World Environment Day : Sofidel france accelerate Investments in favor of sustainable management

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Sofidel France, a subsidiary of the Sofidel Group, is one of the leading manufacturer of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide with two major brands in France – Sopalin® and Le Trèfle®. Following the example of the Sofidel Group, Sofidel France has been pursuing an active policy to reduce its environmental footprint and today reaffirms these commitments, which are key to its DNA and activity.
As part of its membership in WWF’s Climate Savers program since 2008, the Sofidel Group has set itself the objective of reducing its direct CO2 emissions by 23% by 2020. In France, this has resulted in the implementation of several initiatives, notably in Frouard, Lorraine, where its main French production site is located.
Renewable energy : investment in a biomass boiler
In order to reduce its fossil energy consumption, Sofidel has set up a biomass boiler plant at its Frouard site, a pioneer in this field, making it possible to use this renewable energy instead of gas to make the steam necessary for paper-making machines. This biomass boiler also enables to make the local wood industries work. Today, biomass already allows Sofidel France to use 20% of renewable energies.
A production that limits the use of water
While the Sofidel Group uses on average far less water than industry benchmark (7.1 liters per kg of paper produced – sector benchmark 15-25 litres/kg), Sofidel France has made several major investments in the same line. The Frouard site has two wastewater treatment plants, which allows the plant to handle more precisely and thus better control the quality of the discharged water. As a result, the recycling of processed water is more important, ensuring a higher performance than the average on the issue paper industry in France.
Optimized logistics
Sofidel France has invested in two new production lines equipped with Constellation technology. Specially developed to produce large-diameter rolls with more sheets, these can reduce both CO2 emissions through faster production and shorter transport, but also the amount of packaging for each product. In parallel, the company made industrial investments so that its machines could produce rollers with a smaller core diameter, which again reduces the amount of product packaging but also optimize transport.
A partnership with WWF to promote FSC certification
In 2017, Sofidel’s French brands Le Trèfle® and Sopalin® signed a partnership with WWF to guarantee 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, translation into French) certification of their raw materials. This partnership therefore ensures the responsible source of the pulp. This signature was part of a Group-wide initiative, managed as part of a historic partnership between WWF Italy and Sofidel.
"Responsible environmental development is a strategic factor at Sofidel. We are committed to ensuring that all our innovations are in perfect harmony with our fundamental values and principles, and sustainable development is a priority to that purpose ", comments Philippe Defacqz, Line of Business Director – Brand at Sofidel.
Sofidel France intends to continue to build on partnerships with leading organizations to achieve its sustainable development goals in the future. The company is also seeking to establish partnerships with French retailers with the objective of informing and guiding consumers about environmental issues so they can shop on a mindful and responsible way.

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