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A reknowned publication circulating in paper plants all over the Middle East and Arabic region. It provides news, interviews, mill reports and technical information in both Arabic and English language.

Language: English, Arabian
Circulation: 3.000
Diffusion: Saudi Arabia, Barhain, Dubai, Egypt, United Arabian Emirates, Irak, Iran, Jordan, Kuweit, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Syria, Yemen

Listed Companies:

Paper Arabia.
Paper One Show 2019
Spaper 2019
Tissue World Milan 2019



According to the latest figures, the population of the Arab Republic of Egypt reached more than 96 million. The country is a large consumer of paper, and the Egyptian paper industry became an imposing industry, and in the land of Pharaohs, they call this industry the “White Gold”.
The industrialists and capitalists believe it’s vital to invest in the paper, printing and packaging industries in order to keep pace with the development and growth of the local population, also to meet with their basic needs and expectations.
However, although this industry is an impressive industry, the large part of fulfilling the demand on paper is dependent on abroad and on imported goods from neighboring or distant exporting countries.
But Egypt is trying to keep pace with the development of this sector through the implication of more businessmen and experts in the paper sector. Therefore, it has recently developed a partnership between the local government
on one hand, and the private sector on the other that is giving a positive effect on the market.
Experts believe that it’s a very promising industry, and Egypt has very large factories and promising capacities where everyone looks forward to self-sufficiency and works in this direction to reach this goal.
In this issue of Paper Middleast magazine, and through Mr. Sami Fahim, we will discover one of the old-new paper mills Handy-Alex Converta with the new management moving its plant to the new location at Burj Al Arab city.
A section is also dedicated to the latest technology and the expertise of reputable companies such as Emtec, Kadant and others.
I leave you to explore its content.

Sommaire / Topics:


  • Mondi and the 28 million dollars acquisition of NPP
  • Handy’s new management & the successful Recard machine start-up
  • The 3rd Valmet Advantage DCT 200 to be delivered to Lila Group
  • Indevco Group and the acquisition of Pako


  • Handy going from converting to tissue producing !


  • Prediction of the Convertingability by the help of the Short Time Penetration Test by Emtec Electronic
  • BoosTEK® Performance Pack by Kadant


  • Arab Student StarPack unleashes the creativity of Arab youth in Beirut
  • PaperME & TissueME 2018
  • Paper One Show Beirut 2019

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