CMPC announces change in chief executive officer position

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The Board of Directors of Empresas CMPC S.A., in the session held today, accepted the resignation presented as of this date by Mr. Hernán Rodríguez Wilson to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
During the session, the Board of Directors specially recognized Mr. Rodriguez’s successful work in the different functions he held in CMPC since he entered the Company in 1987, as well as his performance as Chief Executive Officer since 2011.
“Of course, we respect Hernán’s personal decision and sincerely thank his effort, professionalism and dedication to our Company during the 31 years he served in CMPC”, stated Luis Felipe Gazitúa, Chairman of Empresas CMPC.
During his time in CMPC, Hernán Rodríguez was part of the development process that resulted in an increase in the Company’s assets by 24 times. He participated in several studies, negotiations and investments that led the Co
mpany to have industrial operations in eight countries of Latin America, with more than 17,000 direct employees and relevant positions in the pulp, wood, packaging and tissue markets.
During his career at CMPC, he headed the Finance and Forestry divisions. As Chief Executive Officer, he was responsible of leading, among other initiatives, the development, construction and startup processes of the Guaíba II pulp mill in Brazil, the expansion of the tissue business and the implementation of a renewed sustainability and community relations policy. He also led the investigation and self-reporting process of CMPC’s acts against free competition, as well as the unprecedented restitution to Chilean consumers.
“This is a very personal and deeply thought decision in order to take on new challenges after so many years of personal development at CMPC. I deeply appreciate the opportunities granted to me by CMPC, its Board of Directors, sha
reholders and especially employees,” said Hernán Rodríguez.
Hernán Rodríguez will continue linked to the Controlling Group of Empresas CMPC as a representative in the Board of Directors of companies where the Group has a stake. As of this same date, the Board of Directors agreed to designate as new Chief Executive of Empresas CMPC S.A. Mr. Francisco Ruiz-Tagle Edwards, current Chief Executive Officer of the Pulp subsidiary. Mr. Ruiz-Tagle is a commercial engineer and has a long dated career in the Company, having held various executive positions both in Chile and abroad.
Both the resignation of Mr. Rodriguez and the appointment of Mr. Ruiz-Tagle, will be effective as of August 1, 2018.

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