Economic Value Report reveals £11.5 Billion Contribution of the UK’s Paper-based Industries

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Confederation of Paper Industries seeks Industry Sector Deal with Government

Relevant to over 140,000 jobs, the Confederation of Paper Industries’ (CPI) firstever Economic Value Report has set out the importance of the UK’s Paper-based Industries to the UK economy.
The headlines of the Economic Value of the UK’s Paper-based Industries are :
• Nearly 1,500 companies
• 56,000 direct jobs and a further 86,000 indirect jobs
• £11.5 billion turnover
• £4 billion gross value added.
The scope of the report covers the manufacturing of paper, the conversion of paper into corrugated packaging, the conversion of paper into tissue for hygiene products and the recovery and recycling of paper from both business and households.

CPI is also today launching its initial proposals to Government for a Sector Deal for the UK’s Paper-based Industries.
It is pleased to announce that Miles Roberts, CEO of FTSE100 listed DS Smith, has agreed to chair a Paper-based Industry led Sector Deal Implementation Board, which we expect to meet for the first time in the first half of 2018. Commenting on the publication of the report, Andrew Large, Director General of the CPI said : “This is a major step forward for the UK’s Paper-based Industries in demonstrating the importance of the industry to the UK economy. We look forward to working with the Government to negotiate a Sector Deal.”
Miles Roberts, CEO of DS Smith, commented : “Our industry is at a critical period of its development as it faces the twin challenges of a post Brexit trading era and structural change in how packaging and waste is perceived by the public. A strong partnership with government will allow us to maximise our contribution to the UK economy and show how the Paper Industry sits at the heart of the Government’s Clean Growth and Future of Mobility strategy.”

Our proposals for Sector Deal negotiations focus on :
• Driving paper recycling quality and recyclability - We aim to improve both the volumes of paper collected for recycling and the quality of that paper through wider adoption of source segregated household recycling practices
• Extending the 2050 Decarbonisation Roadmap and Action Plan - Building on the success of the UK’s Paper-based Industries in reducing their carbon intensity and improving energy efficiency
• Building UK capacity in the bio-economy - We want to establish projects to develop innovative uses for recovered paper that cannot be recycled through the conventional papermaking process

Developing industry training
Developing here in the UK the industry’s future leaders at all levels and rebuilding the training infrastructure
• Building the investment potential in UK papermaking and downstream conversion
Working with Government and consultants to build the business case for new investment in UK paper making and downstream conversion capacity

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