VALMET and KRAFFT supply the largest steel drying cylinder in the world

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VALMET and KRAFFT Rollers delivered the largest steel drying cylinder in the world in April 2018 for the PM 6 of the paper mill Palm in Wörth.
The drying cylinder, from the #KSD series (KRAFFT Steel Dryer), was ordered by Palm mill at Valmet to replace a cast iron cylinder installed in 2002 planned, during the annual shutdown.
Since deposits regularly occurred at the position in question, a coated cylinder should be used. The decision to purchase a steel dryer was set, as Valmet and Krafft Walzen convincingly presented to the Palm team the technological advantages of the #KSD over the cast iron cylinder. Also, both companies could clarify that the production of this cylinder carries no risks.
An anti-stick coating to improve doctoring and to reduce tendency to sticking was applied by VALMET.
The dimensions of the #KSD KRAFFT-Steel-Dryer are :
-Diameter 1.830 mm
- Face length 11.150 mm
- Design speed 1.800 m/min
The steel shell was produced by the company Eisenbau Krämer (EBK). Tolerances and interfaces were defined in close coordination between the houses, thus laying the foundation for subsequent processing at EBK. KRAFFT has chosen the design form named "J2B" with project definition. Characteristic of the design developed by KRAFFT are the inserted and ribbed heads and the bolted-on journals. This design is the lightest on the market and continues to deliver the benefits with high operating pressures.

Peter Kayser, Managing Executive Director at KRAFFT : “With the balancing of the cylinder, which was completed within only three hours, we were more than certain that the cylinder also works in the machine environment. Through additional in-house testing, we have gathered findings, whether there is a limit to even larger cylinders if the market demands so.”

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