Discovery GOXM surpasses Trees Milestone performing Outdoor sports

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From September to December 2017 hundreds of sports lovers from 29 European countries responded to Discovery’s challenge to Go the Extra Mile. In this bid to achieve a healthier lifestyle and promote the environment, each competing team chose to walk, run or cycle the furthest distance possible. In total, participants covered 207,075km, which corresponds to five laps around the world.

The challenge involved teaming up with colleagues and friends – three to eight members per team – and exercising outdoors, to accumulate as many kilometres (and points) as possible on the GoXM App. Coimbra Trail Running, the victorious team, from Iberia, achieved the highest average of accumulated points at a European level, winning the coveted trip to Costa Rica, one of the most eco-friendly countries on Earth. Top scoring teams at a regional level (seven regions in total) won sports watches (1st) and sports gi-vouchers (2nd).

Discovery also created to the GoXM Forest program. This eco-efficient office paper brands is commited to planting a tree for every 100 kilometres covered by contestants across Europe. It’s easy to do the math : for the 200,000 km covered, 2,000 trees will be planted in Água Alva, in southern Portugal, including oaks, cork oaks, eucalyptus and strawberry trees.
“In this sense, the winners were not the only ones worthy of applause. Each of the participants achieved the challenge’s mission to “Go Further Go Greener” and all are to be congratulated”, says Discovery’s Brand Manager, Márcia Loonstra das Neves.
This European-wide campaign exceeded the brand’s expectations by motivating its community to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and gain a greater awareness of sustainability issues.

Regional Winners
The 29 countries involved in the challenge were grouped into seven regions. First and second-best teams of each region win great prizes !

Central Europe

  • 1st Viribus Unitis
  • 2nd Run for the Forest Run


  • 1st The warriors
  • 2nd Antalis Bordeaux


  • 1st JRopes
  • 2nd Costa Chichas


  • 1st Club Triatlón Las Rozas 1
  • 2nd 1Ananas1bananas


  • 1st Gazzelle
  • 2nd Frescoteam

Northern Europe

  • 1st Staples Belgium 1
  • 2nd Staples Belgium

United Kingdom

  • 1st Sponge Bobs square pants
  • 2nd Spicers Marketing

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