant colors and high whiteness that are possible with both conventionally and digitally printed topliners for corrugated board packaging.

Flexible Packaging and Labels

Sappi will also have on display its broad portfolio of paper-based products for flexible packaging and labels. This product portfolio was recently enhanced with the acquisition by Sappi of the Cham Paper Group, and FachPack will be the debut of this integrated product portfolio now incorporated into the Sappi brand. This includes grades for wet-glue and, self-adhesive labelling and a wide range of coated and uncoated Kraft papers suitable for many flexible packaging applications.

Paper. People. Possibilities

At the Sappi FachPack stand, visitors will be able to experience the industry’s broadest array of high-quality and sustainable paper-based packaging solutions. Sappi experts will be on hand to welcome guests, learn about their business requirements and make suggestions for innovative ways that brand owners, designers, agencies, converters, printers and finishers can utilize these outstanding solutions for business growth.

2018-09-19 
By 2023, Ilim Group will increase its exports to China by 60%

An international conference attended by the largest pulp and paper industry players from Russia and China took place in Baoding, China.

An international conference attended by the largest pulp and paper industry players from Russia and China took place in Baoding, China. The event was organized by Ilim Group and Xiamen C&D Paper And Pulp Co., Ltd. The conference covered global trends in the pulp and board market and key investment projects aimed to increase Ilim’s product volumes through 2022. The event was attended by more than 300 representatives of 120 companies..

Analysts forecast that global demand for virgin fiber will grow by more than 30 million tons by 2030, and the demand for virgin corrugated materials will grow by more than 10 million tons. Over the last several years we’ve seen a strong focus on the environment and reduction of the environmental footprint. .

In 2017, China enforced a ban on the imports of a wide range of unsorted solid waste, which has triggered an increase in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly boards. Meanwhile the demand for packaging products is expected to grow in the next several years driven by improvement in the well-being of the population, domestic market development and expansion of trade, including e-commerce..

The Business Plan of Ilim Group presented to the Chinese partners at the conference takes all those factors into account. Big Ust-Ilimsk is a large-scale project intended to strengthen Ilim’s positions in China through construction of a new KLB line in Siberia. The project will be completed by 2022 to allow Ilim to increase its volumes of kraftliner and other packaging materials by 600 thousand tons per year. At the same time, the Bratsk Mill of Ilim Group is implementing the second stage of the upgrade project, including an upgrade of the KLB line. By the end of 2019, the capacity of the KLB line in Bratsk will grow by more than 100,000 tons per year,.

Upon completion of the project in Ust-Ilimsk and upgrade of the Bratsk Mill, Ilim Group will become one of the largest manufacturers of unbleached packaging materials globally with a total board output of 1.5 million tons per year, bringing its aggregate production output to over 4.3 million tons per year. This will give Ilim Group a leadership advantage as an importer of both bleached pulp and packaging materials to the Chinese market. .

 ”In 2017, we delivered more than USD 1 billion worth of products to the Chinese market”, said Ilim Group CEO Kseniia Sosnina. “And we are ready to move forward. Our key investment projects are aligned with what our customers need. In 2009, our deliveries to the Chinese market reached 1 million tons, while in 2017 we hit the 1.5 million tons’ target. By 2022, we plan to increase our exports to China up to 1.9 million tons. Our strategic goal is to achieve 2.4 million tons in 2023”.

2018-09-19 
Amcor announces US$25 million capital investment, plans for workforce growth

Amcor, a global leader in high-quality flexible packaging solutions, has announced plans to invest more than $25 million to upgrade its Madison facilities starting in 2018 and into 2019 to expand capacity, improve quality and reduce waste while updating technology.

The planned investment includes the acquisition of new machinery and updates to existing infrastructure to enable expanded service offerings for customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and home/personal care markets.

To mark the start of the expansion, the company’s Madison Plant will host a ground-breaking ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 20, at 12:30 p.m. Among dignitaries on hand to mark the start of the expansion project and attendant investment will be Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and Amcor Flexibles Americas President Tom Cochran.

“We are excited and proud to be growing in Wisconsin for our customers in North America, and to be investing in support of our winning teams and products,” said Amcor’s Mr. Cochran.

Amcor and Neenah-based Bemis announced in early August an agreement for Amcor to acquire Bemis and combine the two companies. Bemis is more than 4,500 employees in Wisconsin.

According to Amcor Flexibles Madison General Manager Timm Goodmanson, the expansion is expected to result in a close to 50 percent increase in employment at the plant.

In addition, Mr. Goodmanson said the project is also expected to bring more than 150 construction jobs to Madison spread across general contractors, subcontractors, and local and Wisconsin-based suppliers.

To fill more than 20 immediate openings, Amcor Flexibles Madison will host a job fair at the plant on Saturday, Oct. 13, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Current needs include both entry-level and highly skilled manufacturing positions. The plant is located at 4101 Lien Rd. in Madison.

“We are looking for more great team members to help us achieve our tremendous potential,” said Mr. Goodmanson. “We’ve got a great workforce, made up of people who are committed to safety, believe in delivering excellence for our customers and have real opportunities to grow at Amcor.”

As part of its commitment to the Madison community, Amcor partners with local organizations, such as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Workforce Development Board of South-Central Wisconsin to foster local economic growth and provide training, development and good manufacturing opportunities for residents.

2018-09-19 
Fibria included in 2018-19 portfolio of Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index

Fibria is the only company in the Forest & Paper Products industry to have been a component of the DJSI Emerging Markets since its inception

Fibria, a Brazilian company that is the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus pulp from planted forests, once again was selected as a component of the portfolio for 2018-19 of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (DJSI) of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Fibria was the only company in the Forest & Paper Products chosen from among the companies analyzed.

Fibria has been a component of the DJSI index, a key sustainability reference in international capital markets, since its inception. The announcement of the portfolios for 2018-19 was made by RobecoSAM, a Swiss-based independent company focused on sustainability investing, which selects those companies with best practices in areas such as corporate governance, environmental management, human capital development and social engagement.

“Being included yet again in the DJSI confirms Fibria’s solid sustainability performance. The achievement is the product of team work and constant evolution and represents well merited recognition of all of our professionals who make the company an industry reference,” said Fibria’s Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Guilherme Cavalcanti.

2018-09-19 
Placement of Sulzer treasury shares

Sulzer has launched on September 18, 2018 the placement of up to 5 million treasury shares it acquired on April 12, 2018 from its former majority shareholder Renova.

he shares will be offered to investors in Switzerland and to institutional investors outside of Switzerland in reliance on Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the Securities Act), and in the United States only to qualified institutional buyers according to Rule 144A under the Securities Act. The price of the placed shares will be determined in an accelerated bookbuilding procedure.

UBS and Credit Suisse are acting as Joint Bookrunners on this accelerated bookbuilding placement.

2018-09-19 
Essity continues the optimization of its production in the United States

To further increase the efficiency of the Professional Hygiene business, Essity is closing its converting facility in Bellemont, Arizona, United States.

The closure will be completed in the second half of 2019 without any disruption to customers. Production will be reallocated to other Essity production facilities in the United States. The measures are aligned with the company’s strategy to optimize the production footprint to improve cost and capital efficiency and further increase value creation in the Professional Hygiene business area.

The restructuring costs are expected to amount to approximately SEK 150m which is expected to be recognized as an item affecting comparability in the third quarter of 2018. Approximately SEK 30m of the restructuring costs are expected to impact cash flow.

2018-09-19 
A.Celli Paper presents the new shell in seamless steel for the Yankee Dryer

The Conference & Expo “Tissue 2018”, organised by Tappi e Risi, has been scheduled again for this year.

It will be held at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center (FCEC) in Appleton (WI) – USA between the 2nd and 5th of October.

The event brings together top-level speakers and professionals in the world of “Tissue”, and the Product Manager for the Yankee Dryer at A.Celli Paper will be taking part this time. Mr Clive Butler has prepared a speech on the patented iDEAL® FORGED YD : the possibility of making the shell of the Yankee dryer out of seamless steel.

In addition to the obvious advantages of steel over cast-iron, the seamless shell has : high manufacturing quality, greatly reduced mechanical issues and maintenance, an undisputed increase in reliability, lower consumption and enhanced operational safety. All these aspects will be covered during the conference.

An overview of the production process involved in making these shells of the Yankee Dryer will also be presented.

2018-09-19 
SCA has developed a new sustainable sizing additive to produce water resistant paper

The innovation concerns a sizing additive that SCA has developed to improve the production of water resistant, hydrophobic, paper. The additive can be produced in a green sustainable manner. The development work is still ongoing and no decisions have not been taken regarding commercialization.

With the new sizing additive it could be possible to replace the addition of commercial sizing agents in the paper production. The resulting paper exhibit improved water resistance and UV-light stability.

Since the depolymerized lignin can be produced from byproducts from a pulp mill the resulting sizing additive is sustainable and cost effective.

More about the new product
The product comprises a blend of depolymerized lignin and cationic polysaccharide which is added to a lignocellulosic pulp suspension containing aluminum salt at the wet end of the paper manufacturing process. The development work has been a collaboration between SCA R&D Centre and the Kraftliner business.

2018-09-18 
Holmen acquires Långvind forest holding

Holmen has entered into an agreement to purchase a large contiguous forest holding in Hälsingland, central Sweden, comprising 5 700 hectares of productive forest land for SEK 285 million.

2018-09-18 
Valmet hosts a Capital Markets Day today, September 18, 2018 in Helsinki

Valmet hosts a Capital Markets Day for institutional investors and analysts today, Tuesday, September 18, 2018 in Helsinki. The aim of the event is to provide information and an update on Valmet’s progress in strategy execution and business outlook. Valmet’s strategy and financial targets remain unchanged.

"We have made consistent progress in our strategic focus areas and financial performance. Valmet’s market position is strong and our offering, which combines process technology, services and automation, is unique. We are continuously developing and improving our technology, processes and personnel, while keeping customers at the core of Valmet’s operations. Our systematic work for building the future continues", says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

Presentation material and webcast

Live webcast of the Capital Markets Day will begin at 12:00 noon EET at www.valmet.com/cmd2018. The presentation material will be available at the same address at approximately 11:00 am EET. A recording of the webcast will be available on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. The language of the event and material is English.

2018-09-18 
BillerudKorsnäs appoints acting Chief Financial Officer

BillerudKorsnäs announced today that Kristina Schauman is appointed acting Chief Financial Officer. Kristina will take office on November 1 2018.

As previously announced, BillerudKorsnäs current Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Susanne Lithander, is leaving her position in the company. Kristina Schauman will take office as acting Chief Financial Officer on November 1, 2018, during the recruitment of the permanent Chief Financial Officer. Since 2014, Kristina has served as a member of BillerudKorsnäs’ Board of Directors and as chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee. During the time Kristina is acting Chief Financial Officer, she will resign from the Audit Committee.

Kristina Schauman, born 1965, holds a degree in business economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and has held various financial managerial positions in Stora Enso, ABB and Investor and top executive positions in OMX AB, Carnegie Investment bank and Apoteket AB.

2018-09-18 
Metso celebrates its 150th anniversary

In 2018, Metso celebrates its 150th anniversary. The story of Metso started in 1868 as a local ironworks, and is linked to the development of urban environments and the modern way of life

Metso has evolved through a series of mergers, acquisitions and divestments. With our own operations in more than 50 countries and over 12,000 dedicated professionals working for us, Metso today is truly a global industrial company providing the world’s mining, aggregates, recycling, and process industries with innovative solutions for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources.

During its 150 years, Metso has been in many businesses, ranging from steam engines, locomotives, car manufacturing, forest machines, and pulp and paper machines, to valves, metal and waste recycling equipment, and solutions for rock and mineral crushing and screening, to name but a few.

One of our core areas of expertise today is aggregates and minerals processing : key ingredients for the construction and manufacture of the infrastructure, housing and consumables needed for growing populations and urban areas. The first innovations that kicked off mechanical crushing and screening processes in the mines and quarries were introduced in the 1800s. Bruno Nordberg, a Finnish migrant who settled in Michigan in the US, produced some of the first crushing equipment for mines. In 1928, Nordberg acquired the Symons cone crusher technology, an innovation that revolutionized crushing practices in the mines and quarries. Bergeaud & Bruno was established in France in 1895 to manufacture crushing equipment, and in Tampere, Finland, Lokomo produced its first jaw crushers at the beginning of the 1920s. These industry pioneers are all key components of our DNA.

The amalgamation of Svedala Industri Ab into Metso in 2001, and the introduction of solutions like primary gyratory crushers, grinding mills and vertical shaft impactors was elemental in the creation of a full-scope offering for crushing and screening. Thanks to our strong installed base and close cooperation with our customers, we have been able to continuously develop our services, equipment and systems to best meet the needs of our customers. Our latest innovations - like Life Cycle Services, energy-efficient HRC® high-pressure grinding technology, MegalinerTM mill linings, the MXTM Multi-Action cone crusher and Lokotrack® Urban(TM) jaw crushing plants - have quickly become household names among our customers around the world. Digitalization, sustainability and energy-efficiency are some of the focus areas in our current R&D projects. The Metso Metrics concept, which comprises of a cloud-based, remote monitoring and data visualization service for mobile crushing plants, will soon be introduced to mining and recycling processes, too.

Metso is probably the only company in the world that can say that it has been providing equipment and services for the recycling business already for 100 years. With the importance of the circular economy increasing, recycling is more important than ever. Metso is in a good position to provide the necessary equipment and services to handle virtually any type of waste or scrap metal. Our metal recycling offering rests on a strong platform built on the LindemannTM, Texas ShredderTM and N-SeriesTM technology, covering a wide range of efficient solutions for the fragmentation, compaction and separation of different types of metal scrap. We are also one of the world’s leading suppliers of solid waste recycling equipment, thanks to the acquisition of M&J Industries in Denmark in 2010.

In flow control, our solutions are built on innovative Neles® and Jamesbury® valve solutions. Neles Oy was established by Antti Nelimarkka and Eino Santasalo in 1956. The first Neles valves were originally designed for the needs of the pulp and paper industry. Soft-sealed Jamesbury valves, Mapag® valves (now part of the Neles product portfolio), valve controllers and globe valves were later added to the portfolio to complement the offering. Today, various process industries - often located close to urban areas and including, for example, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy, gas processing and LNG, industrial gas, and refining - rely on our flow control products and services to run their processes safely and reliably.

Photo exhibition to celebrate the anniversary

To celebrate our 150th anniversary, we have organized a photo exhibition illustrating how Metso has taken part in shaping and building the modern world.

The exhibition will feature photos, stories and insights into how the world and the industry we work with have changed over the time. The focus is on three main themes : Building urban environments, Enabling the modern way of living, and Reaching for the future. There will also be a display of the #Kivikone (Rock machine) photo competition.

The opening event will take place on Tuesday, September 18 at 16.30 - 17.30 pm at Sanomatalo’s Mediatori. Our interim CEO and CFO Eeva Sipilä will open the event, after which #Kivikone photo competition winners will be announced by nature photographer and author Kimmo Ohtonen and Metso’s Communications Specialist Pauliina Tiainen.

The Metso 150 photo exhibition is open to the public from September 18 to September 30 at Sanomatalo, Töölönlahdenkatu 2, 00100, Helsinki, Finland. The opening hours of the exhibition are 7.00 - 20.00 from Monday to Friday and 9.00 - 20.00 on Saturdays and Sundays.

2018-09-17 
Valmet Advantage DCT tissue production line successfully started up at Velvet CARE's mill in Poland

Velvet CARE’s Klucze mill in Poland has successfully started up a Valmet-supplied Advantage DCT 200HS tissue production line. As one of the largest and most modern tissue lines in Eastern Europe, it will help Velvet CARE to strengthen their position as a leader in tissue production in Poland, and Central and Eastern European markets.

"This is a most joyful milestone in Valmet’s and Velvet CARE’s ’s joint effort to boost tissue quantity and quality of Velvet’s production," says Hans Englund, Project Manager, Valmet.

"We want to ensure that our products meet the highest requirements in the homes of the Poles, every day. The reliable and efficient Advantage DCT technology from Valmet will help us accomplish that," says Artur Pielak, CEO, Velvet CARE.

"Just like Valmet, Velvet has its focal point set on future development," Marek Sciazko, Director of Klucze Mill, adds. "The Advantage DCT tissue making technology empowers that vision by setting the table for quality tissue grades fit for the future. We have already started to improve the cost efficiency of the production by changing the settings of the process and machine".

Valmet’s Advantage solutions are designed to meet tissue producers’ challenges of today as well as of tomorrow. Valmet has until today delivered 80 Advantage DCT production lines. The concept is well-known for its high efficiency and ability to manufacture most types of conventional tissue with the highest quality - making it a popular choice for tissue professionals worldwide.

Valmet’s scope of delivery includes a complete Advantage DCT 200HS tissue production line with a design speed of 2,200 m/min. The machine is 5.6 m wide, making it one of the largest machines in the Central Eastern European market.

Stock preparation systems and auxiliary equipment were also included, and the machine is equipped with an OptiFlo headbox and a cast alloy Yankee cylinder. Furthermore, it features an Advantage ViscoNip, AirCap hood with Air system, WetDust system and a SoftReel. Valmet has also delivered basic and detailed mill engineering. An automation package including DCS (distributed control) and QCS (quality control) systems, was also a part of the delivery.

2018-09-17 
Beyond Fossils crystallises UPM's position as the leading supplier of renewable and responsible solutions

UPM’s new brand promise, UPM Biofore - Beyond fossils, captures the company’s strong commitment to a future which is not dependent of fossil raw materials. The new direction is a natural continuation to UPM*s purpose of creating value from the limitless opportunities of bioeconomy.

Global megatrends, such as urbanisation and the growing middle class in the emerging markets, represent many long-term growth opportunities for UPM’s businesses. Climate change, environmental concerns and the scarcity of non-renewable raw materials are driving societies and businesses all over the world towards the use of renewable, non-fossil raw materials and circular economy. They are also driving demand for renewable and responsible solutions and new technologies.

"Our innovations are based on renewable wood fibres and biomolecules that provide viable alternatives to fossil-based solutions. We constantly look for new business opportunities and end-uses of forest biomass to meet the growing global consumer demand. As a leader of the bio-based forest industry, we provide solutions to global challenges while at the same time create value to our stakeholders," says Elisa Nilsson, Vice President, Brand and Communications of UPM.

The position is launched via extensive communications and marketing, starting from UPM’s main markets. "With the new statement, we communicate a clear vision of our way forward. As a globally leading company in this industry, we want to show the way and inspire our stakeholders on a journey towards a future beyond fossils," says Elisa Nilsson.

2018-09-17 
BillerudKorsnäs Capital Markets Webcast 2018: “Unlocking the Potential”

“Unlocking the Potential” is the main theme of BillerudKorsnäs’ Capital Markets Webcast on 17 September 2018. During the webcast, BillerudKorsnäs will provide a strategy update including more insights into the Next Generation and Production Excellence programmes. The group’s long-term financial targets remain unchanged. In addition, new KPIs to measure the group’s progress over the next years will be presented.

BillerudKorsnäs estimates that global demand for sustainable packaging solutions will remain strong, with a growth rate in the packaging market of approximately 3% CAGR. Following a long period of large investments, driven principally by the new KM7 board machine, BillerudKorsnäs is ready to unlock its potential and strengthen its leading position.

Next Generation is close to completion and entails the construction of KM7 and renovations to the existing pulp mills. As well as adding new capacity, this will also contribute to more focused production facilities. The total investment for KM7 is expected to amount to SEK 7.6 billion, which is higher than the previous estimate due to increased costs for the civil and construction project as well as negative currency effects. The machine will be started in March-April 2019 and is expected to produce 240 ktonnes in 2019 and 390 ktonnes in 2020. The group’s total capital expenditure is expected to amount to SEK 5.3 billion in 2018 and SEK 2.75 billion in 2019, and will level out at SEK 1.3 billion in 2020.

BillerudKorsnäs will continue to pursue its strategy for sustainable solutions and profitable growth, with focus on position, innovation, sustainability and effectiveness. To unlock its full potential over the next years, the group will follow an agenda of prioritised activities aimed at securing the successful ramp-up of KM7, safeguarding the wood supply, stabilising production, enhancing effectiveness, and accelerating innovation and solutions. BillerudKorsnäs has identified certain KPIs to monitor the progress of this work.

“Sustainable packaging has a bright future and BillerudKorsnäs is in a position to increase the pace of challenging the conventional with new solutions. I look forward to presenting our priorities for the next few years, with an agenda that reflects our strong potential”, says Petra Einarsson, BillerudKorsnäs President and CEO.

Unchanged long-term financial targets
BillerudKorsnäs will continue to pursue the following long-term financial targets :

- Organic growth of 3-4% per year
- The EBITDA margin should exceed 17%
- Return on capital employed should exceed 13%
- Interest-bearing net debt in relation to EBITDA should be below 2.5
- The dividend should amount to 50% of net profit

For the new divisions, average annual growth (CAGR 2017-2023) is expected to amount to 0-2% for Paper, 4-5% for Board, and 15-25% for Solutions.

KM7 financial impact

- Expected total impact on EBITDA from KM7 ramp-up :

 2019 SEK -500 million
 2020 SEK -200 million
 2021 EBITDA positive

BillerudKorsnäs has set the following KPIs to simplify measurement of the group’s progress over the next years :

- An improvement of 4 percentage points in overall equipment efficiency (OEE) over the next 2 years, equivalent to an EBITDA improvement of SEK 100 million for each percentage point
- A reduction in lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) from 7.7 in 2017 to less than 1.5 in 2023
- An increase in new product ratio (NPR) from 7% in 2017 to 15% in 2023

Market outlook Q3
In the Capital Markets Webcast, BillerudKorsnäs will also provide an update on the market outlook for the third quarter of 2018 :

- Demand and order situation are expected to continue to be strong, with normal seasonal variations for all business areas
- Possibilities of selected sales price increases remain
- Demand-driven wood cost increases are expected to continue
- The financial impact on Q3 2018 from the wood shortage is estimated to be SEK -40 million

2018-09-17 
Study finds: Paper sacks are better for the climate

Paris/Stockholm : The carbon footprint of paper cement sacks is 2.5 times smaller than the carbon footprint of form-fill-seal (FFS) polyethylene cement sacks. This is the outcome of a comparative study by the Swedish research institute RISE on behalf of the European Paper Sack Research Group (ESG), a collaboration between CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC. It also concludes that the paper cement sack is more climate-friendly and energy efficient. An infographic captures the most important findings.

The study by RISE compared the life cycle inventories (LCI) of a typical European 25 kg cement paper sack with a typical European 25 kg FFS polyethylene cement sack. It focused on different environmental influences of both packaging solutions : overall carbon footprint and fossil energy consumption as indicators of climate change and other environmental parameters, namely emissions to air and to freshwater. The study was peer-reviewed by Intertek. Its key result concerning climate change – the most important challenge of our planet today – was that the paper sack is clearly the favourable option.

Better overall carbon footprint

With 71 g of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) emissions from cradle to gate, the carbon footprint of paper sacks is 2.5 times smaller than the footprint of plastic sacks which totals 192 CO2e. The higher amount of fossil CO2e from the plastic sack is comparable to the emissions of a laptop (with a power consumption of 25 W) running for nine hours. Also, when extending the boundaries to consider the end-of-life scenarios – whether landfill, incineration or recycling – the paper sack’s carbon footprint is smaller.

More efficient fossil energy consumption

Regarding the consumption of fossil energy in the production process, the study concludes that the paper sack is the more climate-friendly solution. The production of a cement plastic sack uses 4.72 MJ of fossil energy per sack as fuel input. This is approximately five times more as is consumed to produce a cement paper sack (0.97 MJ of fossil energy/sack). That means, you can produce almost five paper sacks with the same amount of fossil energy consumed to produce only one plastic sack. The study shows that the paper sack system uses more renewable energy sources (0.19 MJ of renewable energy/sack) to fulfil its production energy needs compared to the plastic sack (0 MJ of renewable energy/sack). In terms of fossil resources used as raw material within the sack, the paper sack uses even 18 times less fossil resources (0.18 MJ of fossil energy/sack) compared to the plastic sack (3.19 MJ of fossil energy/sack).

Mixed picture for other environmental parameters

When looking at the study results of other emissions to air and emissions to freshwater during the production process, a conclusion as to which of the two packaging choices is better for the environment cannot be drawn. Paper sacks and FFS polyethylene sacks have different emission profiles because they use different raw materials, processes and energy mixes and have different energy requirements. In some respects, the paper sack shows better results, in others it is the plastic sack. One example : Regarding the emissions into freshwater, the cement plastic sack emits more heavy metals whereas the cement paper sack emits more organic substances.

Continuous improvements in carbon footprint

The regularly conducted carbon footprint analysis by RISE of the value chain of an average European paper sack also shows a convincing outcome : alone between 2007 and 2015, the CO2e emissions have improved by 22%, exceeding one of the EU climate targets for 2020 five years prior to this date, namely that of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% compared with 1990.

2018-09-14 
Corenso China: new General Manager to take the lead & investment in Foshan to strengthen product offering in South China

Corenso is pleased to welcome Mr Simon Xie as the new General Manager of Corenso China. Simon will lead the three core plants in Hangzhou (Zhejiang province), Suzhou (Jiangsu province), and Foshan (Guangdong province) as they pursue our strategy for future development and growth in the region. As part of this plan for growth, we are pleased to announce that a new production line has been installed in Foshan to manufacture parallel wrapped seamless cores, meeting the highest requirements of the flexible packaging industry.

Simon’s predecessor as General Manager, Ms Meihua Fang, who has done a great job in developing and leading the Chinese operations through often turbulent market conditions, will begin a well - deserved retirement.

2018-09-14 
Mitsubishi to show coated specialty papers for the label and packaging industry at Labelexpo Americas 2018

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers a large range of excellent coated specialty papers ; worldwide and for a variety of applications. At Labelexpo Americas 2018 (25 – 27 September 2018, Chicago), the Germany-based company will show its wide range of papers dedicated for label and packaging applications.

THERMOSCRIPT® thermal papers : the demand for phenol-free thermal paper is rising significantly. Mitsubishi has been using phenol-free developers for thermal papers for many years ; with and without topcoat ; for labels, tickets, receipts or lottery tickets, including integrated security features. Linerless is a fast-growing label segment. The THERMOSCRIPT LL 77 series of thermal papers, launched at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, offer a cost-effective linerless solution ; also phenol-free of course.

JETSCRIPT® inkjet papers : as a leading manufacturer of coated inkjet papers, Mitsubishi is constantly developing these product lines. Against the backdrop of ever faster inkjet printing systems and the required compatibility of the media with different ink technologies, the demands on inkjet papers are growing. Mitsubishi naturally fulfils the requirements thanks to the special surfaces and properties of the JETSCRIPT products. Mitsubishi will be presenting samples of a JETSCRIPT product innovation to selected visitors at Labelexpo Americas 2018.

GIROFORM® carbonless papers : with GIROFORM DIGITAL ONEforALL, Mitsubishi has been offering a universal carbonless copying paper specially developed for digital printing since 2016. Personalized, individual forms and documents are no longer a problem with this 80 gsm (21 #) carbonless paper. ONEforALL is certified by HP Indigo and is suitable for all current digital toner printing systems, black & white copiers etc. With its explanatory films, for example on fanapart gluing, Mitsubishi offers the best technical service.

BARRICOTE® barrier papers for food packaging : with this new business segment, Mitsubishi offers brand owners, food retailers and packaging industry particularly sustainable and effective barrier solutions for food packaging. The range comprises paper products made from virgin fibres and water-based barrier coatings. With a total absence of plastic films, aluminium, extruded polymers, varnishes, laminates and fluorocarbons, BARRICOTE papers offer effective protection against mineral oils, grease & oil as well as water & water vapour. All products are approved for food contact, FSC® Mix and PEFC™ certified and recyclable. Applications are, amongst others, heat-sealed and cold-bonded pouch papers, laminating papers for cardboard and paperboard as well as wrapping papers.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper offers coated speciality papers of the highest quality, Made in Germany, delivered to all continents including North- and South-America, reliably and consistently. On-site sales contacts are available to customers as well as an excellent technical service. Regional warehouse solutions ensure a constant availability of the products ; fast, safe and worldwide.

2018-09-14 
DS Smith Tecnicarton celebrates more than 3000 days without work-related accidents

The company’s Almussafes plant leads the internal ranking, followed by the Vigo plant, which has already accumulated 2,645 days without mishaps

DS Smith Tecnicarton has managed to go from 3000 days without accidents at work in its plant in Almussafes, followed by the plant that the company has in Vigo and that already reaches 2,645 days. These figures represent more than 8 and 7 years respectively without mishaps.

These figures are the result of the company’s policy for the safety and health of its employees, which has been reinforced with the integration of Tecnicarton into the discipline of the multinational DS Smith. According to the person in charge of this area, Pablo Escuín, "since the integration in DS Smith both investments in prevention and the personnel assigned to it have been reinforced. And a lot of effort has been put into internal training for all employees in all plants".

The commitment to training in prevention is materialised through small meetings that are held periodically and constantly where specific and specific prevention issues are explained. Preventive indicators are shown in these meetings. And, as Pablo Escuín confirms, "all incidents that occur are investigated, even if they do not cause harm to the worker".

In this sense, the data of lack of accidents in the plants of DS Smith Tecnicarton are also positive. The company’s plant in Vigo, from which industrial packaging is supplied to PSA, already exceeds 2,650 days without accidents. And the plants in Seville and Bilbao exceed 1100 days.

2018-09-14 
VPK - Cardboard boxes, displays and mobiles for the anniversary edition of Cirk! festival

The Cirk ! festival is traditionally held in the last weekend of August in Aalst, which is also home to VPK’s head office. For the tenth edition, the organisation opted for a special main attraction in the form of a cardboard reconstruction of the Aalst belfry tower.

VPK Packaging Group was happy to provide the 1,300 boxes needed for the artwork. Preparations for the construction started a week in advance. Hundreds of volunteers, including VPK colleagues and their family members, participated in workshops to prepare the various components. During the festival itself, all pieces were assembled to create an impressive cardboard replica of 25 metres high.

And VPK did not stop there. During discussions with the organisation, it soon became clear that corrugated offered other opportunities too. The display division set to work to design a striking column for clever distribution of programme booklets. The result ? Colourful small belfry towers at 18 central squares. In addition to the displays, we also produced more than 1,000 cardboard mobiles. The hanging, printed figures were used to decorate shop windows one week in advance. Together with the displays, they provided optimal visibility and promotion for the festival. This was also an environmentally friendly approach, as all designs are perfectly recyclable.

2018-09-14 
BillerudKorsnäs strengthens its leading position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices. Each year over 3 400 listed companies around the world are analyzed, the top 10 percent are included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. This year BillerudKorsnäs is the industry leader in the category Containers & Packaging and is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. BillerudKorsnäs achieves industry top scores for its climate strategy, customer relationship management, supply chain management and talent attraction & retention.

"Being named the most sustainable packaging company and, for the second consecutive year, one of the most sustainable companies in the world, is a great honor for us. Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do and with this position in the Dow Jones Index, we strengthen our position as a global driving challenger of conventional packaging solutions as well as working methods. This industry leadership is an excellent platform for our further pursuit of contributing positively to a sustainable future," says Petra Einarsson, President and CEO of BillerudKorsnäs.

BillerudKorsnäs sustainability work focuses on three areas : increasing customer value, responsibility throughout the value chain and contributing to a sustainable and bio-based society. In practice, that means to strengthen the customers sustainability work and competitiveness by developing smart packaging solutions based on renewable materials ; to speed up the transition towards a sustainable and bio-based society by combating climate change throughout the entire value chain locally and globally ; as well as to promote responsibility from raw material supply and production to recycling and provide engaging workplaces where safety, diversity and human rights are a priority.

2018-09-13 
Essity industry leader in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Essity, the global hygiene and health company, has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability indices. Essity has qualified for inclusion in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index, and has also been named industry leader in the Household Products sector.

Essity received high scores for its environmental and social reporting, its work with suppliers, its brand work, its innovations and its strategy for emerging markets. 

“Sustainability is part of Essity’s business model. We want to promote a more sustainable and circular society, and that requires everyone to think in new innovative ways. Essity being named an industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index affirms that our sustainability and innovation efforts have been successful,” says Magnus Groth, President and CEO of Essity.

Companies included in the various Dow Jones Sustainability Indices are assessed according economic, environmental and social performance parameters.

2018-09-13 
Valmet maintains its position among the world's sustainability leaders

Valmet has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the fifth consecutive year and thus maintains its position among the world’s sustainability leaders. Valmet was listed both in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices.

The annual evaluation conducted by a Swiss investment specialist RobecoSAM comprehensively reviews the companies’ performance with regard to social, environmental and financial factors. This year in total 317 companies are included in the DJSI World for 2018-2019.

"Maintaining our position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index is an excellent achievement for Valmet. It proofs that our systematic work to integrate sustainability into our business processes has been successful and we have improved our performance year by year. We will now continue this work by implementing our updated sustainability action plans for the next three years emphasizing amongst other things sustainable supply chain and our R&D work," says Pasi Laine, President and CEO of Valmet.

Valmet defined its sustainability agenda named Sustainability360º in early 2014. The agenda focuses on five core areas : sustainable supply chain ; health, safety and environment ; people and performance ; sustainable solutions, and corporate citizenship.

The DJSI is a sustainability index family which includes the global sustainability leaders across industries. The company inclusion is based on a best-in-class approach, which means that the indices only include the top ranked companies within each industry. The index serves as a benchmark for investors who are committed to ethical investing and review companies’ sustainability performance as part of their analyses.

2018-09-13 
UPM recognised as the industry's most responsible company in the global Dow Jones Sustainability Index

UPM has been listed as the forest and paper industry leader in the in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2018-2019 for the sixth time.

"We create value by seizing the limitless potential of bioeconomy, this is what we are committed to do at UPM", says Sami Lundgren, Vice President, UPM Environment and Responsibility.

Global megatrends and their impacts on the environment and society make it clear that a major turnaround in the use of non-renewable fossil-based products and materials is needed. As the leader of the bio-based forest industry UPM’s mission is to be a part of the solution.

"Creating value for society both as a company and through our renewable and responsible products is an essential part of the Biofore strategy, since our operations and products have an impact on society at large. Understanding our influence is a prerequisite for us to develop our operations and to respond to the needs of surrounding communities," concludes Lundgren.

The annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment is conducted by an investment specialist RobecoSAM, and is based on a rigorous analysis of economic, environmental and social performance of the world’s leading companies, assessing issues covering climate change strategies, supply chain standards, labour practices, corporate governance and risk management. The DJSI follows a best-in-class approach, recognising companies across all industries that outperform their peers in sustainability metrics.

2018-09-13 
Kimberly-Clark Elects Sheri McCoy to its Board of Directors

Kimberly-Clark Corporation today announced that Sherilyn S. "Sheri" McCoy was elected to its board of directors, effective immediately.

"Sheri will be a great addition to our board given her global leadership experience," said Thomas J. Falk, Chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark. "We will greatly benefit from Sheri’s leadership and deep experience in consumer products and innovation as we continue to execute on our long-term growth strategy."

Ms. McCoy brings considerable consumer experience gained during a 30-year career at Johnson & Johnson, joining as a scientist in research and development, and subsequently managing businesses in every major product sector. She held global leadership posts at J&J including worldwide chairman of the Pharmaceutical Group, and head of J&J’s Consumer business. Most recently, Ms. McCoy served as Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products, a personal care products company, until retiring earlier this year.

Ms. McCoy also serves on the boards of AstraZeneca PLC, Certara, Novocure, Stryker Corp., Catalyst and Stonehill College. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in textile chemistry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Princeton University, and an MBA from Rutgers University. She holds four U.S. patents.

2018-09-13 
Sale of Wizernes site to Wizpaper

Arjowiggins has announced that it has sold the Wizernes industrial site, which ceased production in June 2015, to Wizpaper.
This operation has no significant impact on either Arjowiggins’ results or financial position.

2018-09-12 
Stora Enso the first in the forest industry to utilise augmented reality and 5G technology in mill maintenance

Stora Enso has been developing augmented reality (AR) and 5G technology solutions together with Telia. The utilisation of augmented reality was first tested at Stora Enso’s Oulu mill where real-time information is being used in mill maintenance. 

The application of augmented reality and virtual models will in the future enable the more rapid use of, for example, maintenance information at Stora Enso mills. Using a virtual model of a machine and real-time data concerning information points, can improve the operational reliability of the mills.

“Stora Enso has an extensive digitalisation programme, which aims to increase sales and boost our operations on our journey to replace fossil-based materials. Through our digitalisation programme, we have become pioneers in our industry in the utilisation of new technology,” says Teemu Salmi, Stora Enso’s CIO and Head of Digitalisation.

Through the new technology, all necessary information is easily and visually at the disposal of experts in real-time, regardless of physical location. The nearing introduction of fast 5G technology together with AR- and VR technology and 360° views will enable real-time and rapid utilisation by experts between different units, irrespective of geographical distance.

”With our pilots in Oulu, we have explored the area where IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G solutions will most likely produce the first breakthroughs in introducing new, more effective processes. Solutions based on the collection, transfer and analysis of real-time data are the key to renewing industrial processes”, says Janne Koistinen, Head of 5G program at Telia Finland.”

Augmented reality refers to a view that can be augmented by elements produced using computer graphics, which are examined through displays.

2018-09-12 
Ricardo Domingues joins Toscotec.

Toscotec has revealed plans to expand its tissue and paper & board businesses in Brazil. Toscotec announced that Ricardo Domingues has joined the group as Sales Manager of the Brazilian market, both for tissue and paper & board.

Toscotec is set to consolidate its market position with the support of Domingues, who brings over 20 years of experience in the tissue and paper industry in Brazil.

Thanks to Domingues’ international expertise in design, sales and services, Toscotec is taking a new step in growing its customer base in Brazil.

2018-09-12 
Valmet to deliver the world's first BioTracTM Steam Explosion System for black pellet production in France

Valmet has agreed with FICAP on the delivery of the world’s first continuous steam explosion system, BioTrac, for production of black pellets1. The black pellet plant will be part of an existing large industrial area, located in the Region of Champagne-Ardenne in France. The integration of the BioTrac system and plant will be conducted by De Smet Engineers and Contractors (DSEC) of Belgium.

The order is included in Valmet’s second quarter of 2018 orders received. The value of the order will not be disclosed. The start-up of the black pellet production plant is planned for 2020.

The pellet plant will produce both white and black pellets and has an annual capacity of 120 000 ton/year of pellets. The black pellets produced will be used mainly by district heating network operators and coal fired power plants as a substitute to fossil fuels. This project will therefore contribute to the phase out from fossil fuels and enable the production of 100% renewable energy.

"FICAP is our first industrial project, a concrete showcase of our know-how and mastery of biomass industrialization processes and technology, responding to a promising emerging market of the HPCI® Black Pellet. Its success will allow the global roll-out of a new biofuel industrial sector in France, Europe and the rest of the world," says Jean Baptiste Marin, CEO of Européenne de Biomasse.

"Valmet has since 2013 focused on the commercialization of the BioTrac process and we are very happy to finally see the first project to be realized. This is the first of its kind of a continuous steam explosion system for this application. We see a great future in this end product and process. We strongly believe this important project will pave the way for many more projects for supply of black pellets not only in France but also in other European countries. We also see a growing demand in markets such as Japan," says Mattias Erixon, Manager Sales, Biomass Conversion at Valmet.

1) Black pellets can be produced from all lignocellulosic materials, and can be used as a renewable fuel for replacing coal in heat and power generation

 Black pellets are durable and more moisture resistant than white pellets

 There is a significant carbon dioxide emission reduction over fossil fuels ( 90% reduction)

 Black pellets decrease both CAPEX and OPEX in logistics compared to e.g. white pellets

2018-09-11 
Consultation phase Digital Solutions Cham

The site of the former Cham Paper Group will be converted to an urban district from autumn 2019 onwards. Due to the rental agreement expiring, Sappi Europe will have to leave the Cham site no later than the end of June 2019.

In recent months Sappi’s management has compiled and reviewed various relocation options within Switzerland and abroad. Considering Sappi does not have a production site in Switzerland, the best solution appears to be to integrate the converting companies, the solution center, the supply chain and customer service into existing Sappi Europe facilities.

These measures would lead to a reduction of about 25 full-time positions in Cham. The employees have been informed, and the legal consultation process has been initiated. Redundancies are expected to take place from February 2019 at the earliest.

A social plan will be negotiated between management and employees.

2018-09-11 
Pratt Industries’ new mill will feature a highly efficient Voith BlueLine stock preparation system

Customer receives high level of operational support and service through one-system supplier for all stock preparation equipment 

Construction is well under way of Pratt Industries new Wapakoneta, Ohio, corrugated packaging mill, which includes a customized BlueLine stock preparation system from Voith. The stock preparation system is designed to handle approximately 425,000 tons of recycled fiber each year when the mill begins operation, planned for the second half of 2019.

As the stock preparation supplier, Voith will provide Pratt Industries with all elements of the system, including reliable material handling with automatic wire cutting, reject compactors, sludge handling, water clarification and effluent treatment. These elements are similar to a previous stock preparation system installation by Voith at the Pratt Industries mill in Valparaiso, Indiana.

“Pratt was very pleased with the Valparaiso installation and the equipment performance there. With those successes, as well as the service and aftermarket support we provide, Pratt was interested in working with us again at Wapakoneta,” said Michael Hmielewski, Vice President of Project Sales, Stock Preparation, Voith Paper North America. “Now we are working beside them to continuously enhance our services based on the raw material quality fluctuations.”

2018-09-11 
UNIPAK HELLAS SA Member of INDEVCO Group, Completes Acquisition of PAKO SA, Greece

UNIPAK HELLAS SA member of INDEVCO Group, a multinational company with diversified manufacturing, technical and consultancy services, is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of PAKO SA, Greece. The acquisition was completed and finalized officially on 5 September 2018 for an undisclosed amount.

INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group, has been operating in the corrugated business since 1957 and in the Greek market since 2009 through its Greek member company, UNIPAK HELLAS SA.

PAKO is a vertically integrated paper manufacturing company, producing corrugated packaging and pioneering the production of recycled linerboard and recycling fluting in Greece since 1960. PAKO has continued its steady growth over the years, despite the difficulties in the local market and has shown resilience and commitment in serving its customers across the industrial sectors. The business will be integrated into INDEVCO Paper Containers division.

Commenting on the acquisition, Eleni Koliopoulou, CEO of PAKO, explains, “The acquisition is very good news for PAKO. We look forward to achieving full potential with the foreseeable investment this transaction will bring to our vertically-integrated operation. Combining excellent customer service with INDEVCO’s Innovation Center and resources will certainly yield the added value we aim to provide. Most importantly, we share a common culture, values, and business practices.”

INDEVCO Paper Containers President, Fayssal Frem, says : “We are delighted to welcome PAKO into INDEVCO Group. This acquisition is a sign of confidence INDEVCO Group has in the Greek market and in the talents of the country. We have an objective to pursue growth in Greece and the wider Balkans and will continue to invest across all levels of the operation to offer high-quality, innovative, and world-class packaging solutions that serve our customers in the agricultural and industrial sectors.”

PWC acted as the financial advisors to PAKO, and KPMG as the financial and HR advisors to INDEVCO Group. Dryllerakis and Associates acted as the legal advisors to PAKO and Panouris and Associates as the legal advisors to INDEVCO Group.

More information is available on INDEVCO Group, INDEVCO Paper Containers and UNIPAKHELLAS websites and in File Number 660/2018 at the Hellenic Competition Commission.

2018-09-11 
Zanders GmbH: insolvency proceedings are opened Business operations are continued

On 1 September 2018, Cologne district court has opened insolvency proceedings over the assets of Zanders GmbH. Lawyer Dr. Marc d’Avoine was appointed as insolvency administrator. The managing directors Ferlan, Köhler-Ma and Dr. Geiser have at the same time discontinued their previous operational activity.

Under the leadership of the insolvency team with ATN lawyers Dr. Marc d’Avoine, Oliver Teubler and business graduate Paul Michels and with the support of external consultants, the operation of the paper producer with more than 500 employees will be continued. Whether and which reorganization measures have to be taken will be decided in a timely manner on the basis of the ongoing analysis. The chosen restructuring course will be continued.

Zanders stands for quality and high quality products worldwide. This excellent reputation forms the basis for the search for potential investors. Interest is present in the market, initial talks are already under way. A conclusion is expected at the earliest in October. The team around Dr. d’Avoine continues to be confident that it will be able to reach a viable solution for all concerned, paving the way for Zanders GmbH into the future.

Insolvency process at Cologne District Court, docket number : 75 IN 232/18

2018-09-11 
Valmet launches Dashboards as part of Valmet DNA Automation System 2018 collection

Valmet launches Valmet DNA Automation System collection 2018 introducing Valmet DNA Dashboard concept that takes the visualization of process data to the next level. Valmet DNA collection 2018 introduces also improvements to the IO (Input/Output) products and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) communication capabilities. Valmet DNA Automation System is utilized in pulp, paper, energy and other process industries around the world.

Valmet DNA Dashboards make reading and understanding process data easier

Valmet DNA Dashboards are web applications providing pre-analyzed, essential production process information presented in a visual way that is easy to interpret. They use the real-time and history data already available through customer’s Valmet DNA Automation System, thus complementing Valmet’s Industrial Internet products and services. The new DNA dashboards make it possible to immediately see what is happening at a mill or plant and react to changing situations fast.

By connecting easily to existing system data, Valmet DNA Dashboard can provide key performance indicators and meaningful information to different user roles at a mill or plant, from operators to the CEO. The use of the DNA Dashboards is not limited to a control room - Valmet DNA Dashboards can be used stationary or mobile from any location.

"Valmet DNA Dashboards are designed by applying modern user experience principles. User role and needs determine the content and presentation of data that is derived from Valmet DNA Automation System," says Jukka Ylijoki, Vice President, R&D, Automation Business Line, Valmet.

Valmet DNA Dashboards are available for alarm management for all industries. For paper, board and tissue industries, Valmet introduces quality and production monitoring dashboard. For the energy industry, Valmet provides dashboard for the monitoring of energy production and availability as well as emission and production efficiency. For pulp industry, Valmet introduces dashboard for pulp production, departmental and bale quality monitoring.

2018-09-10 
Enrico Zino, Head of Fabio Perini Marketing BA Tissue: “Digital Tissue™? Our disruptive technology, to optimize production efficiency and reduce operational costs

Fabio Perini S.p.A took part in the presentations at Tissue World Istanbul, the international conference taking place September 4th to 6th for tissue buyers, suppliers and producers, in the course of which the latest innovations in equipment and production solutions were presented.

On Sept. 5th, during one of the technical workshops, Enrico Zino, Head of Fabio Perini Marketing BA Tissue, presented the new company digital value proposition : “I believe that Digital Tissue™, our own interpretation of Industry 4.0,will totally change the way of conceiving the packaging and converting sector, the same way as the sat-nav navigation device has totally changed our way of traveling. While up to now the operator was the one who “felt” the machine and adjusted parameters, with Digital Tissue™ all data are analyzed by the platform, which is able to interpret the data and process then autonomously, and to report them easily and intuitively to the customer, indicating the best way to maximize Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Just like the sat-nav allows real time awareness of the traffic, avoiding delays with the utmost safety, in the same way, Digital Tissue™ allows sharing data and obtaining the best from every line leveraging on the expertise of our experts worldwide”.

Fabio Perini S.p.A.’s smart machines do not only maximize the efficiency of production lines, but also are capable of making the man-machine interaction easy and intuitive, as they can analyze the characteristics of the paper and of the final product and modify their own settings, so as to keep the process consistent, thus reducing the variability of the final product.

“Concepts such as Smart Factory, Big Data analysis, Smartification of production processes, at the core of our proposal – Zino elaborates – allow an extremely articulate and customized offer, enabling customers to preserve over time the value of their capital asset and optimize the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of their production lines, both new and those on an already installed base.”

The correct “address” can be reached thanks to three innovations :

• All-in-One, the Smart Application that allows managing the change of format of the whole line by automatically communicating the type of recipe and the configuration of production parameters. In addition, All-in-One manages the line’s output flow and can modify the speed of each machine by modulating the capacity of the accumulator, allowing the operators to act without stopping production.
• “Tissue Data”, a dedicated platform for Big Data allowing collection of data and equipment parameters, identifying performances and critical points and monitoring the whole line’s efficiency in real-time. In addition, Tissue Data evaluates the Overall Equipment Effectiveness and allows aggregation of data from several lines within a plant or from plants located in different places, for a global control of the overall production.

• Condition Monitoring is a solution for predictive maintenance which, thanks to vibrational analyses, pinpoints possible anomalies or deviations from planned operations, allowing to plan maintenance on the basis of the actual status of the equipment, avoiding untimely stops or unnecessary replacements.

2018-09-07 
Ozone reactive flotation of model contaminants contained in recovered papers

Alexandre Herisson defended his doctoral thesis at University Grenoble Alpes prepared under the supervision of the Professor Marc Aurousseau and the co-supervision of Nathalie Marlin, Associate Professor (Grenoble INP-Pagora / LGP2). He presented the results of his research work entitled Ozone reactive flotation of model contaminants contained in recovered papers : hydrodynamics and reactivity study.
The decrease of the recovered paper collection quality and the accumulation of dissolved substances in process water affect the deinking line efficiency and contaminate more and more the liquid effluents. In this context the LGP2 has developed an innovative deinking process, the ozone reactive flotation, to chemically degrade dissolved pollutants in parallel with ink removal.
To better understand the mechanisms involved, air and ozone/oxygen flotation trials have been conducted on three model contaminants selected in a preliminary bibliographic review, in a two-phase gas/liquid system, in the absence of fibers. Experiments have been carried out on two instrumented laboratory pilots : a bubble column operating only with air for the study of the hydrodynamics of the reactor (bubbles size and distribution, gas hold-up) in the presence of dissolved contaminants, and a second one, similar in its conception but built using materials resistant to corrosive gas, dedicated to the study of the oxidation reactions with ozone.
The evaluation of the hydrodynamics related to gas flow and injection system selected, studied with air but supposed to be the same with ozone/oxygen gas mixture, shows that the bubble size, with or without contaminants, is optimal for an efficient flotation process. The study of ozone mass transfer and reactivity with the three model contaminants, for several temperatures and ozone concentrations, leads to the calculation of kinetic constants and shows that the contaminants, depending on their nature, have been oxidized or depolymerized. Although the COD of the treated solutions does not decrease a lot after the ozone reactive flotation, the effluent quality has been improved in terms of biodegradability since contaminants are partially degraded.

2018-09-07 

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