DIENES system days – a complete success

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In mid-December, experts gathered at DIENES in Overath for the system days. DIENES showed slitting systems in final assembly. The exhibited systems will be used to cut a wide variety of materials, so that interested parties from a wide variety of industries such as paper/ cardboard, labels / adhesive tape, aluminum / non-ferrous metals film/foil / plastic / nonwoven / textile, rubber and composite materials / composites could get an idea of slitting possibilities at DIENES.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers" says Dietmar Fritz, Head of Sales and Marketing, "to experience our slitting systems live was a real highlight for the visitors. Individual customer
- specific problems could be discussed on the real system and DIENES was usually able to offer a direct and quick solution."

The following three systems were presented :

  • DIENES label slit 4.0
  • DIENES Modul IV - S - M
  • DIENES Modul VIII - S - M Simu-Flash

In addition to the systems, DIENES also offered a tour of the plant including a tour of the new fully and semi-automatic machines for grinding, turning, milling and drilling. The latest technology combined with high-quality manual work in the assembly of the knife holder makes DIENES products so long - lasting and successful. In addition to the actual products, the company also offers a regrind service for straight
and circular knives as well as for air lips and extrusion accessories. Reground knives of DIENES are like new when the customer receives them back. During the system days we had the opportunity to find out the most diverse technical requirements of our visitors ", explained Dietmar Fritz "We noticed that we are well positioned with our systems for the future thanks to various pioneering patents and that we are developing in the right direction. With our latest DIENES label slit 4.0 system, we have now positioned ourselves even better in the area of narrow slit widths.“ The system days provided an informal platform for customers and interested parties to obtain comprehensive information about the DIENES products. Exciting discussions were held and aspects all around slitting subjects were exchanged. Visitors and DIENES were satisfied with the two days of this event, which will happily be repeated in 2018.

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