The doors to PCMC are always open

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469 guests, 5 days, 10 demonstrations, 31 interviews, 316,000 rolls produced and collected into 7000 packs and much more… not just numbers but tangible signs of an outcome.

A grandiose outcome that we want to share with you.

Before arriving at PCMC, you were attentive to our previews, you followed us and accepted our invitation. And you granted us your time, your attention.

What we can give you in return is our gratitude, our commitment and our passion. To follow our projects together.

Because while it is true that the doors of It’s Tissue have closed and our company event has come to an end, our doors will always remain open to welcome you, our customers, partners, friends and anyone who wants to share our evolution with us – our Carevolution.

And of course to all those who have yet to come visit us.

Our new innovation is bringing new products, no-core rolls, on the shelves and we would like to show it to you from up close. Together with our Forte technology and our other services increasingly connected to Industry 4.0, to artificial intelligence applied to different aspects of our work.

Our Open House days were the result of our growth path and have yielded true satisfaction and constituted a spur to do more, always looking to the future.

iT’s Tissue is certainly not the end of a destination but rather a starting point to vie towards the future.

We are pursuing this path with new determination : we are an even closer-knit international team, encouraged by the support of 469 more people.

Thank you, Grazie, Спасибо, Danke, Ευχαριστούμε, Gracias, ขอบคุณ, Merci, ありがと, Obrigado, 謝謝 !

Thank you in all the languages of the world from all of us.

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