Dr. Stefan Knohl wins Blue Sky Young Research & Innovation Award

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Dr. Stefan Knohl wins Blue Sky Young Research & Innovation Award for research on "Highly Filled Specialty Papers for Application in Fuel and Electrolysis Cells". Highly filled specialty papers increase the efficiency of conventional technologies and open up new avenues and advantages for the paper industry
At Paper & Beyond - the European Paper Week organised by the European Paper Industry Association (CEPI) - Dr. Stefan Knohl was presented with the award for "Highly filled specialty papers for use in fuel cells".
From a large number of applications his submission came among the best 8 and this enabled Dr. Stefan Knohl to present his topic in Brussels. Here he convinced the jury with his presentation and won one of 3 prizes.
The award research topic of "Highly Filled Specialty Papers" investigates the production of functional papers and paper-derived materials for use in fuel and electrolysis cells. Paper-derived bioelectrodes for microbial electrochemical wastewater treatment and highly porous titanium-based power distributors for PEM fuel cells are being developed.
Each highly filled paper consists of cellulose fibers and up to 90 % by weight filler. The strength and flexibility of the material is based on the formation of the fiber network, while the paper takes over the functional properties through the filler.

Another significant advantage of the highly filled flat semi-finished paper products is that they can be converted into 3-dimensional structures by conventional paper technology processes (e.g. waves, folds).
Highly filled specialty papers not only increase the efficiency of conventional technologies, but also open up new avenues and advantages for the paper industry, e.g. the emergence of new markets and applica-tions for paper-based materials.
Winning the award will give Dr. Stefan Knohl the opportunity to take part in the worldwide competition in May 2019, where he will present his topic and represent PTS.
The team of the Paper Technology Foundation congratulates Dr. Stefan Knohl on this success !

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