The waste-utilizing boiler was again put into operation after the scheduled preventive maintenance stop at JSC Volga

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After the 3-month scheduled preventive maintenance stop, the Volga’s waste-utilizing boiler was again put into operation after that the steam supply was performed and fed to the production site through the steam supply pipes. Andrey Gollandskiy informed us about it.

 The workshop’s workers have performed a large amount of work planned for the specified period.

 According to A.Gollandskiy, the hydraulic system of the low-speed chipper, which processes the wood wastes, was inspected in the bark preparation area, the new oil cooling heat-exchanger, the bark shredder bearings were changed, conveyors and screws were repaired.

 At the same time, the contracting company OOO “Weld-Stroy NN” repaired the exhauster, which removes the flue gas, balanced the rotor, repaired the refractory lining and thermal insulation of the boiler furnaces.

 “The ash conveyor repair (this equipment removes the ash from the boiler) was the one of the most labour-intensive works in the scheduled preventive maintenance period which was done by own efforts,” - the boiler plant head pointed out. - The defective isolation valve replacement, inspection of the gland seal bolts, gears, rotary heads, the thermal insulation recovery on the ash screw equipment, the transformer plants repair- these and the other works were performed by the workshop’s workers.”

 In addition, the floor water disposal system was mounted in the boiler plant.

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