Navigator is about to go “Around the World in 80 Pages” for the third time

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The world’s leading premium office paper brand challenges people to write travel story and win a total of €10.000 in travel vouchers.

Navigator keeps on fueling travel lovers’ dreams all over the world, by launching the third edition of Around the World in 80 Pages – Global Writing Contest. Once again, the most inspiring paper brand challenges people to turn their travel adventures into a passionate story and win their way to the next trip. There’s a total of €10.000 in travel vouchers to win, as well as a fantastic digital camera for the author of the best photo. Over and above, the top 80 authors will have their creations and memories published in a travel book. Deadline for entries is the 31st of December 2017.

Since the launch of the contest, two years ago, Navigator Around the World in 80 Pages has already involved over 1800 people from the five continents and gathered great travel stories experienced all over the world – 1350 stories only in the second edition, from more than 65 countries.
“Travelling is also a form of personal growth. And, once again, the Navigator brand is the enabler that brings together all these learnings and promotes experience-sharing”, says Ricardo Ferreira, Navigator’s global brand manager.
Ana Torres, from Portugal, and Hannah Logan, from Canada, were the big winners of the first and second edition of Navigator Around the World in 80 Pages – Global Writing Contest. Achieving first-place last year allowed Hannah Logan to explore western Canada for Canada’s 150th birthday, but the most exciting trip she planned with her voucher was a trip to Egypt : “Egypt has been a dream trip for my brother and I, for as long as I could remember and the voucher helped make it finally happen for both of us”. Hannah Logan is one of those persons for whom there’s no travelling without pen and paper : “There’s something fulfilling about actually writing down your adventures and sticking them on a shelf to read over in the years to come” says the second edition winner.

How to participate ?
Taking the chance to win your next trip is simple : entrants must register at navigatoraroundtheworld.com and upload their story – in English and with up to 2500 characters – as well as up to 3 photos to illustrate it. Then, a jury made up of Navigator representatives and international travel bloggers will elect the winners out of the 80 shortlisted stories. In the beginning of March 2018, the winners will be revealed.

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