Paper Mill “Volga” participates in the Productivity Enhancement Programme

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JSC Volga is included in the priority Federal Productivity and Population Employment Enhancement Programme which started in October 2017.

The major purpose of the Programme involving 7 regions of the country is to introduce the principles of economical production in the largest industrial enterprises of the region by using of the more effective managing technologies and the employment system improvement. By 2025, the Nizhny Novgorod enterprises need to achieve labour productivity growth up to 30%.

Rosatom and Toyota Group’ experience, where one of the best production system in Russia is created and works, serves the basis of the Programme’s methodical recommendations.

The 19th of January was the first day of the training at the Balakhna site of CJSC “Uzola” to which M.G. Sidyagin, the head of the HR department, A.E. Gollandskiy, the bark and sludge recycling workshop’s head and A.A. Vagin, the production and technical department’s head, were directed from Volga.

Together with other enterprises representatives they observed the “Uzola” production process and heard firsthand about its improvement ideas : it is the workplace redesigning, and all resources saving, and the quality control system optimization, and the warehousing scheme improvement - all what any workflow of any manufacturing is unthinkable without.
Following the results of the visit to “Uzola”, Mikhail G. Sidyagin, the head of the HR department, said that the training will last for six months in the course of which the new principles of economical production will be gradually introduced in the workplace.
Productivity enhancement will allow to decrease the costs in the industry and to increase the production efficiency but this requires not only to modernize the equipment, to introduce the new technologies but also to improve the skills and sometimes even to retrain the workforce.

The inclusion in this Programme will allow the enterprises to attract more foreign investment, to make the product more competitive and to create more highly-productive workplaces.

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