Everbal upgrades software solutions in quest for excellence

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Everbal, producer of the Evercopy range of recycled white for office use and Evercolor color paper, has recently upgraded its planning, scheduling and optimisation software to ensure continued improvement in usability, performance and integration amongst its manufacturing solutions.

The software solutions upgraded included its trim optimisation platform, X-Trim ; opt-Studio which it uses for advanced scheduling planning and GreyconMill which is designed to optimise planning, execution and control production, whilst streamlining internal operations and providing full traceability. The process involved migrating the data, validating it locally, a testing and training phase to identify and fix any gaps, and finality training, local testing and then the go-live.

Emmanuel Chrisment, Director of Information Systems at Everbal said : “Everbal is committed to respecting the environment. It is part of our production policy. From raw materials used for production, to final processing, no step is neglected with regard to environmental protection. We are constantly searching for perfection to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. It is therefore important to us that we keep all our systems and processes up-to-date enabling us to maximise optimisation savings both in terms of resources, profitability and getting orders to customers.”

Andrés Bonelli, Project Manager at Greycon said : “Everbal has gained the trust of consumers over the years due to its ability to embrace and adapt to new technologies to meet and exceed the demands of its customers. This ethos requires them to be innovative, progressive and guarantee the quality of its papers. 

“The European paper industry is progressing its sustainable development and its environmental protection production mechanism is advanced. Europe’s “Paper Industry 4.0” concept, using big data resources to facilitate the integration of SMART production and value chain, will change the operation mode of enterprise. Although environmental investment reduces profitability in the short-term, the long-term impact on production helps companies improve cost control, production efficiencies and customer-service.

“Both market and consumer needs are evolving, while pressure from new legislation and global competition have increased. Therefore, the paper industry needs to innovate to remain competitive,” said Bonelli.

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