Synthron launches ACTIRON® DF 30 to optimize and improve paper pulp bleaching

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Bleaching is a fundamental stage in the manufacturing process of paper making and requires a treatment producing a good degree of base whiteness, which is demanded by the paper-making industry.

During the operation of bleaching of paper pulp - H2O2 is used. Heavy metals – mainly manganese, iron and copper – must be eliminated by using sequestering agents which isolate them, otherwise these metals destabilize and deactivate the released oxygen in the bleaching process.
DTPA is often used but has the disadvantages of being weakly degradable and also is classified as a CMR (carcinogenic, mutagen, reprotoxic).
Another possible alternative is EDTA which is not currently listed under CMR but the paper-making industry prefers to use other possible alternatives. 
Paper makers prefer to go for other options for pulp bleaching, for both health + safety and environmental reasons. Currently the most major producers in this sector opt to use products containing DTPA, EDTA or phosphonates.
SYNTHRON has more than 40 years’ experience with specialty products for paper making and it is constantly developing new innovative cost-effective products with improved levels of safety and sustainability for the for the environment.
It is with this in mind that the Center of Research and Development of SYNTHRON, located at Auzouer-en-Touraine in France, developed and commercially launched ACTIRON® DF 30 which is “CMR-free”
ACTIRON® DF 30 can be used with every type of paper pulp : mechanical, semi-mechanical and chemical. This innovative product gives the maximum bleaching performance in all processing conditions and confers good reproducibility of the white base.
It is a sequestering agent – containing biodegradable agents – with a broad range of applications in different pH conditions, ACTIRON® DF 30 is also « DTPA free » and has an EDTA content lower than 5%. This product enables our Customers to obtain an optimized agree whiteness along with a very low environmental impact.
Produced on the industrial site of PROTELOR, a subsidiary of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, in the production unit at Carling in France, this new innovation was given extended pilot plant and industrial trials and is now fully industrialized and targeted for the big global paper-makers.

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