Neyrtec® Tasster® Screw Press

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Incorporated in CMI group since 2012 (CMI Proserpol), Neyrtec® continues screw press activities relating to sludge dewatering.

Besides providing maintenance services and supplying spare parts, Neyrtec® also offers services for upgrading existing screw presses, as it appears that most of the screw presses sold in early 80’s are still in operation. Neyrtec® brings its expertise in sludge dewatering to adapt these screw presses to present conditions, sometimes far from the initial conditions, integrating of latest technologies for significant improvement of capacity and dryness performances.

Sales of new machines are anyway the main activity in terms of turnover, and every year new installations increment our reference list, mainly customers retained by level and everlastingness of Neyrtec® Tasster® screw press performances.

Chasing fiber losses and existence of biological steps in waste water treatment plants are certainly new difficulties in sludge dewatering. However the Neyrtec® screw press with it specific design is still making the difference in dryness preformance against traditionnal equipment met in paper mills like belt press or frame filter.

Most of orders in sustainability issues are placed in favor of screw press thanks to money savings in sludge transport and final sludge treatment, a direct consequence of dryness performance. Each time a Neyrtec® screw press is installed, and beyond satisfaction about performances, customers are always surprised to notice decreasing sludge volume in disposal bins.

Belonging to CMI group allows stronger commercial power as well as optimum sourcing for better customer satisfaction.

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