Södra - Increase in timber exports to the US

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Södra’s exports of sawn timber to the US have risen over the past four years and a further 25-percent increase is expected next year. Södra has been represented in the US market since 2000 and is one of the Swedish suppliers in the market that takes a more long-term approach.

Sales consist of structural timber, and the increase in exports is due to several factors. Construction of single-family houses using timber as the most common material is growing. The number of housing starts has doubled since the US real estate crash of 2009-2010 and housing construction is also expected to increase in 2018, resulting in greater consumption of sawn timber. Meanwhile, production of sawn timber in Canada – the largest supplier of structural timber to the US – has been low due to fires and damage from pests.

“One of the key reasons behind our strong performance in the US is our long-term approach to the market. We continued to operate with lower volumes despite a more difficult period following the crash around 2009 when many others decided to leave. This has now given us a strong position when business is improving and the market is strengthening. From our perspective, the long-term relationships we nurture with our customers play a central role,” said Andreas Jonasson, Marketing Manager at Södra Wood.

Structural timber produced from spruce and in a specific dimension is the product that primarily interests customers – mainly timber suppliers with distribution to construction sites. Although the US market is relatively small for Södra, which mainly exports timber to Europe, Andreas Jonasson views this as a positive trend.

“Södra’s products are attractive in this market because of their high quality in terms of strength and from an aesthetic perspective. Timber is a fantastic material to build with and we are seeing a growing interest globally to build in a more environmentally sustainable manner using wood. We are naturally delighted that our US customers are also discovering the benefits of our raw material.”

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