Europapier takes a participation in the packaging specialist Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH in Jeging, Austria

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On February 2nd, 2018, Europapier International AG, a member of the Heinzel Group, signed an agreement with Carl Bernh.Hoffmann GmbH & CO KG in Kaarst, Germany, regarding the purchase of a 38.33% participation in Carl Bernh.

Hoffmann GmbH in Jeging, Upper Austria (subsequently referred to as “Hoffmann”). At the same time, Europapier International AG also acquired a 49% stake in Rinner GmbH, Hoffman’s current majority shareholder.

The agreement between the owners, Sabine and Maximilian Rinner, and Europapier foresees continued operation of the company in its current form. In addition, it represents a foundation for the creation of a packaging competence centre within the Europapier Group’s merchant operation. The present organization and executive management headed by Max Rinner will remain unaltered.

The acquisition constitutes another major step for the Europapier Group towards the further diversification of its customer and product portfolio. Hoffmann is one of the leading packaging merchants in Austria and offers customized solutions for both commercial and industrial purposes. As a result of this intensive customer focus, during recent years the company has demonstrated growth well above the industry’s average.

Europapier will act as a strong, strategic partner for Hoffmann and thus enable its further growth in Austria, as well as expansion into neighbouring CEE countries. In particular, Hoffmann now has access to the Europapier Group’s logistics network in all its markets.

The agreement with the previous Carl Bernh. Hoffmann GmbH shareholders is subject to the approval by the anti-trust authorities.

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